My name is Sasaki, nobody really calls me by my first name Yuuichirou, but then again, nobody really calls me by any name at all. Its probable that right now Im mere moments away from meeting my death. So before I die uselessly I may as well recount the events that led me to this point, to this blasted other world…

June 4th, The date I had marked as the final deadline had already arrived, glancing around the familiar abyss of my bedroom I let out an exasperated sigh. I could feel the uncomfortable pit fill my stomach as I made my way towards the hall.

”How many years has it been, since I left this place? ”

My parents had agreed to pay my expenses until I secured a Job, but that day never came, they stopped asking about it and eventually stopped contacting me all together, outside of the monthly cheques they send me I haven spoken with them in at least 2 years.

Before you say it, Im fully aware my existence is comparable to an unsightly pile of garbage, I know that much better than anyone else. But the alluring draw of the easy way out had always made the depths of my bedroom seem so much more comfortable then the dangers of the outside world.

But today that all changes, Today Yuuichirou Sasaki is going to leave his house and get a Job.

Leaving the comforting slothfulness of my Track suit and changing into the stiff and proper Suit was probably the point of no return, as the lingering doubts in my heart seemed to quickly and rapidly fade away.

For the first time in my life, as I stood in front of the threshold that hasn been crossed for Years, I felt a sense of resolve.

Im going to do this, my life starts here, this is the day Sasaki the loser becomes Sasaki the Human.

My nerves flared up more and more as the sun hit my skin properly, it was a nice enough day to venture out, the paper I had written the interview address on was gripped firmly in my left hand.

I was reminded of the outside world surprisingly quickly as I made my way down the stairs of my apartment complex towards the already busy street below. It felt somewhat natural to be among other people again, but honestly I still felt like a fish out of water.

If I could grant one wish right now, It would be that this hell could be undone, and that I could find myself back in that uncomfortably natural exhilirated state.

8:15 AM,

crossing over the road I came to pass through a small park area, no longer shielded by the natural cover of buildings I was met with the full glare of the sun I hadn seen in so long, rubbing my eyes I proceeded.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw him.

Its not like there was anything unusual or out of place about him, but my eyes were drawn to him all the same.

A high school student, probably a few years younger than me, He looked perfectly normal and yet I couldn help but spot him out as an anomaly, almost as though he was the focal point of this world.

He was standing in the middle of the park, staring up at the sky, there was a look of concern on his face. Its true that the sun was brighter than usual, however I was confused as to why this boy was staring at it so intently, as though the sky was something strange. But that wasn the reason why he caught my eye so much, rather I realized he was looking at the sky because he himself stood out to me.

The following few seconds are a blur, as though my senses had been purged of the information.

There was a flash of light, brighter than any artificial or natural light it was an oppressive wall of piercing whiteness, enveloping everything in my vision, first my hearing blew out, then my sense of taste and smell, and finally as I saw the silhouettes of other people standing in that same light my eyes began to glaze over into nothingness.

Taking one last glance at the boy who stared at the sky, I was enveloped only by a feeling similar to that of falling, as the ground disappeared beneath me and I was flung into an abyssal darkness.

somewhere between a single moment and an eternity later I awoke to the sudden feeling of my feet on the ground, one by one my senses returned to me as I found myself standing on a large platform moving throughout what seemed to be a colossal ethereal tunnel.

I wasn alone, either. I counted at least 26 other people standing with me on that strange platform. It appeared that we were being brought somewhere, as we were moving at a rapid speed, although I didn feel even the bit of wind resistance against my face, and my feet were sturdy on the perfectly flat platform.

”Is everyone okay? ”

A voice rang out above the confused silence.

Various nods and affirmations were muttered as everyones attention turned to the centre of the platform.

I wasn particularly surprised to see that guy standing there, after all its natural for a protagonist like figure to take the initiative in these kinds of situations.

I half tried to respond but my throat caught on itself, who knows how long itd been since I spoke to another person after all. Childish as it may sound I was nervous about speaking, although surprisingly I didn seem to find myself particularly afraid or panicked about the situation I was in, a sentiment that seemed to be reflected in the blank faced confusion of almost everyone except him of course, who wore a serious and on guard expression.

”Where… are we? ”

Questioned a young womans voice from the far side of the platform.

