Winterspell (soul bound) 6/26


Tess opened her eyes, the air was dry and and hot and and all she could see was black. Steam rose from below. She couldn see it but she felt it as it stung her skin.

And scream she did.

”Im sorry! ” She yelled as tears rolled down her cheeks.

”Im sorry – Im sorry! ” She sobbed ”please stop it, it hurts please… ”

She was bound to a chair in God knows where. But even though she begged and begged, her captors didn say anything to her.

And because of that she simply assumed that she had done something and they were punishing her for it.

Though the only thing she could think of that they would hate her for was the life she took a couple years back.

At the time she didn feel guilty because she didn do it, even though her parents treated her differently, but as the days became weeks and weeks became months and the months became years her guilt grew. She didn kill him, she was jealous just jealous and because of that she spread rumors about him.

Thats why he was on the roof at that time.

Questioning Alice.

She didn kill him but she might as well have, because if she didn spread those rumors, he wouldn have gone on the roof and if he didn go on the roof then he wouldn have fallen.

(Im guilty, I know… but am sorry, I really am) she thought.

(… Im sorry)

”Please… ” She begged.

Slowly the steam stopped.

And a man in a suit stepped out of the shadows.

And slowly she looked up.

Hair uncombed and all-over-the-place. And the stubble on his chin proved that he hadn shaved in days.

”Look, don make this any harder than it is ok? ”

He asked.

”I just want you to answer one question, where is Alice? ”

Tess looked up at the man, ” I-I don know, ” she replied.

The man narrowed his eyes and looked at her without saying anything for a while and then…

”We know she called you, ” he started.

”But my phones dead. ” She stated her eyes pleading with the man, for him to understand that she spoke the truth.

He sighed and raised his hand as if signaling something to someone.






Why me?

The sun light shone through the branches, making the wolfs white fur seem to glow.

Its teeth bared and spittle dripped from its maw, its growl hung low on the air.

”Are you hungry boy? ” I asked.

I know its stupid, but its the only thing I could think of, that might delay its attack. I could hear my heart beating through my chest and the cold air felt suffocating.

I stepped back and the wolf advanced, keeping the distance between us the same.

Why me?

Why does this always happen to me? Even though I had gone through so much couldn I get a break?

Why does fate scowl at me? Did I do something wrong? Is this some sorta punishment?

Soon more wolves joined the first and they started their advance even though I wasn backing away.

My thoughts clustered, what did I do to deserve this?

What did I do?

I stepped back but fell.

Pain gripped my arm, the sensation was something similar to being burned.

A hot metal rod being pressed against my arm, forcing me to clench my jaw.

Why does this always happen to me?

”Im tired of this, ” I whispered

as soon as the pain started to fade into the cold numb that occupied my arm before.

I won run anymore.

I stood and took a step towards the pack of wolves.

They had stopped growling, instead they seemed confused.

(No more running.)

”Whats wrong? ” I taunted. ”Aren you hungry? ”

The wind picked up then died carrying leaves and moving my hair to my face as it did. The air was cold, even though it wasn snowing.

(It worked?) I thought, surprised.

If I do it again, probably this time… Theyll leave.

I took two more steps forward and they backed away leaving the first.

”Wolves that don bite? ” I felt stupid for trying to converse with animals, but taunts were just about all I had in my arsenal.

With my right arm as it is, I doubt I could defend myself from an apple.

Hopefully the wolves didn know that.

The first one seemed slightly bigger than the rest and didn move when I stepped forward.

It continued its advance, completely ignoring my taunt.

As it stepped closer the fur on its back stood on end making it seem even bigger. It wasn growling, anymore but it still appeared to be just as fierce.

(I won run) I told myself.

I won run.

We were just meters apart now. Its cold blue eyes locked with mine.

I held my breath.

What now?

Should I have run after all?

My heart thumped harder and harder as the seconds dragged on.

Maybe it was trying to decide which part of me to take a bite from.

(Where is that pervert when I need him?)

Suddenly the wolf sat and then rolled over!

And then again only it stopped during mid roll.

(Huh? )

”You want me to scratch your belly? ” I asked still reluctant to believe what was happening.

Its tail went into a wagging frenzy.

I can believe this…



”Where is the girl, ” asked a man with an obvious scar across his face.

The man had an array of black plated armor fitted to him. He also had a katana in his gloved hands.

”Answer me! ” He shouted.

”I don know, ” the person finally responded. ”She told me not to follow her. ”

”And you let her go?! ” The man asked ”not only have you told her about the secret of our clan, you also let her go with the manuscript! ”

He paused as if searching for what to say and then.

”Dylan even though you are a rookie, you know that doing anything to cause failure to your mission or that of your comrades is equal to treason, and is punishable by death, so why have you done this? ” The man asked.

”Don you see? ” Dylan asked ”Alice is human born, not a ninja and what we did, no, what you did is no different from what her captors forced her to go through. ”

The man narrowed his eyes ”then youll guard her for the rest of your life? Twenty four seven?! ”

”You know damn well I can , but there are other ways and you know that. ” Dylan snapped, his hand over the hilt of his sheathed blade.

”Im tired of your crap, ” The man stated angrily and then ”show me what youve got, rookie! ”

Just as the trees and the tent in the back ignited with molten flames, casting a surreal orange through the trees.


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