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Awakened One’s Dream

[Best] The Four Kings of Getting Ripped Into on HS
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On Hunter Space, there are the four kings of getting ripped into all the time, you know?

Because I’m also a hunter, I go on HS every once in a while, but they really mock these four way too much

In light of the recent incident, I tried to organize this be aware that this includes my personal opinions

Alchemy of the Night and Kwon Yena

AN and Kwon Yena are both famous enough that even muggles1 should know them lolol

Although they’re not as big as Joo Yiwon or Chungram, they’re still one of the top ten production guilds in the world 

The guildmaster, Kwon Yena, might be a figure even harder to meet than Joo Yiwon… If you line up the people that want to meet her to commission something, it’ll easily wrap around Seoul once, but for the most part, her dad takes care of external affairs while she focuses on research.

On top of that, since they have an alliance with Chungram, which is in the same country as them, AN has more high-quality products than other guilds do thanks to the valuable ingredients they receive to create rare potions or supplies

But they rip into AN a lot on HS lol too too much… If you only looked at HS, you might think that AN was some evil guild that produces illegal drugs or something lol.
HS has spread false rumors multiple times and were sued that many times too, but because they’re hunters or something, they have a lot of money so they just pay the fine and continue to attack

Reason: too expensive

Shouldn’t it be expensive??? They’re the top production guild it’s only natural that their products are expensive… Not everything’s so pricey either the potions for normal people are reasonably priced lol.
They’re only mad that the potions that strengthen them are expensive; so embarrassing

I’m a hunter too so I tried the potion for hunters but it was FR on a different level and worth the money…

The funny thing is, when they curse Kwon Yena, they’re not just cursing her for the production fees or cost of the items, you see? We all know Kwon Yena is the type to fully immerse herself in research.
She doesn’t dress up and she’s rather plain… but she still dresses up in official settings, okay? Yet they still judge her clothes and attack her for not dressing up in a place with cameras;; you can really see their own inferiority complex shine here…

Still, because there’s people who call out those who judge her on HS, it calms down, but once the cool-time is over those people rear their heads again to curse lol.
I tried to fight back too but even when I report those people, there doesn’t seem to be much of an effect because they keep coming out

Hunter Association

HA is… well… it’s not only attacked in HS but here as well so… lololololol

It seems like there’s at least five comments a day that pop up here, saying that after being assessed as an F-rank, the low-ranking workers began to treat them less enthusiastically ㅠ

There’s also people that miss the time when Joo Yiwon had just created the HA… but if it was really like that, HA probably wouldn’t be as useful as it is now lolol.

The reason why it’s inevitably attacked on HS is because they assign fissures to guilds based on the prediction data, you see? If they don’t like the assignment, they rip into HA and how they don’t allow them to exchange hunter currency… 

I understand that much since that’s how hunters make money

Actually as a hunter myself (that’s how I know what the atmosphere on HS is like), there are times where I feel unsatisfied with HA too… Even though a lot of the workers are F-ranked awakened ones who aren’t hunters, the rumors say that they usually give positions based on the spoon a person is born with… hm^^…

There’s things they do well.
They’re good at warning people about and responding to fissures (when the predictions are off, it’s the fault of the system so nothing can be done) and they’re incredible at helping people after the disaster but… well it’s the same for all public workers I guess.
Sometimes they’re attacked for the strangest reasons (When the people fought over how ugly the logo was for four days straight, I thought they were crazy motherf*ckers) and sometimes the reasons make sense

However one of the biggest reasons why they’re attacked so much is related to number 3 it’s a sh*t show lolol I’ll explain next

Shin Jiho

I actually started writing this because people are going crazy, saying that Shin Jiho is making stuff up again, since this will organize all the details

Shin Jiho is Hunter Space’s public enemy

If you only looked at HS, you might think that Shin Jiho was a piece of trash that controls the American president, has China in the palm of his hand, and looks down on the Blue House2 as he controls HA with a simple flick of his chin and thinks of other hunters as mere ants as the third son of Chungram, which controls 70% of the world’s riches.
You might be wondering what I mean but it’s FR

Truthfully, when Shin Jiho awakened, the opinions were crazy here too lololol.
If you were one of those guys who attacked him then, even if you weren’t sued, you should apologize

Back then, everyone burst with national pride and made a fuss about how he was at least an S-rank who would soon rise up to SS-rank after gaining more experience lolol.
When he was revealed as a B-rank, everyone started grumbling with disappointment before starting to tear into him as soon as rumors started popping up

The thing that is the biggest issue right now:

Did Shin Jiho really gain a new, useful skill?

Personally, I think it’s weird to not believe it when an A-rank and B-rank somehow managed to clear an S-rank dungeon by themselves and the A-rank personally comes out to say so, but moving on

If you’re someone who has picked up bits of information from AOD3, you’ll know that B-ranks aren’t useless.
There’s about three million awakened ones in the world, you see? And of those, only 10% are B-ranked or higher so they’re strong too

I think it’s definitely possible for someone to advance in rank.
Didn’t everyone see the MeTube video of Shin Jiho awakening at least once? He was freaking amazing.
Since he was like that before, it’s possible that his potential exploded now

Some people have been arguing that there’s no precedent for a good skill to suddenly appear, but it’s only been three years since fissures have started to erupt what precedent are you looking for lolol.
If it happens, it happens…

To be precise:

There’s no precedent of someone gaining a new skill (x)

There are times where people gain new skills (o) 

There is no precedent of the new skill being much higher that the person’s rank (o)

This is what it looks like, okay?

But think about it

Because Shin Jiho is always being mocked, it seems that people forgot, but Shin Jiho is >> The World’s First Awakened One << If he was the first awaken, couldn’t he set a new precedent?