”I don know… ”

Confessed the wordlessly elected leader.

”But we shouldn get complacent, I don know why but it appears our reactions have been pacified, Don just blindly accept whats happening right now, we may not be able to recognize it but this situation is dangerous and abnormal, everyone gather close to me, well probably be safer in a group. ”





I felt a long delayed jolt of anxiety and confusion as a Blue patterned window appeared in my vision. as soon as my eyes had scanned the text it disappeared, paired with the same ringing sound it had created when it first materialized.

Judging by the reactions of everyone else and how they suddenly stepped into towards the Leader was proof enough that I wasn the only one to receive such a message.

”Hey, what was with that Message thing, what was that. ”

An older man around his mid forties spoke up.

”..MO. ”

”What was that? ”

”It looks like a server message window… like, um.. In an MMO. ”

I nervously stumbled out those words, it shocked me how unadjusted I was to basic conversations.

”Hes right. ”

Mr Protagonist corroborated with my theory

”In fact this window is… well the design is exactly like that game Cursed Dungeon Online. ”

”Thats right! I thought it had looked familiar. ”

The young woman from earlier let out a gasp.

”Hold on everybody, raise your hand if you play CDO? ”

Mr Protagonist ran his eyes across the small crowd gathered around him.

One by one everyone raised their hands, some after a slight hesitation others right away after realizing the room was generally filled with Players of that game. eventually everyone had raised their hands, well everyone except for me of course.

”W-what… kind of.. game is CDO? ”

I understood well enough what that question was implying, where he thought we were going.

”An MMORPG, looks like your the only one who ain got an account on it. ”

A rougher looking student with a near cartoonish pompadour replied to my question right as I finished asking it, the loudness of his voice caused me to hesitate slightly.

”Wait, you don mean to imply? ”

A bespectacled man around my age spoke up nervously.

”Cursed Dungeon Online… ”

Mr Protagonist turned to me, beginning his explanation.

”Its a game known for its experimental world design and brutal difficulty, its been active for about 3 years now and maintains a small but dedicated player base. ”

”…And you think? ”

I frowned. half in scepticism, half in nervousness.

”I think the world from that game, Mortidia is probably… where this thing is taking us. ”

Even he struggled to maintain composure as he mumbled out his conclusion.

”Hold up, ain that a bit presumptuous, look I ain doubting somethin weird is goin on right now but we can go jumpin to insane conclusions like that. Theres a limit to what Ill believe from the mouth of someone I jus met! ”

The Yankee styled student spoke up.

”Hes right thats a bit of a leap in Logic isn it? ”

The Older man turned critically toward the leader.

This is bad

I thought to myself

I don disagree that this is a leap in logic but we should avoid infighting at all costs.

”…Wait! ”

I yelled out as a few people started to speak out both for and against Mr Protagonists theory.

Everyone turned to me.

Crap, don seize up now you bastard

”L-Listen… I get that its a leap in logic but… This guy has the right idea I think… we are Obviously in uncharted ground here are f-far as reasoning goes… so lets just hear him out okay… H-he might have some information we haven figured out yet as a group. ”

My heart was pounding as I spoke probably more words than I had in 3 entire years in one go.

Mr Protagonist nodded at me, I think he also understood how important it was to maintain order, with our emotions back with us any small spark could lead to a huge divide in a high stress situation like this.

”Did anyone log into CDO today? ”

He asked.

”No ”

”Nah ”

”Nope it was pretty early ”

”Had school so nah ”

”I see, well. I didn really think anything of it but… when I logged in today there was an announcement for server maintenance at around 8AM today… the strange part is there was no end date and the reason given was just To open the gates to the new world. ”

The platform fell completely silent.

No one really needed to say anything, while it was nothing concrete, that in combination with the inherently strange scenario alongside the message window was more than enough to drive the point home.

It was easier to accept the more we looked at the bizarre surroundings. The deafening silence was interrupted by another chime.





”Pendragon..? ”

Someone mumbled.

”That is… my username in game… hes talking to me. ”

Pendragon gulped. before turning his head rapidly.

”YOU THERE! Stay close to me okay! You don know how this game works so stick with me and I can explain it- ”






System installation initiated

Location: Player ???

Progress: 2%

The percentage slowly began to rise as a sudden loud bang echoed throughout the tunnel, and the white misty walls began to morph into jet black storm clouds, harsh wind began to hit my face as the world began to spin.


