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Zhang Wensheng had known since he was young that he was betrothed to Qiao Yuan.
When he first heard his mother Yang Guizhi mention the changing of betrothals, he was very reluctant.
But Qiao Yingying had secretly visited him a few times, and hinted that after he passed the imperial exam, she would not object if he wanted to take Qiao Yuan as his concubine.

There were fewer gers than women in the imperial household, and most of the interactions in the officials’ inner residence were with women.
Taking a ger as his main spouse was still very inconvenient.
Zhang Wensheng thought of this and agreed.

Taking advantage of his “guilt”, he deliberately “ran into” Qiao Yuan a few times.
His simple clothes could not hide his beauty.
His temperament was obedient and respectful, and his gestures were gentle.
Zhang Wensheng truly liked him very much.
He thought that although he was not suitable to be the main spouse, he thought he would make a great concubine.

He just didn’t expect that Qiao Yuan would announce his engagement and soon married someone else.

He had seen Yu Dameng before, bumping into him a few times in the county town.
He was always dirty and sweaty, and Zhang Wensheng looked down on him.
He didn’t care much when he learned that Qiao Yuan had married Yu Dameng.

He knew that Qiao Yuan had feelings for him.
Seeing that he had married such a crude and vulgar man, he must be yearning for him for the rest of his life.
Being remembered by someone else’s husband made him feel proud and happy.
Anyway, after he passed the imperial examination, he could have as many beautiful concubines as he wanted, so there was no need to care.

Maybe one day, Qiao Yuan would not be able to bear his longing and come to him to offer himself.

But he didn’t expect that when he saw Qiao Yuan and Yu Dameng together today, it was completely different from what he had imagined.
Qiao Yuan’s eyes were full of affection, and his heart was clearly attached to Yu Dameng.
Even before, Qiao Yuan had never looked at him like that.
How could that crude and stupid blacksmith compare to him?

And Qiao Yuan was different from before.
He was not timid at all in front of everyone, but decisive and generous.

He didn’t know that Qiao Yuan had such a good skill.
He felt more surprised and unwilling.
How could that stinky blacksmith deserve him? He didn’t believe that Qiao Yuan could forget him so quickly after only a few days of marriage.
He must have been angry with him today and deliberately acted affectionately with Yu Dameng in front of him.

Zhang Wensheng planned to find an opportunity to have a private conversation with Qiao Yuan and calm him down.

During the banquet, there were many wives and husbands of gentry landlords who came to inquire about the flower buns.
Qiao Yuan politely replied that they could go to the Yu family’s iron shop if they need to place an order.
The price would vary according to the complexity of the flower buns.
He was calm and confident in dealing with so many people, which made Meng Qiu admire him even more.

After the banquet, Yu Dameng was not idle and wanted to stay to help clean up.
Qiao Yuan looked at him eagerly for a while, then followed Lin Cuifen home.

As soon as he got home, he went to the kitchen, wanting to make something for Yu Dameng.

However, Lin Cuifen said, “You don’t have to.
Won’t the village head’s family feed him? When they finish cleaning up, they will also have two tables for those who helped out.”

Qiao Yuan then realized the rules and withdrew his hand reluctantly.
He sat on the porch and chatted with Meng Qiu.

Meng Qiu said as soon as he opened his mouth, “You’re really amazing.”

Qiao Yuan smiled.
He didn’t have anything amazing.
He just happened to have some influence from the difference in time and space.

Meng Qiu continued, ” You dare to talk in front of so many people, and you can handle so many people.
I don’t dare.”

After he finished speaking, he seemed a little discouraged and lowered his head.

“People have different personalities, there is no need to be upset just because you are different from others,” Qiao Yuan comforted him.

“But your big brother needs a wife who is good at socializing, and I am not.”

Qiao Yuan smiled and teased him, “Has big brother ever quarreled with you because of this? Blamed you? Forced you to interact with other married gers and women?”

He observed Yu Laoda and Meng Qiu’s relationship, Yu Laoda always encouraged and comforted Meng Qiu, he looked like someone who cherished his husband, where was there any sign of dislike?

Meng Qiu’s face turned slightly red as she stammered, “That…never.”

Qiao Yuan laughed and said, “Then isn’t that fine? Big brother hasn’t said anything, why do you bother yourself, maybe—” Qiao Yuan deliberately dragged his voice, “he likes you just the way you are!”

This remark made Meng Qiu blush even more, “I…I’ll go back to the room first!”

