Winterspell (Murder) 7/26

to use your arm again, in the meaning time why don you introduce yourself to the others? ” She asked.

Still shocked at what she did I simply nodded.

The purple slowly faded and with it the pain.

My hand felt ok again, it was numb at first but soon after sensation returned in full.

The others were:

Tsutchie; a girl younger than me with an extremely sharp tongue.

Jagga; A Jamaican who spoke little but when he did his Mello accent gave you much to think about (mostly deciphering).

Leo: A slim and concentrated kinda guy who seemed to have a lot on his mind. Who could blame him.

Van laud : A really built man who seemed in his thirties. He really wanted me to just call him Van or rather, he really insisted on it.

And Blitz: who didn appear to like me much. I don know why.

After the introduction it was apparent that the tension in air had something to do with me. Maybe they all hated me for allowing Dylan to die, I know I did.

”All right guys listen up! ” Vehretta stated in a commanding voice her hands behind her. ”The guys who did this are probably still around, what we
e dealing with are more than likely high level rogues. ”

”Shit mon! ” Jagga noted removing his shades his locks tied back in one making him give off a refined aura.

No one else said anything but I could see that blitz was worried to some extent.

”I want you all to be on your toes in case they decide to come back before nightfall,

Tsutchie, Van and Leo come with me, Im gonna need your help. ” Vehretta stated.

With that the four went into the center tent.

”Oi, ” blitz called.

I went over.

”Are ya -fraid a me? ” He asked his long dripping white hair moving with the wind.

”A little, ” I answered honestly.

He smiled.

”Do ya know bout yer esens ? ” I nodded

”Jcha lets see which n of us is stronger,

d-fend yerself! ”

His hair stood on end, flashes of light danced between his fingers and the air hummed low with the sound of charged energy.

”Don spect me to pull my punches jus cause yer a girl. ” He stated.

Suddenly a a shadow appeared in front of me.

”So ya ago shock a defenseless girl, just because you boss seh her father killed your bradda? ” Jagga asked sounding a lot more serious than I had pictured him to be.

When did he?

”Damn right I am! ” Blitz responded ”s might be the only chance I get n am not gonna pass it up! ”

Is he serious?

Why does he want to hurt me?

What did I ever do to him?

Im afraid and scared even…

But I won run.

Nothing good ever comes from running.

Its ok.

I can take him.

And even if things go to hell, itll just mean that my suffering will end sooner rather than later.

”Its ok, you don have to protect me, ”I said to Jagga stepping between him and blitz.

Now That I was face to face and this close to him, I could feel the hairs on my skin stand on end and smell the scent of moist earth.

Just wait a little longer Dylan.


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