Everything will be clear after the reassessment anyways lol.
I wrote this after seeing people on HS come here to AOD to rip into Shin Jiho

+) Edit

Sorry, I forgot

Awakened One’s Dream

Yeah, it’s us lolololololol

They rip at us a lot too ㅠ

To be more precise, they don’t attack the majority of the normal people here but they absolutely tear up the operator and original members… people who aren’t even anything act up the most lol

Because this place is also two? or three years old, I don’t think the new people coming in know how this site started… This site was originally a small, tight community of F-ranked awakened ones who can’t become hunters to socialize in

Since there’s a higher percentage of F-ranks than any other ranks, more and more people began to gather, and since they didn’t really check whether or not someone was a hunter, normal people began to be mixed in as well through web searches.
As the site got bigger, the operator just repackaged the site as a community for awakened ones lol.
That’s how Awakened One’s Dream started lol

Although the community became mixed with all sorts of small talk while hunters or awakened ones only show up every four posts or so now… it’s still the community that talks about hunters the most besides HS and as such, hunters rip into it a lot lol.
Whenever HS starts bringing up nonsense, it’s people from here that attack them back lol that’s why they don’t really like us…

Anyways, the fourth one is us

Conclusion: Both Shin Jiho and us are attacked by HS constantly, so let’s not tear at him here and do our best together


– OP there’s no fourth one

 Srry I was so worked up that I wrote three and forgot I added it in now

– The last line was the most important line how could you forget it

 ㅠㅠ I’m sorry

– Why is Shin Jiho being attacked like that?

 Unmitigated hate4

 Isn’t it because Jiho radiates light while their faces are ugly?

 Shin Jiho face-con leave

 Are you from HS? This is a community with civil Shin Jiho forums so stop cursing Jiho and just disappear please.
F*ck what did our Jiho do wrong you want to die you piece of sh*t? I hope you’re cursed by a diarrhea monster and have a sh*t show in front of the whole country motherf*cker5

 F*ck that quick change lololol

 If you’re a fan it’s understandable lol.
Shin Jiho fans were attacked and destroyed everywhere except for here

 They even followed me to my Twitter account that I only use to interact with my mutuals ㅠㅠ.
Sh*t would I not be mad??6

– This is the first time I heard that AOD started as community for awakened ones

 Me too

 Since it’s called Awakened One’s Dream, I thought it meant that we should awaken and change our lives for the better

 I really must be getting old here on AOD.
I can’t believe there’s already newbies who don’t know how AOD started ㅠ

– So why is Shin Jiho always getting attacked?

 Inferiority complex

 IDK to be honest I was excited about him being an SS-rank too and was really disappointed when he wasn’t, but there’s no reason for him to be so mocked like he is on HS

– Shin Jiho fighting!

– HS? Is that Hunter Space? Is everyone there really a hunter?

 Yeah they go through an identification check when they sign up

– The OP must be at about B-rank.
AN is really lol ha… Let’s not talk about them, they really are kind of corrupt

 ?? You can’t even say why what’s with the ha… lolol

 What is corrupt???

 Common characteristic of people who attack AN: they can’t explain why

– Isn’t HS basically a small community? Why are you worked up over this

 The only reason why it’s small is because the hunter community is small.
Only people who receive a D-rank or higher hunter registration license are able to sign up for HS, but the number of such hunters registered in the country is about 14,000 people.
Despite that, the number of people on HS well exceeds 10,000.
That’s a lot of people.
Though foreign hunters who visit Korea can sign up too… either way, over half of the hunters in the country are on the site.
It’s a site that’s hard to ignore when debating over national hunter news.

 Even though the site is like that, all the hunters are on there? I hate that ㅠㅠ

 Nono, I’m a passing hunter but the free forums7 are usually a fighting den ㅠ.
The people who grew annoyed by that atmosphere and left are taking their chance now to flip the opinions ㅠㅠ.
HS actually has a lot of useful tips… it’s good for new hunters to gain tips since there’s a lot of A-rank hunters and people who explain information.
Hunter-related news that don’t appear on the news also appear on HS.
Thanks to their information about the good guilds and which guilds to avoid, I avoided a bad guild ㅠㅠ.
It’s a site I would recommend signing up for if you’re a hunter…

 I’m a hunter too but the free forum is full of people who pretend they’re experts lol.
In my opinion, it’s not the hardworking hunters who go to the free forums but the F-ranks who have nothing else to do so they just stay there and go where the wind blows


 Joo Yiwon probably didn’t join HS.
Since his boyfriend gets attacked lol

 Don’t do this here and go back to our forum ㅠ

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1. Korea calls people who aren’t part of the “fandom” 머글 (“muggle” (yes like the Harry Potter term)).
A normal person.
Here, the OP is referring to people who aren’t interested in hunters as muggles.

2. The Blue House is (now was) Korea’s White House.
It has a lot of history to it if you want to see (Wikipedia), but right now, it is a public park.

3. Awakened One’s Dream

4. 괘씸죄 (“gwae-ssim-jwae”) is when someone falls out of favor.
For example, you can see in kdramas that when a secretary does something their boss doesn’t like, they fall out of favor and are either demoted or fired completely.
Basically, it means that they didn’t really do anything wrong, but are still punished for annoying someone in a higher position.

5. I choked when I first read this.

6. This isn’t confirmed, but I’m pretty sure this is the person from Chapter 11 with the little exchange on Twitter.

7. Idk if I said this before but a free forum (at least in this case) is where people have complete freedom over the topics discussed in the forum.
I’m not active on online communities, so I just gave it the most literal translation, but if anyone knows, please comment!

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