His shy appearance made Qiao Yuan laugh even harder, he also thought of Yu Dameng, that big fool.
In this era, he was really fortunate to meet such an active and initiative young man like him, he must have accumulated eight lifetimes of virtue.
Otherwise with his clumsy tongue and dullness, where could he find a husband who would be so sweet and intimate with him in the future, let alone one who would give his heart and soul to him!

Qiao Yuan sat on the lounge chair in the hallway humming a tune and sunbathing, while Yu Dameng was stopped by Zhang Wensheng on his way.

Zhang Wensheng clasped his hands and bowed, he looked very polite, “Brother Dameng.”

After knowing that the current Yuan Ge’er was not the same as the previous Yuan Ge’er, and that he had no interest in Zhang Wensheng, Yu Dameng had no grudge against him.
But usually, this scholar Zhang never greeted him when he saw him, now he suddenly treated him so courteously, he was a bit confused, “Scholar Zhang, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Wensheng smiled and explained, “I’ve known Yuan Ge’er since childhood, we are quite familiar with each other.
Now I am also engaged to his cousin, we will be relatives in the future.
I came to say hello and suggest that we can visit each other more often.”

As soon as he heard cousin, Yu Dameng frowned.
Yuan Ge’er had told him that Qiao Yingying was not a good person, their family would not be related to Qiao Yingying in the future.
Without hesitation, he immediately refused in a cold voice, “No need.”

Since Zhang Wensheng passed the exam and became a Tongsheng at the age of fourteen, everyone in the village was courteous to him.
He had never been rejected so bluntly in front of his face.
Zhang Wensheng was shocked and angry.
He pointed at Yu Dameng and said: “You…you…..”

“What do you mean by this, Brother Zhang?”

Before they noticed, Yu Xiangxue had already stood behind the two of them.
He stood with his hands behind his back.
His face didn’t look very good.

Yu Dameng called out “Big Brother”.
Yu Xiangxue nodded his head and walked up to him.
He helped him carry some of the utensils in his hand.

Zhang Wensheng was still somewhat afraid of Yu Xiangxue.
Although they were both Tongsheng, Yu Xiangxue’s talent is well-known, and several of his classmates are now xiucai1秀才 (xiùcái) – a scholar who has passed the first level of the imperial examination.
If it weren’t for his consecutive mourning obligations2重孝 (zhòngxiào) – mourning obligations that require a person to abstain from certain activities and dress in mourning attire for a period of time after the death of a family member, he would surely be a xiucai by now.
Zhang Wensheng was hesitant, but he still clasped his hands and politely greeted Yu Xiangxue.
“I haven’t seen Brother Dameng for many years.
I happened to chat with him for a few words.”

Yu Xiangxue was smart and had sharp eyes, but he didn’t expose him.
After speaking a few words to him, Zhang Wensheng said he had something to do and left first.

Yu Xiangxue asked Yu Dameng: “Do you know what he meant by what he just said?”

Yu Dameng pondered for a long time, but in the end, he looked at Yu Xiangxue with a confused expression.

Yu Xiangxue felt frustrated and was on the verge of grabbing Yu Dameng’s ears to teach him a lesson, “When you go back, you have to repeat exactly what he said to your husband.”

Didn’t Zhang Wensheng imply that he was very close to his brother-in-law? But how could a ger be close to another man? Unfortunately, his silly younger brother didn’t catch the hidden meaning in his words.

He observed that his younger brother-in-law was not the kind of person who lacked discretion, and his clear eyes were focused on his silly younger brother.
It was obvious to discerning people that his silly younger brother and his husband had a close relationship.
Zhang Wensheng had a malicious intention, trying to sow discord between the couple.
Yu Xiangxue’s face turned cold.

After helping the village chief’s family tidy up everything, Yu Dameng hurried back home.

Qiao Yuan was surprised to see him back so soon.
“How come you are back so soon? Have you eaten?”

“You said you would cook for me when I came back, so I didn’t eat there.”

Qiao Yuan reached out and poked his head, feeling both heartbroken and amused, “You big fool!”

Yu Dameng had been hungry for the whole morning.
Qiao Yuan didn’t make anything complicated.
He made him two big bowls of noodle dumpling soup with the leftover dough from the flower buns, fried three eggs, and served them with the pickled vegetables that he had made before.
It was also quite tasty, and Yu Dameng ate it very happily.

Qiao Yuan glanced at him, feeling a little angry and distressed.
“They had plenty of fish and meat there and you didn’t eat it.
You had to come back and eat my dumpling soup.”

