data-adunit= ”28043 ” data-type= ”responsive ” data-format= ”standard ” data-init= ”false ”> The beggar was entertained by his words.
He replied with a comical expression on his face, “It means doing the do in the room.” Xie Changan caught the drift immediately and let out a long “Ohー”.
Marriage must be a good thing, then.
Xie Changan’s parents had passed away when he was little, and he was ostracised by his own tribe.
Since then, he had grown up pitifully as a lone fox, leading to his fear of being alone.
And with that, Xie Changan stood up and adjusted his splendid outfit suavely as he said to Fu Wangzhi, “I’m going to get married.” Fu Wangzhi glanced at him, seemingly unsurprised.
He did not even seem to have much reaction to his declaration, “And who are you going to marry?” “That’s up for discussion.” Xie Changan knew he was handsome and that many ladies liked him.
He decided to go back and pick one carefully, especially when she would be someone whom he would be spending the rest of his life with.
It was already evening by the time they stepped into the alley and decided to take a short walk after their dinner and drinks.
It was May, and the Iridaceae flowers had bloomed magnificently, creating a view of a spiritual ocean of blues and purples.
Xie Changan pulled up his sleeve and picked a flower in passing, lifted the flower and moved closer to Fu Wangzhi as a wide smile spread across his face, showing his rows of white teeth as he asked, “Will this be enough to make up for your bracelet, sire?” It was twilight hour.
In the darkness was silence, save for the occasional crowing of jackdaws.
The gentle moonlight, mixed with the light from a few shops some distance away, swayed on Xie Changan’s face.
His eyes were both bright and sharp, his facial features distinct, as if carved by a knife.
His smile was broad and joyous.
His lack of restraint and everything about him went straight to Fu Wangzhi’s heart.
Fu Wangzhi was nearly lost in his beauty.
“Huh?” “That will not be enough.” Xie Changan raised his hand and tossed the flower away.
He sighed as he changed the topic while mulling over how he could pay Fu Wangzhi back for his bracelet.
The moon was bright that night, the wind pleasant, and the stars were shining dimly in the night sky.
Heat surged into Fu Wangzhi’s heart again.
He was sitting upright at the long table in the middle of his home, taking a sip of tea as he wondered if he should suppress his desires or go out to copulate.
Suppressing his desires was inappropriate, as far as he was concerned.
He would lose control of his desires sooner or later, given how he had gone against nature and suppressed himself for tens of years.
Just as Fu Wangzhi considered this matter seriously, Xie Changan kicked open the door and broke in without a care in the world.
“Brother Fu!” Xie Changan called out intimately with a large cloth bag in his hand.
He tilted the bag in front of Fu Wangzhi, and the pieces of jewellery and ornaments fell out and piled up into a small hill.
Xie Changan raised his neck and knocked the table with his finger a few times, acting all mighty.
He could almost pass off as a local tyrant.
“Anything here caught your eye?” Fu Wangzhi picked up a carved silver flower ornament, considering its price.
He looked at Xie Changan suddenly and teased, “These cost a fortune.
Did you get so impatient to marry that you just got yourself a batch of dowry overnight after witnessing a wedding?”
Xie Changan slapped the table as he pointed his finger at Fu Wangzhi, “I was only trying to pay back for that bracelet of yours that was passed on from your ancestors!” “I barely have any interest in these accessories used by delicate women.
None of them can interest me as much as my piece of jade can.” As the gears in his head started turning, Fu Wangzhi put down the carved flower ornament and said.
“Your piece of jade? What does it look like?” “Come here.” Fu Wangzhi stood up and walked toward the bed.
Thinking that Fu Wangzhi would show him the piece of jade that he had hidden underneath his mattress, Xie Changan moved to follow after him.
Only, Xie Changan suddenly felt a force behind him.
Fu Wangzhi pressed his palm against his back and pushed him, causing him to fall directly onto the bed.
Xie Changan’s facial expression changed instantly.
He frowned as he placed his elbow against Fu Wangzhi’s chest, pressing down with force, and asked coldly, “What are you doing?!” Fu Wangzhi clamped Xie Changan’s slim arm tightly, locking him underneath his own body.
He pressed his body closer to Xie Changan and spoke, word by word, beside Xie Changan’s ear, “I need to copulate today.” “You bastard!” Xie Changan became hostile in an instant, his usual smile completely gone from his face.
However, Fu Wangzhi had been suppressing himself for far too long.
He could only see how Xie Changan’s clothes were disorganised; his skin was fair as white jade under the moonlight, his chest rising and falling.
The snake’s true nature was lewd, and the view in front of Fu Wangzhi only served to fan the flames of lust on a desolate wasteland.
Once the flame had started, there was no stopping it.
He pulled off Xie Changan’s thin shirt while his palm slid downwards, groping for the edge of his trousers.
He pulled those off and tossed them on the floor, exposing his pair of long and slim yet strong legs.
Xie Changan was furious.
He turned his wrists and pinched Fu Wangzhi’s neck tightly with his nails.
He glared at Fu Wangzhi, “You’re seeking death!” Fu Wangzhi frowned, letting Xie Changan pinch him as he pleased.
Rather than a contest of strength, it was more of a test of will.
Fu Wangzhi leaned down and bit that foul mouth, licking his sharp teeth and sliding deep into his mouth with his dexterous tongue.
Feeling the sense of urgency, he could not help but harden his gaze, grabbed the porcelain pillow and swung it with all the strength he could muster toward Fu Wangzhi’s head.
Fu Wangzhi’s head was turned sideways from the force of the hit, clearing his head a bit instantly.
When his eyes met Xie Changan’s clear gaze, he could distinctly see the waves of fury in that pair of eyes.
He thought he must have gone insane.
But he could not stop himself.

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