A thick band of gauze had been wrapped around me under my breasts and over my wound.

”Nice rack youve got there, ” someone said suddenly.

I jerked my head up and pulled down my clothes in reflex. Standing on a log was a guy seemingly my age, wearing a smug grin. I felt naked like my clothes no longer existed and all I had on was my birthday suit.

My face felt hot and I wasn even sure why.

”And now your blushing,talk about cute, ” he noted.

He was slim and wore a brown sweater and blue jeans. He didn even seem dangerous but for some reason all I wanted to do was attack him. I mean not only did he look at me, he also had the audacity to look smug about it. That peeping Tom, you jerk aren you gonna appologize?

He said nothing. Well he couldn read my mind. That was one thing I was sure of. Suddenly I turned and started running in the opposite direction.

Then my situation came back in vivid colors, I wanted to hit him with a brick but he could probably help me find my way home.

I stopped and turned around.

”Huh? Whered he go? ” He was gone and so was my chance to get help.

Maybe he went back to the trees, ”hey! Perv! ” I shouted.

No response.

”You know responding is the least you could do after I flashed you, ” the fact that I was being ignored by that pervert really annoyed me.

Maybe that smug grin of his was just a cover for his lack of balls.

I winced as the pain came back with razor sharpness.

This time, its intensity grew so much so that it was all I could do to fall to the ground on my knees instead of my face.

I clutched my chest it felt as if something were shredding my body from the inside.

My world swam in and out of focus.

I can pass out here…

I fell to my side. The sound of the river seemed so far now, like it had decided to be quiet to see what would happen to me.

I can pass out, not here…

I wanna go home, I…

Once again, I was swallowed by ink black nothingness.



She had just left school, clubs had finally let-out. She took out her cell as soon as she left the school compound.

”but I charged it this morning! ” She said to herself before dropping it back into her bag.

The sky seemed upset and mumbled to it self in the distance. But this didn seem to bother her, she simply took out her umbrella and readied herself for rain.

Before long, rain started coming down in heavy sheets however Tess had not even opened her umbrella, she simply stood on the side walk her expression that of fear.

Ahead of her was a man his apparel full black and if he seemed like anything it would have been a ninja. If it wasn for what he did she would have thought he was just a cosplayer. But he wasn , he was the real deal.

His eyes were blood red and his nose and mouth were hidden by a black mask with painted teeth on it…

Slowly he approached her at the same time reaching for something on his back and pulling up.

The Silver glinted while crying softly until the man had in his hands a deadly katana.

Tess couldn move, she was completely paralyzed. The man walked towards her and placed the tip of his blade to her throat.

And then ”You
e coming with me. ”


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