Yu Dameng held the bowl and looked at him innocently, without saying a word.

Qiao Yuan felt soft in his heart when he looked at him, and couldn’t help but move closer to him, propping his chin and staring at him like that.

Yu Dameng remembered what Yu Xiangxue had told him, and repeated what Zhang Wensheng had said to Qiao Yuan word for word.
Qiao Yuan was furious and cursed, “This damn scholar has no good intentions!”

Yu Dameng lowered his eyes and frowned, still wondering why Zhang Wensheng had no good intentions.

Qiao Yuan saw him thinking hard but couldn’t figure it out.
He laughed again, “Alright, alright, don’t think about it.
Let’s just eat well.
After we finish eating, we’ll pack up our things and get ready to move.”

They didn’t have much luggage.
The two broken boxes that the original owner had brought with him when he got married were enough to pack everything.
Old Man Yu and Lin Cuifen also gave them some furniture and kitchen utensils.
Qiao Yuan only took the big cabinet in their bedroom and the bathtub that they used.
He didn’t take anything else.
With a new home and a new atmosphere, Qiao Yuan planned to buy some things he liked to add to the house.

Their new home was at the west end of the village.
The layout was similar to that of the Yu family.
There were two rooms on the north side, one was the hall for eating and entertaining guests, and the other was the main bedroom.
There were two side rooms on the east side, and a kitchen and storage room on the west side.

The toilet and vegetable garden were in a fenced area behind the house.
The area was smaller than Yu’s house, but it was enough for him and Yu Dameng to live in.

The houses in the village were basically designed like this, and there were no high walls around the yard, just wooden fences.
People could see into their yard when they passed by.
Qiao Yuan didn’t like it at all.
He planned to earn some money and design his own brick house with a spacious, clean and high wall.

Although they could live in the main bedroom now, Qiao Yuan still chose the east side room.
The reason was simple: there was no door between the hall and the main bedroom, only a curtain.
If someone who didn’t know the rules came by, they could lift the curtain and see their bedroom.
Qiao Yuan felt that it was not safe and lacked privacy.
So, he preferred to live in the east side room with its own door.

Yu Dameng saw that Qiao Yuan was directing him to move their things to the side room.
He thought that now that they were not in Yu’s house, they didn’t have to avoid his parents.
Qiao Yuan wanted to sleep in separate rooms.
He drooped his head like a bear, looking unhappy.

Qiao Yuan was puzzled.
“What’s wrong? You’re not happy when I order you around?”

Yu Dameng felt wronged and lowered his head to explain.
“No, it’s just… why do you want to live in the side room?”

Qiao Yuan understood.
It turned out that this big stupid bear thought he wanted to sleep in separate rooms.
Qiao Yuan couldn’t help but laugh.
He teased him on purpose.
“We haven’t married or had a wedding ceremony yet.
Sleeping in the same room, isn’t that… eloping?”

Yu Dameng widened his eyes and stuttered: “What… what are you talking about?”

This feudal etiquette, even saying this was considered excessive.
Qiao Yuan touched his nose speechlessly and explained to him why he didn’t want to live in the main bedroom.
He also said: “But you still have to sleep on the floor, we can’t share the same bed in one room.”

Actually, now that they had two bedrooms, he and Yu Dameng could sleep in one each.
But this was after all a different world and ancient times, and he still didn’t know how he had possessed this body.
Qiao Yuan was still a little scared at night, and only felt at ease when he slept with Yu Dameng.

To say sleeping on the same bed was nothing, although Yu Dameng hadn’t expressed his feelings to him yet, Qiao Yuan was clear-sighted and knew that this was almost certain.

Nonsense, could Yu Dameng escape from the palm of his hand? He had to fall for him!

It was just that if Yu Dameng didn’t take the initiative to mention it, and he wouldn’t say it either!

Just let him suffocate!

Yu Dameng was very satisfied that they didn’t sleep in separate rooms.
He didn’t think about sleeping on the same bed at all, which made Qiao Yuan feel frustrated and made him run around.

With the help of Yu’s family, they soon tidied up their new home in no time.
Qiao Yuan saw that it was still early and dragged Yu Dameng to town to buy some daily necessities.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they left the village, they ran into Zhang Wensheng who was also going to the county town.

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1秀才 (xiùcái) – a scholar who has passed the first level of the imperial examination2重孝 (zhòngxiào) – mourning obligations that require a person to abstain from certain activities and dress in mourning attire for a period of time after the death of a family member

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