Progress: 17%


You may now access the [GUIDE] function

suddenly a flash of red struck across my vision causing me to stumble backwards, a red message popped up among the blue ones.


Error Notice 777: [SYSTEM;rootInstallLEVELLER] cannot be launched, Player information invalid.


Error Notice 465: [Function: Activate_System_Terminal] failed, Player information invalid.

Error messages began to flood my vision as I stumbled backwards, I could hear the muffled yelling of Pendragon over jolts of pain and constant ringing.


Error Notice 2224: [GetWorldSpawnPlayer] failed, Player information invalid.


Error Notice 05: Cannot connect player ”??? ” To [WORLD SYSTEM]


System installation initiated

Location: Player ???

Progress: 66% {FAILURE}


You can now use the function: [Skill On]

The pain stopped and my vision cleared, in front of me was an outstretched hand.


And then I fell, all my senses cut out, only the ringing of more Error messages blared in my mind as I fell into the abyss.

There was a flash of red light. And then Darkness again, but not empty darkness, like a void of nothing. A tangible darkness, the absence of a light source.

I could hear the sound of water, and a myriad of crawling and shifting noises. I tried to sit up, dragging my upright body of the ground and bending my right leg, but as I tried to move my left leg…


It felt like thousands of small stone needles were tearing into my leg, I quickly dropped the attempt to move it causing myself to fall back on my back, facing toward the invisible ceiling. the pain subsided and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Okay, so lets gather what we know here, If Pendragon and those messages are to be believed, then Im in the world of a game right now? It certainly doesn feel like a game but… anyway where am I.

I patted myself down, my clothes were still intact, arms, torso all was in order, aside from my left leg, reached down I felt something strange, my left leg was there, but rather than lying on top of the rough stone ground it was…

I stifled a scream.

My leg was melded into the stone floor.

It mustve been one of those error messages, I thought to myself. Indeed I recalled seeing something about failing to get my world location or something, if thats true, along with the fact I fell off the platform its possible that…

I spawned somewhere random… and my leg clipped into the ground.

In that case I was surprisingly lucky, just a few meters in the wrong direction and I might have been trapped deep underground and suffocated to death. Compared to that possibility, this predicament was almost trivial, so I can curse my luck too much. but the question remains… How the hell was I supposed to get myself free.

I glanced around me, a futile effort as all I saw was endless darkness, aside from a dim blueish light from somewhere around a corner from where I was, it was total unrelenting darkness.

I patted my hands around rapidly until it fell on something, A loose stone.

It was smooth but well shaped into a long triangle. Placing it onto the edge of a hard bump in the ground beside me, I struck the stone along it, then again, and then a third time. I choked back tears.

My leg was stuck… melded into the ground, it had fused directly into the floor… in order to move…

”Damn it… some other way… come on. ”

I muttered to myself as I struck the rock again and again, slowly sharpening the smooth edge.

It wasn really the only way was it? I wasn really going to have to cut my own leg off in order to survive… was I?

I bit my lip until it bled. and steeled myself for the long and painful process that awaited me once this rock completed its transformation into a weapon.

after about 40 strikes something strange happened. The rock began to glow, and swell slightly, a bright light rang out from it.

Though I was curious about what was happening I didn miss my chance to glance rapidly around the room. I was in a cave for sure, there was only one passageway to my right where the blue glow from earlier was coming from, to my left front and side there are no passageways. Okay, useful information.

The blue light flared up one last time and then popped, into glowing shards, I stared quickly down at my leg, it seemed only from the top of the shin was submerged into the rock, okay it could be alot worse, now about that rock.

as the darkness returned I ran my finger along the rock and… Huh?

As if by magic… no considering the circumstances quite literally by magic the stone had transformed from a smooth triangular stone into a one edged blade.

A crafting mechanic?

I questioned myself.

So this really is a world like a game…

Now came the tough part.

I took a deep breath. I had one last shot to find another way out of this. The crafted weapon had reminded me. the Two working commands that had been installed before the System Failed. with any luck they might still work.

I took another breath.

”[GUIDE] ”

A familiar ring, a window appeared in my vision, though it was bright, it didn illuminate the surroundings at all, I guess its entirely local to my vision.


