Winterspell (Himitsu no yakusoku)

”You got guts kid but don tink seh mi ago just mek yo dash weh yo life, ” Jagga stated.



”Dis is not outta pity, ”he stated ”if you get shock even just one time, yo heart woulda stop instantly. ”

”Did you just? ” I started -Read my mind?

”What about Vehretta? ” Jagga asked blitz.

I was being ignored.

”She might be squad leader but d-ya think she cares bout my revenge? ”blitz asked, his expression crude and unrefined ”D-ya think shell give a ** bout us after our mission s done!? ”

Jagga pulled me from between him and blitz.

”Vehretta might b blood to ar clan but don f-get seh a dem tek we in when we woulda freeze ina de cold otherwise, ” Jagga stated as if to remind him of something.

”I wont go back, not after my bother died and didn even get a burial, ” blitz exclaimed with an feint smile ”I finally figured it out, in this world those without power, influence or money have no say n anything, not how they eat, live or even breathe. ”

”And s why I had her brought here, ” blitz said hinting at me ”her esens is something else y-know, after we put her under that damn dragon took over her body and killed five o my guys, if she had been born a ninja shed probably be referred to as the dragon god. ”

”And thats why you kept volunteering for scout duty. ” Vehretta explained.

Vehretta and the others were behind me.

”So you figured it out, ” blitz stated.

”Tsutchie felt it from the moment you passed her with that insane amount of essence in you, you
e the rogue. ” Vehretta concluded.

”So r you gonna take me to the elders? ” Blitz asked before erupting in a laughing fit. His laugh was doused in rage and dripped confidence, he wasn afraid of her.

Vehretta didn answer.

”I have dragon esens in me now, not even you can stop me. ” He looked around ”y-re all hypocrites n when I purge this world, -and I will- people like you l be the ones I wipe out first. ”

I stepped back.

This guys a psychopath!

”Where d-ya think yer going little miss dragon? ” Blitz asked smiling.

”I-I wasn , ” I responded unable to hide my fear.

Suddenly Jagga pushed me away hard, somebody caught me.

He reached for his blade but before he could touch the handle his head jerked to the left and he fell, blitz standing over him.

I could feel my body tremble, ”Stand behind me, ” I heard Vehretta whisper in my ear.

”Sorry old friend but s kinda hard ta control this power. ” Blitz stated to the unconscious Jagga.

Leo had drawn his blade and slowly closed the distance between himself and Blitz who had folded his arms. Leos blade suddenly started glowing orange, the air around it distorted by the heat.

Leo dashed forward at an insane speed only to disapear, appearing behind blitz with his blade in full swing, at the same time Vehretta also charged with unimaginable speed her blade low and her swing in sync with Leos, leaving blitz with no imaginable way to dodge.

It happened so quickly and I looked away. I was breathing hard again. I couldn find the courage to look or even to move. Is this fear? Why am I afraid?

How do I stop my hands from shaking so much?

How do I stop myself from sweating?

How do I stop this throbbing in my head?

How do I stop the thumping in my chest?

Why won my body move?

Come-on move!

A menacing laugh soon echoed off the trees at the edge of the opening.

Slowly I looked around.

Breathing became even harder.


Leos blade was pressed against blitzs throat edge-first, Vehrettas was lined perfectly with the underside of blitzs upraised shoe, but he just stood here laughing.


Suddenly something flashed and they both flew back in opposite directions.

*gasp* ha.

Blitz rubbed his neck and stepped towards me ”this time you
e not gonna escape with your life. ”

I stepped back and again. This is insane why me?

”Why are you doing this? ”

*gasp* ha.

”Don do this, ” I begged ”Ive never hurt anyone before, please don hurt me. ”

”Huh? Ya don remember? ” He said with some amount of surprise. ”I coulda sworn you were njoying it! ”

”Yer arms were covered in blood and you… ” He paused ”Just stood there smiling yer eyes blue and to tell you the truth I was a lill scared. ”

”But now yet just a weak little girl, ” he added with some amount of glee.

I… I killed someone?



Thats impossible!

Id never do that.



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The fight scene was or rather, is sorta difficult but I think I can do better, so Id appreciate feedback.

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