Chapter 1 – The Small Milk Dog Likes Nice Legs

“You’ve already graduated from college and I still haven’t seen you do anything outstanding, you’ve never skipped any lessons, never dated, you must come to this bar.”

Outside the entrance of CheerM bar, a few young guys noisily pushed a 1.8 metre youthful boy.

CheerM was originally a lowkey bar, pure drinking and hooking up.
If they talk like this, it would be very easy to attract the attention of others.

“That is to say, Lin Ji, you’re too boring.”

The young man who was surrounded by everyone seemed very embarrassed, his voice was small and if you stood too far away, he couldn’t be heard.

The youth was dressed very handsomely, he looked like he had never been to a bar before.
He wore avant-garde trendy clothes, his hair dyed black-brown and shone red under the dark purple light.
The bangs on his forehead were half up and half down, but on his face was a pair of clear eyes, full of emotions.
It made him look handsome, but very well behaved.

In the corner was Jiang Che who was drinking wine, the liquid swaying in the glass.
His slender fingers with defined knuckles looked noble and elegant, with a pair of smiling eyes, he stared at the well-behaved youth at the door.
The smile on the corner of his mouth was both evil and charming, and his slender legs crossed over.
The symmetry and texture of his legs could be seen through his suit pants.

“Aiyaya, here comes a little cutie.” He put down the wine glass in his hand, turned the men’s ring on the middle finger of his left hand, and then adjusted his clothes, “He seems to have a milky scent on him, so cute.”

After a while, the youth’s friends all went to find others to drink, leaving the youth to sit alone, uneasily.
It seems like he didn’t even know where to put his hands.
During this time.
Several men and women tried to talk to him, but he just blushed and stuttered, not knowing what to say.

Jiang Che couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
He seemed to have discovered a precious treasure, it was so cute.

He cleared his throat before sitting next to the young man.
He asked the bartender to mix a glass of wine and deliver it to the youth.

“I didn’t ask for a drink…” The young man’s voice was between the voice of a man and a boy, sounding alluring but crisp.
He waved his hand at the bartender, and with his big eyes, blinked, “I can’t drink.”

“The gentlemen next to you ordered this for you.” said the bartender, as the young man turned his gaze onto Jiang Che.

Jiang Che curled his lips and smiled at him, causing the young man to instantly blush.
“Thank you, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The young man lowered his head and naturally focused his gaze onto Jiang Che’s legs.
The ambiguous dim light and the ambiguous melody of the bar lingering around.

Jiang Che was dressed in formal clothes, with black socks pulled over his calves, hidden behind his trousers.
His slender ankles were wrapped in black socks, and his light grey suit pants were pulled up due to his sitting posture.
A short part of his ankles were exposed to the air, not too much, not too little, but full of abstinence.

The young man lowered his head and kept staring at Jiang Che’s legs until Jiang Che stood up and walked from his left to his right.
The young man’s eyes followed Jiang Che’s legs like radar.

Hmm? Jiang Che found it a bit funny.
It was the first time someone was looking at his legs instead of his face, but as long as there was possibility, it could be possible.

“Do you like my legs?” He leaned over to the youth’s ears, deliberately lowering his voice.
His sexy and alluring low voice was full of teasing and temptation, and the faint scent of alcohol filled the young man’s ears, his body carrying a hint of a mature man’s charm.

“I like…”

Jiang Che didn’t expect him to willingly admit it.
He chuckled softly into his ear, and a hint of warmth rushed towards the young man’s neck, causing him to tremble and cover his own neck.

“You have such a strange hobby,” Jiang Che laughed.

The young man was embarrassed and looked up at Jiang Che’s seductive eyes, his face still red, “S-s-s-sorry, I crossed the line!”

“Do my legs look good?”

“En [2], they look good, I really like… your legs…”

The little guy cut off his words perfectly.
Jiang Che swayed the wine glass in his hands, and asked, “Do you want to feel it?”

“Can I?” The youth raised his head, his eyes shining brightly, “I want to feel it.”


[1] Not sure how to translate this? As long as there’s a chance of it happening, it could possibly be successful

[2] A way of replying yes, kind of like mhm

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