[Welcome to the New World Player ”??? ”]

[This is the new world you have been chosen to take part in, please use the abilities provided to via with this system to save this world, from here you can view some basic information about this world, and the System you have installed into you, as well as information of how to use said system to get stronger.]

>World Data

>System Explanation {ERROR}

It seemed like The system data couldn be accessed, all that stuff got screwed up in the installation anyway.

Just my luck, Id been spawned into God knows what kind of world without any kind of power.

reaching out my finger I tapped on the [World Data] section. there was a clicking sound, and another page appeared on top of the Guide.

[World Data]

[As you may have suspected, this is the world of the game you know as ”Cursed Dungeon Online ”. In this world, you alone can interact with it as though it is a game, there are many systems in place to make things easier for you. But like all humans in this world, you will need to gain Levels in order to increase your strength and stats of your choice.

All Humans in this world contain a SYSTEM that allows them to view and allocate their stats upon a level up, however it is far less robust than the SYSTEM you have been provided with which we will call FULL STATUS, for more information about your own System, please refer to the Guide Menu option.

This world contains Monsters, Dungeons and various other things you will be unfamiliar with, feel free to consult, residents of this world about it. Your language has been adjusted automatically to allow for conversation. But be careful, dying here means absolute death, so please don treat this world like the game you know it as. Your purpose in this world shall be explained to you by the king, please fulfil your duty as best you can.]

So, that crafting thing from earlier mustve been a privilege bestowed upon me to make life easier, I stared down at my leg with a bitter smile.

”Yeah, Thanks for letting me get to the fun part quickly you **ing assholes. ”

The other command [SKILL ON] is likely useless but Ill give it a try anyway before I do this.



[No skills found.]

Well, it was worth a shot. Now thats enough beating around the bush, I gripped the makeshift knife firmly in my hand, shrugged off my Jacket and pulled my Tie loose.

”Lets get out of this **ing Cave shall we. ”

Speaking to no one in particular I began my work.

first off I used the knife to tear off my pants leg above where it melded into the ground. exposing my bare skin to the cold cave air, I then removed my tie and fully undid it, wrapping it around my leg and tying a knot, pulling it tighter and tighter until my circulation was cut off, I then grabbed my jacket from the ground and shoved it into my mouth.

The final step was unbuttoning my shirt, I was ready as I could ever hope to be.




A horrible and unfamiliar grinding sound accompanied the slicing of the knife as I began to carve into my own flesh, searing pain shot up my entire body as I sliced away over and over again at the wound in my leg, the cold floor of the cave was slowly being coated in a pool of my own blood. But even through the pain I kept carving, biting down on the crunched up jacket until my teeth bled and clenching my free hand until I broke the skin of my palm.

Muffled screams filled the cave for what felt like endless hours as I carved at the flesh over and over again.

The stone knife was more effective than expected, even when faced with bone it would carved through it with less effort than Id expect. I assume whatever stone this was, wasn a normal pebble youd find back home, but I didn know rocks could be as sharp as this.

The pain was unbearable, try as I might I couldn keep my mind occupied for long before another round of muffled screams and rapid flailing of my right leg. I hadn passed out, nor died of blood loss yet. So I must carve on.

At what felt like the halfway point I dropped the jacket from my mouth to let out a torrent of vomit, bringing a new feeling of uncomfortable cold and hot sweats as well as an even more unpleasant feeling of moisture and pain spreading across my body.

I really think Im going to die

I thought to myself, my body had stopped hurting and had just started to turn pleasantly numb. or rather, concerningly numb. I felt like I had been awake for months, and Id vomited and pissed myself more times than Id prefer to recall or remember.

Finally after an eternity of what was increasingly obviously inhuman endurance I felt the final ripping course through my body as my knee became separated from my shin. wasting no more time than a couple laboured breaths I shrugged off my dress shirt that had stuck to my skin and fashioned it into a covering by tucking it tightly under the Tie on my leg and pulling until it covered the wound, I then grabbed my horribly stained jacket and applied it as a second covering, flopping over to my stomach I tried not to look at the stump of gore Id left behind for fear of Vomiting once again. I began to crawl my way along the passage.

I really, should be dead right now, I really, truly should be dead.

