Sweating profusely from sweat, which rolled down my body in small hailstones, I entered the house, exhaling with relief that I was finally at home, I went to the bathroom, where I undressed and began to take a shower.

– Here it is grace – I muttered to myself with a sense of accomplishment, that is, the goal set, and finally relaxed under the jets of water.

Now that I think about it, I still wonder what the three girls were doing alone in the forest, there is a possibility that they really ran, but is it really so?

And if you remember the skin, their skin was pale, well, comparing with the usual and the eyes seemed to shine with a golden color, maybe lenses, stop, what lenses haven been invented yet, hmm, heterochromia disease, but no, its not that at all, or maybe something similar to this disease.

Heh, I remember watching a movie in the ”past ”, there were some individuals with pale skin that shone in the sun in the light of day… no, its not exactly vampires, because when I looked at them, I didn notice any glow.

About fifteen minutes later, I finished taking a shower and wrapped myself in a towel and went to my room to put on my home clothes.

After getting dressed, I went down to the kitchen and looked into the refrigerator. So we have some food. Having found potatoes and chicken wings with my eyes, I decided to fry them in the oven.

I peeled the potatoes, since they were small and easily fit in the palm of my hand, so I cut them into round pieces, then put them on a special tablet. Before sending the wings to the same tablet, I bathed them in a sauce that I prepared myself.

Only after all these procedures, I sprinkled seasonings on top of the potatoes to improve the taste and pushed the tablet into the oven. Well, it remains only to wait forty minutes and everything will be ready, and while the fried wings are being prepared, you can do something for the second.

I think boiled eggs will do well, I take five pieces out of the refrigerator, put them in a small iron pan, pour water over them and put them on the stove. The main thing is not to forget to mark the time when the water starts to boil.

I look at the clock hanging on the wall, Mom should be coming soon. Ten minutes later, the eggs were ready, it remained to cool them and peel them from the shell.

And while they cool down in cool water, I decided to check how my meat is. Its already visible how the wings are beginning to get covered with a toasty crust, I think everything will be ready by the time Emma arrives.

Forty minutes later I was already setting the table, first I put the potatoes and meat into two plates, then I cleaned the eggs. When I was putting them on the table, I heard the front door open, my mother returned from work.

– Oh, Alex, you are my savior, there was such an emergency at work that I can barely stand on my feet – Emmas fatigue was not only in her voice and eyes, but also in her smile. Coming into the kitchen, she said, and then pecked me on the cheek.

– Wow, son, you
e just the best son in the world! – she was surprised at the food on the table, and cheerfulness broke through in her voice, I also poured freshly squeezed juice, so everything was on the table.

– Thank you Mom, but I understand everything that you get tired at work, so lets wash your hands and well finally sit down to dinner, I said warmly, and she nodded in agreement and went to the washbasin and turned on the faucet and started washing her hands.

– Bon appetit – my mother told me that she had already sat down at the table and was preparing to start dinner.

– Uh–huh – I nodded in agreement, biting off the already toasted skin and a layer of meat.

After we both contentedly stuffed our bellies with food, we sat at the table for a while talking about everyday topics and telling how the day went, naturally I hid a meeting with three beauties.

The days went on as usual, I began to look into the bar where Emma works more often after school, and it so happened that once I managed to talk to her employer, in the end I managed to get a part-time job at Red Dragon, and no, not that the two of us didn have enough money, but I too I wanted to participate in this area of our life.

Besides, money will never be superfluous.


– So Irina, what have you learned? – still not expecting much, Tanya asked something out of the ordinary.

– Hmm? The boys name is Alex Moore, sixteen years old, lives with his mother, Emma Moore, moved here more than a year ago, I checked everything and nothing suspicious was found out by me, ordinary people — Irina finished her report, a little offended in her voice, after she was thus abandoned in the forest.

– Well, thats fine! I had to check anyway! – said Kate-podazrevaka.

– Sister, we didn say anything… – Irina and Tanya squinted at her.

”Its just… ” she turned away in embarrassment.

– Everything is clear with you! Did you like him? You liked it, didn you? Tanya began to tease the vampire.

– No! And anyway, hes just a man! Kate protested.

– As you know… but you haven forgotten our promise, have you? Irina smiled mockingly.

– I am..I remember everything! – if she could, Kate would have flushed with embarrassment long ago.

– Yes, we promised each other that we would give ourselves to one man, despite the fact that everyone should like him. – Tatiana continued to speak.

”How sweet was his smell at that moment… ” – Tanya was dreaming. And not the most decent thoughts about this and that got into my head. At the memory of the cute and strange boy, a fever began to spread below the abdomen.

The two sisters noticed Tanyas dreamy face, but remained silent.


The next day, before going to the bar for a part-time job, I went for a run again.

I decided to adjust the route and no longer run so far into the forest. Today I will run along it, there is just a dirt road leading somewhere into a mountainous area.

The weather, as always, greeted me with a cool breeze, although the place of residence has it, and to tell the truth, I have already got used to the local climate.

Running near the forester, I heard some kind of mooing. Warily, I stopped and stared deep into the forest, and the strange mooing abruptly stopped, but just in case, grabbing a long broken branch, I decided to check that there was no one there.

Although the branch was dead wood, but its better that way than with bare hands at all.

Having made my way through the bushes, I was stunned and froze in mute shock.

– A man!? – this creature hissed with a bloody mouth, pulling away from the lifeless body of some girl unknown to me.

– Damn it! – we need to make our feet and the faster the better. I turn around and fly back to the dirt road as if scalded.

* Bam*

Your mother! Today is the shittiest day of my life! I threw a ”curse ” when I tripped over a tree root protruding from the ground.

The last thing I saw was a creature rushing at me, tightly biting into my neck, is that a vampire? I asked myself a question.

My body was completely paralyzed, and my legs became wadded up, I fell, my eyes quickly blurred, and I lost consciousness.


– Do you feel it? Kate asked, twisting her pretty face.

– Yes, there is a stranger in our forest! Irina exclaimed angrily.

– And not only that, I can smell human blood… – Tanya said maliciously, many vampires knew that this territory belonged to them, so she really wanted to look at these suicide bombers who invaded foreign lands.

At superspeed, their bodies lost their former clarity and, as if dissolved in the air, they moved towards the source of the smell.

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