If you still want to buy them, please leave your information with me to pay a deposit, or go to the Yu family iron shop.
Everyone remember, the potato shredder and peeler are only available at the Yu family iron shop! Only the Yu family iron shop has them!”

Many people in the town had dealt with the Yu family iron shop before, and they knew that this iron shop was always honest, and the quality of the iron tools they made was also good.
And since the shop was right in town, they wouldn’t dare cheat people over small deposits.
Those who didn’t get to buy readily paid deposits to order them.

When they saw that they also asked for their names, where they were from, where they lived, when they would come to pick them up and wrote them on paper, and gave them a receipt, they felt completely reassured.

This was Qiao Yuan’s idea, to prevent someone from claiming someone else’s order.
He also deliberately wrote in modern simplified characters with a charcoal pen, thinking that no matter how good you are, you can’t imitate it in such a short time!

In the afternoon, because of the excitement of selling iron tools, the vegetable pancake stand once again became wildly popular.

After a day of hard work, the whole family was exhausted.

But the results were gratifying.
The family gathered behind closed doors to count the money they earned.

The vegetable pancakes earned 733 wen today!

The potato shredder and peelers together earned 27 taels and 500 wen, with 10 taels being deposits.

This made Lin Cuifen so happy she clapped repeatedly.
“How wonderful is this! How has our family suddenly earned so much money in just one day!”


Seeing his family’s joy, Qiao Yuan was also delighted, being a bit of a money-lover himself.
“Mother, there’s still 10 taels of deposit! And as word slowly spreads, I estimate we can sell even more.”

“Even more?” Lin Cuifen imagined silver ingots raining down on her.
She hugged Qiao Yuan happily and said, “This is all thanks to our Yuan Ge’er’s capabilities!”

Qiao Yuan looked at Yu Dameng proudly and said: “This was Dameng’s idea!”

Yu Dameng blushed and smiled shyly as he rescued Qiao Yuan from Lin Cuifen’s hands.

Old Man Yu took a puff of dry tobacco, a smile continuously on his face.
“Let’s recount the money and string it up properly to exchange for ingots at the money shop tomorrow.” He tapped his tobacco pouch and added, “The iron shop account has 30 taels of silver already, that’s enough operating funds.
From now on, we will divide money earned from the shop monthly.
Since this idea was yours, the money will be counted separately, and you’ll get the bigger share.”

He wouldn’t let his son depend solely on his son-in-law’s earnings all the time.

Qiao Yuan was unwilling, but Old Man Yu and Lin Cuifen insisted.
In the end, he could only accept fifteen taels of silver this time.
In the future, the income would be divided into a 4:6 ratio each month.

After settling on the arrangements, Lin Cuifen hurried to fetch hemp cords to string up the coins, and the family happily entered another period of counting money.

The next day, they got up early again.
Old Man Yu and Yu Dameng took the things first to grab a spot, while Lin Cuifen and Qiao Yuan brought ingredients for the pancakes, with the pancakes already prepared overnight.
Although they were very tired these two days, they could make money, and the family didn’t feel tired.

Today, people from Xianhe Village also came to pay their land tax.
Though the village chief had only arranged for a few people, everyone was anxious and wanted to see for themselves, and also go to the market and buy things.
As such, Qiao Yuan ran into many familiar faces on the street today.

Aunt Zhao also came to buy pancakes from him.
Qiao Yuan didn’t want to take money, but before he could say anything, Aunt Zhao said: “Business is business.
Even if we are from the same village, we can’t pay less than a wen.”

Clearly this was said for the other Xianhe villagers crowding around to overhear.

Qian Caiwang’s wife agreed enthusiastically, “That’s right! I’ll also buy one and try it, Yuan Ge’er!” Her family runs a lotus pond fish farm, and they had been selling fish on this street for the past couple of days.
Yesterday, Qiao Yuan brought them some pancakes to eat, and today, since there were many women from the village visiting, she decided to join them and naturally wanted to speak up for Qiao Yuan.

Other people who wanted to bargain also felt embarrassed to speak up after hearing this.
A woman could fill her stomach with a pancake for two wen, which was much cheaper than buying steamed buns.
So, anyone who wanted to fill their stomachs chose to buy pancakes.

After helping out at the stand for a while, Aunt Zhao finally chatted with them after the stall was free, “You all wouldn’t know since you weren’t in the village these past two days, but Da Qiao beat Xiuhua again!”

“Why did he hit her again? How can he keep hitting women?” Lin Cuifen was very angry.

Right is right – even though Xu Xiuhua was very annoying, but as a fellow woman, Lin Cuifen despised men who beat their wives.

Aunt Zhao also sighed, “Xiuhua didn’t dare say anything.
I only found out when I went to collect taxes at her place and saw her lying in bed crying.” She lowered her voice, “I took a look, and she was covered in injuries, but you couldn’t tell from her face!”

It is in line with Qiao Guangzhi’s style, which is vicious and hypocritical.
So, despite Xu Xiuhua’s behavior, it did not affect Qiao Guangzhi’s reputation in the village.
Qiao Yuan even heard several times that some villagers sympathized with Qiao Guangzhi for marrying such a troublemaker.

“But you don’t have to pity her either! Her wheat was damaged by rain this year, right? They lost quite a lot of harvest this year, and she was sitting in the field crying the other day, pointing at the people in our village and cursing, saying that no one helped her! If she usually did more work, wouldn’t we lend a hand?”

What Aunt Zhao didn’t say was that Xu Xiuhua was specifically cursing the Yu family, and the one she cursed the most and the harshest was Qiao Yuan.
Right now, their family was happily making money, and she didn’t want to say these things to upset them.
It was most important to live a good life for themselves.

However, even if she didn’t say it, Qiao Yuan also guessed that Xu Xiuhua wouldn’t leave him out.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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It would make my day! For every five coffees I get, I will release a bonus chapter.

1糖水 (táng shuǐ) literally translates to “sugar water” and refers to a type of traditional Chinese sweet soup or dessert.
It is a popular street food in China, often sold by street vendors or in specialized dessert shops.
It is typically made by boiling various ingredients such as fruits, beans, grains, or herbs with sugar or syrup to create a sweet and flavorful soup.
Some common varieties of 糖水 (táng shuǐ) include red bean soup, black sesame soup, lotus seed soup, and sweet potato soup.
It is enjoyed as a refreshing and comforting treat, especially during hot weather or after a meal.

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