And yet I dragged myself along the ground, unaware of how much blood Id lost I kept pulling myself along the ground… hungry… thirsty… Pain… I needed a Fire, some Food and some water to feed myself, warm myself, clean myself and treat my wound.

Unfortunately Wood isn exactly common in a cave. I cursed mother nature as I Pulled myself around to corner to face the dim blueish light.

facing me down was a somewhat uplifting sight.

”Mush…roomsss… ”

I mumbled almost wordlessly through my chapped lips.

Lining the walls were patches of blueish bioluminescent Mushrooms. some small like the size I was used to on earth and some large and hulking, almost like small trees and the best part, they were growing amongst moss that lines the edge of a small pool of water.

I reached out a shivering hand and touched a Mushroom, there was a slight Jolt and then a ringing noise.


[You have interacted with a new Item, for an explanation please activate the [OBJECT STATUS] Command.]


A small window opened next to the Mushroom.


[An edible Mushroom known for helping recovery. Commonly found in low level Dungeon safe areas.]

[Status Effects: £$£%&^^%^ {ERROR}]

My hand drifted down to the Moss beneath it



[A Moss that likes dank environments, if applied to wounds its said to have great medicinal affects, commonly used as a dressing. Only found in Safe areas of very low level Dungeons.]

[Status Effects: ***)) ”^%^^£$%%%@@£ {ERROR}]

I let my mouth slip into a smile.

I can make it… I can survive…

I found that feasting on the mushrooms restored my stamina and numbed my pain to a nearly unnatural degree, I mustve eaten at least 20 of the smaller ones before I felt well enough to start setting things up, First I created a circle of rocks then I used my knife and a loose flint to light a pile of larger mushrooms on fire, they caught surprisingly well.

Removing my dressings I noticed that my wounds were no longer bleeding, likely due to the Blisshrooms. I then applied a few clumps of Medi-Moss to my wound and got to work on cleaning my dressings.

I used the pool of water to wash myself, grabbing handfuls as I knelt by the side of the pool and scrubbing my body and then clothes, free of blood and vomit.

As I expected, the Moss had numbed the pain considerably, Leaving me with a leg that had started to scab over slowly, it was nasty to look at but honestly good progress, I thoroughly washed the wound as I dried my makeshift dressings by the fire. before applying a fresh coat of Medi-Moss and reapplying my shirt and jacket dressings.

”With any luck thisll at least stop it from getting infected. ”

I spoke to no one in particular as I crawled over to a clean part of the pool to take a drink of water.

After about an hour I had taken care of my tasks and fallen asleep in front of the fire, After resting Id have to find a makeshift leg and a way to attach it, I thought to myself as I drifted off.

My dreams were troubled, as you might expect, nothing but visions of the painful experience Id had earlier and perhaps the even worse prospect of the new start that I had left behind.

I woke up in a bad mood, My survival instinct and adrenaline had worn off and I sat by the charred mushroom remains of the fire staring despondently at where my leg used to be.

Id finally taken a step into that bright world… only to be thrust right back into an even bigger shithole than I started in. Trapped in some world I don know, I could only shed a bitter few tears of grief for the new life of Sasaki Yuuichirou.

I wiped my eyes of tears, refusing to let myself get demotivated, I began my crawl along the floor once again, looking around I quickly found the exit to the Mushroom area, I assume this is some kind of safe zone.

So that means…

Yeah there are probably monsters out there.

I was unfamiliar with CDO, but I could infer the kinds of enemies youd find in a low level dungeon like this, Wolves, Slimes, Goblins. In games those kinds of things are just EXP, but in a situation like mine… well Id rather not think about how an amputee would fare against a Pack of wolves. or a nest of giant spiders.

I still had my small Stone knife, but ideally Id like something to serve as a lower leg, I hadn found any stones big enough, nor anything I could use to attach a Limb to me… but if there was something with bones or flesh as part of its body, I could kill it and use its corpse to make a makeshift leg, Id say thats my best bet, considering the circumstances.

Crawling towards the next room I noticed something immediately, a drop off. This room was elevated by a few meters. giving me a birds eye view of the room below.

The room was alot darker than the one I was in, but the light from the safe room shone over it and lit up most of the small chamber within.

There were 3 exits to that room, it was a dome shaped cavern. prowling along the bottom as if an answer to my prayers was a single lone wolf was stalking aimlessly around the room.

