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Today, he had to let the villagers know what kind of clothes he bought for Qiao Wangshi, so that Xu Xiuhua wouldn’t steal it and wear it herself.
Of course, if she had no shame, there was nothing he could do.
But he believed that his hypocritical, face-saving uncle would take care of her if she did. 

As soon as the women heard about the new clothes, they all crowded around. 

“This color suits your grandmother perfectly.”  

“This is still cotton, it feels really comfortable to touch, and it’s different from the hemp and mixed cotton that we wear.”  

“The stitches are really tight, and the style is well-cut.”  

“Yuan Ge’er, how much does this cost?”  

As soon as Qiao Yuan announced the price, several women felt that the clothes in their hands were no longer appealing.
As experienced individuals, they began to impart their wisdom to the newlyweds, saying, “Young people just don’t know how to live frugally.
You can always buy some fabric and have Aunt Liu from the east and Aunt Tang from the south sew them for you.
They are both skilled at making clothes.
It can save you a lot of money!”  

Qiao Yuan awkwardly touched his nose, thinking that just a few days ago he had just taught Yu Dameng a lesson for spending money recklessly, and now he had become the object of the same lesson.
But he was quick-witted and immediately came up with an excuse, half-jokingly saying, “Isn’t it because my aunt couldn’t wait any longer?”  

The incident where Xu Xiuhua caused a ruckus at Yu’s doorstep a few days ago had been spread throughout the village.
Upon hearing about it, several women who were present at the scene sighed and advised him, “Yuan Ge’er, you can’t keep acting recklessly and doing foolish things!”  

Although villagers may argue over trivial matters, the vast majority of conflicts arise from poverty and a tendency to be overly frugal.
When it comes to major issues, they will ultimately soften their hearts.  

Qiao Yuan expected that he would spend his whole life in Xianhe Village, this small mountain village.
With such honest and kind fellow villagers, there will be fewer troubles.
Qiao Yuan accepted their kindness and politely bid farewell to several aunts and sisters-in-law before returning to Yu’s house with Yu Dameng to put away their things.  

Even when they had walked far away, they could still hear a few women discussing, “Yuan Ge’er is really filial.” 

“He is really enjoying good fortune after marrying into the Yu family, with such lavish spending at the first opportunity!”  

“Hey! They look quite compatible together!”  


The tobacco pouch for Old Man Yu was given to him when they were at the shop earlier.
Qiao Yuan took out the other gifts one by one.
Liu Ge’er held a chubby rabbit doll and a pretty hairband, spinning around Qiao Yuan and chattering happily about how much he liked these two gifts.  

Yu Shanwen remembered what he did with Shanwu before and felt a bit embarrassed to receive the gift.
Qiao Yuan directly stuffed it into his arms. 

Yu Shanwen became even more ashamed and sincerely thanked Qiao Yuan, “Thank you, Brother Yuan.” 

Yu Shanwu just took the slingshot happily with a carefree attitude, hollering, “Brother Yuan, how did you know I’ve been wanting a slingshot for a long time? The ones I made myself always broke after a few shots, but this one is well-made! I love it!” 

Qiao Yuan looked like an experienced person and waved his hand, saying, “I don’t know you guys yet, but let me make it clear, don’t use this for bad things!”  

The two brothers repeatedly promised.  

When Lin Cuifen saw that she was given a piece of clothing, she immediately felt sorry and said, “I’m already so old, why do I need to wear such nice clothes? Keep the money and use it to buy things for yourself and Dameng!” 

Qiao Yuan hurriedly said, “Mom, why are you saying you’re old? You look very young to me! Besides, you’ve been worrying about me and Dameng so much lately, so we should show filial piety to you.” 

“You, oh you.” Lin Cuifen accepted it, feeling content.
She thought that she had found the right husband for her silly son; he had a kind heart, was filial, and had a clear conscience and had eloquence… She couldn’t count all his virtues! 

Lin Cuifen urged Qiao Yuan and Yu Dameng to hurry up and take care of their business so they could come back in time for lunch.
She estimated that Xu Xiuhua would not let them stay for a meal.
Qiao Yuan packed four pieces of steamed buns and brought along clothes he bought for Qiao Wangshi and items for worshiping his biological parents, then went up the mountain with Yu Dameng.  

Based on his original body’s memory, he easily found the graves of his parents.
Yu Dameng and he paid their respects.
Qiao Yuan found an excuse to send Yu Dameng to pick wild fruits, leaving him alone to speak to the grave.  

“I’m sorry to you two elders, I don’t know how I ended up here and became Yuan Ge’er.
Don’t worry, I will live well as Yuan Ge’er and take care of Grandma.”  

“Yuan Ge’er, I don’t know if you have reunited with your father, mother, and younger brother now.
When I earn money, I will do more good deeds to help you accumulate merit and wish you a smooth and peaceful life in your next life.”  

“If you have any unfulfilled wishes, entrust them to me in my dreams, and I will do my best to help you achieve them.”  

Qiao Yuan burned the sacrificial items he had bought one by one.
When he got up to leave, the willow tree by the grave swayed slightly, as if responding to something gently, following the law of fate.  

On the way down the mountain, Yu Dameng stole a few glances at Qiao Yuan, wanting to speak but hesitating. 

Qiao Yuan couldn’t stand being looked at by him, so she glared at him, “Just say what you want to say!”  

Yu Dameng was dumbfounded at first, then said, “I want to say that from now on, my home is your home.” 

After saying that, afraid of causing a misunderstanding, he quickly added, “Even if you don’t become my husband, it still counts!” 

At first, Qiao Yuan was quite moved, but as soon as he heard these words, he became instantly angry and broke free from Yu Dameng’s hand, saying stubbornly, “Fine! Then don’t hold my hand anymore in the future!”  

After speaking, without waiting for Yu Dameng, he walked away angrily on his own.  

Yu Dameng hurried to catch up from behind and loudly reminded him, “Be careful, don’t fall!” 

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1Wangshi is a respectful term for a married woman that means “wife of Wang”.
The villagers probably called her Qiao Wangshi because they did not know her real name and she was married to a man surnamed Wang.
The name Qiao Wangshi signifies her status as a widow and a midwife in the village.2Meaning Yu Dameng does not take initiative to put his affection into action, like sharing their bed lol3阎王遇小鬼 (yán wáng yù xiǎo guǐ) – This is a metaphorical phrase that describes a powerful person being outsmarted or defeated by someone who is seemingly weaker or less important.4回门 (huímén) – This refers to a traditional Chinese ceremony where a person returns to their ancestral home to pay respects to their ancestors.
This is a way of showing filial piety and gratitude to one’s roots and elders.
So, bringing gifts for this occasion is a sign of respect, appreciation, and goodwill.

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