Or at least, I assume it was a wolf, It had all the attributes of a wolf, but its colour was a brilliant white, with a pair of large red eyes that seemed to shine in the darkness.

It would take some strategy, But I think I may have found my makeshift leg. I grabbed some Medi-moss from the wall next to me and prepared myself.

”AAAH. ”

I let out a sharp scream, the wolf shot around like a bullet and locked its deep crimson eyes with my own. I glared back at it. Its snarling sent a jolt of adrenaline down my spine as I was filled with fear.

Focus Damnit, Focus.

I caught my mind clouding and grounded myself with a pinch to my right leg.

”Come at me. ”

I spoke clearly, and as if provoked the wolf charged forwards.

About 10 meters between me and the wolf, If I kick off that rock I think I can probably clear about 5.

7 meters.

6 meters.

I placed my foot on the side of the rock, took a deep breath, firmly gripped my weapon and,


I kicked forward, launching myself off the ledge and into the Cavern, As I shot towards the wolf it hesitated slightly.

This is my Chance

I steeled myself and raised my weapon. As I crashed down into the wolf, I thrust my arms down gripping the knife.

I felt the impact of the fall, the all to familiar sound of flesh breaking, and finally, a light whimper from the wolf before silence fell.

Unsure as to how I was able to do that, I stared down at the wolfs slashed open neck.

No matter which way you slice it, that isn a human feat, not to mention… How was I able to calculate any of that, it all just felt like… like instinct

I thought back to the experience in the cave, I was no trained survivalist and yet I was easily able to survive cutting my own leg off with a rock, I couldn shake that off as normal, but Im not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

As I was about to reach down and carve further into the wolf, I heard a rumbling sound.

It started quiet, but quickly it grew into a loud, booming Thunder clap, The wall in front of me started to shift and morph into a doorway, subsequent thuds played as the exits around him morphed shut, leaving only filled in outlines of passageways, from the hole in the wall emerged certain death.

A wolf much larger in stature than the one I had just killed. If what I had just killed was a simple beast, this was definitely a Monster. It was tall, so tall it could hardly fit in the cave, and its eyes were a deep black, disproportionally small for its large visage they gave the beast an uncomfortable insect like appearance when paired with its grey gangly limbs.

A Trap Room!?

The only thought I had time to produce before my ears were pierced with an abhorrent, bestial cry. A primal sense of fear shot through me head to toe five times over.

Shit, Shit, Shit. This is bad Im gonna seriously **ing die if I don do something.

No System, No proper weapon and No Leg. This was somehow worse than facing an RPG boss as a regular human, at least they have the option of running. I couldn stop shaking as I meekly raised my knife defensively and tried my best to shuffle backwards away from the beast, but to no avail, there was clear unrelenting bloodlust in its eyes.

I cursed my luck, for years the concept of being spirited away to the world of video games had been such a blissful fantasy, but right now when facing down death the world didn even grant me the slightest hope of victory, I didn even know how best to fight in this world, It was game over from the moment I got here.

I was lying to myself back there, in that paradise of mushrooms I really thought I had a fighting chance after that, but I was foolish. No human can take on something like this.

And so I find myself back again, at this point. Absolutely screwed, seconds away from ending up a pile of meat to be eaten and digested by this monster.

Perhaps its for the best I die after only about a Day, God only knows what else this world holds if a monster like this is considered low level.

I stared down the Beast and through gritted teeth I snarled

”Alright then, if Im gonna die anyway. ”

As I spoke the beast Dashed forwards at break neck speed, I barely had time to utter


[King Dire]

[A Large wolf that stalks dark places like dungeons and forests, its Extremely fast and powerful, but its hide is surprisingly thin]

[Stats: ^&$&$^&$^$& {ERROR}]

The information filled my head without having to even glance and read it, in the next moment, I felt teeth digging into my lower back and my liver, the canines of the great wolf no doubt.

I felt a slight itch then a sharp pain, then a horrible wet feeling as my flesh was torn by the long snout.

Since Im going to Die anyway….

I bet my whole heart into the chance of a miracle.


Time seemed to slow to a halt, I felt my heart in my throat for what was infinitely less than a second, before.


[Monster: ???? Has activated the skill ”Final Fang ”]

To be Continued…

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