Xia Wanwan seemed innocent and unrestrained.
She married when she was young and was doted on by his father for ten years, but in fact, she was always a bit wise and open-minded.
She understood many things better than Jiang Xiao.
In his previous life, she gave Jiang Xiao a few meaningful words before she passed, which would benefit him for a long time.

It’s the same now when other people saw that a young child had so many unorthodox thoughts and ideas, held tens of thousands of yuan in their hands, and dared to run around with the adults, they would be restrained for a long time and were told to study hard, not to have such thoughts.
But she actively supported him from the time she nodded in agreement.

Jiang Xiao also knew her character.
When he first started doing business, he hid it from her.
He went out there and made some money before telling the whole story.
He was also a man of measure, no matter how much Xia Wanwan supported him, he would not touch the tens of thousands of yuan saved at home.
Doing business was risky, so the family should have a solid foundation.
If he fell into a stumble and lost everything, he would always have a way out.

The next day, Jiang Xiao got up early and went out to set up the stall again in the market.
Xia Wanwan was worried, so she carefully prepared food for her son, added more clothes to keep him warm, and didn’t ask much about the rest.

Lin Chengyu and Lin Heyuan still came, as Jiang Xiao’s persuasion yesterday was useless.
On the first day, the three of them were still in a hurry, but the next and the third day went much smoother.
Later, Lin Heyuan who was so indifferent to the outside world, was able to introduce products to the customers when Jiang Xiao was busy.
Practice makes perfect.

The business at Jiang Xiao’s stall was stable and things were selling out quickly.
He had said everything that should be said towards Lin Chengyu and his attitude had not changed.
No matter what the other did, the relationship between him and Lin Heyuan was getting better and better under Lin Chengyu’s nose.
It was useless for him to stop Jiang Xiao openly or secretly.

The only consolation was that Jiang Xiao really didn’t have that kind of thoughts now, friends were really just friends.

As for Lin Heyuan… he didn’t know.

Lin Chengyu thought about talking to Lin Heyuan alone, but firstly, he was afraid that Jiang Xiao would be angry, and secondly, if he talked specifically about that topic, he would shoot himself in the foot instead.

After thinking about it, he still endured it.

He was now guarding Jiang Xiao’s side.
Although he felt sour and jealous occasionally, as long as he saw this person, his heart was still at peace.

Sometimes, there were fewer people at the stall, so Lin Chengyu observed him at times.
After staying with Jiang Xiao for a day, he could notice many things he didn’t notice before.

There was a place in the stall where a lot of DVDs and tapes were packed in boxes.
Jiang Xiao bought it when he followed him.
He didn’t see if he bought this on purpose, as this box was calculated separately in Jiang Xiao’s small account book, so it should be the items from the video store owner where he put his small containers in.
The Spring Festival was approaching, so the boss had to close the shop before returning to his hometown, thus Jiang Xiao helped him to sell things and gave all the money he earned without even a cut.

In addition to being the familiar video store owner, he also had a good relationship with the stall owners in the nearby stalls.
On the left was selling Spring Festival couplets1 and on the right was selling various rice crackers2.
They didn’t form competition with each other.
If there were fewer customers, they would chat for a while.

The owner of the Spring Festival couplet stall was a pair of married couples, and they brought their children who were in elementary school together with them.
Jiang Xiao also helped them with their homework when he was free and gave away a balloon puppy, some pencils, and a newly designed and easy-to-use pencil sharpener.

Afterward, Lin Heyuan didn’t even need to bring anything to eat, as a bunch of stalls next to them would give away enough food to fill his stomach.
The sugar painter stall on the opposite side knew that Jiang Xiao was fifteen years old, so they drew him a zodiac rabbit candy, which was so childish.
He was reluctant to eat it.

The trait of being likable was not innate in Jiang Xiao.
Being good-looking was just one factor.
The so-called sincerity and pure kindness were not shown by being straightforward in dealing with people and being able to say anything directly, but it was more complicated.
From speech to behavior, everything was indispensable.
It was when there were good things, just be thoughtful about others.

Jiang Xiao had always been such a person and he was also like this in his previous life, but Lin Chengyu was the only one who didn’t know how to cherish them.

Lin Chengyu’s recent behavior was strange to Jiang Xiao.
Sometimes he would gaze at him for a long time, which made him feel a little creeped out.

Moreover, as the Spring Festival was getting close, it was strange that he didn’t go back for so many days and the Lin family didn’t look for him.

Sometimes Jiang Xiao would see that the person called Uncle Yue by his side, whose full name was Yue Cheng and knew this person.
He had heard of him in his previous life, and he saw him around Lin Chengyu more in this life.

This person was still calm as he would drag Lin Chengyu away so many times, but these days he had changed his temper.
Instead of pulling people away, he often helped delivered things.
On top of that, this person was very impeccable and also very polite when meeting him.

However, the Lin family obviously still had things to do, as the cell phone that Lin Chengyu brought with him kept ringing.
Sometimes, Uncle Yue would come to look for him, called him out, and talked for a long time before returning.

The closer it was to New Year’s Eve, there were fewer people on the street.
Everyone was going home to wait for the New Year.
Many stalls have turned off their lights.

Today was also the last day for Jiang Xiao to set up his stall before the New Year and he had planned to leave early.
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so he and Xia Wanwan would go to Ye Bing’s house tonight.
After all, he would welcome his relatives during New Year’s Eve and would visit his other relatives afterward.
He and Xia Wanwan didn’t want to disturb him.
It was the most appropriate time to make an appointment to thank each other for his help tonight.

Jiang Xiao had bought gifts for Ye Bing previously, and he had also prepared a gift for his wife and children.
He still remembered the two thousand yuan he owed and the big red envelope Ye Bing gave him for the New Year, so he would return the favor.

There were no people in the market at this time.
Jiang Xiao had sold a lot of goods and there wasn’t much left.
After calculating the money, he had recovered nearly 19,000 to the 20,000-yuan of his initial goal, which was nearly repaid before the New Year.

Just now, an old woman came out with a stick of tanghulu.
Jiang Xiao bought a bunch of it and bit off the sugar coating with a crunch.
Right at this moment, Lin Chengyu just came back with Uncle Yue and his cell phone.
When he saw Jiang Xiao, he had a smile on his smile.

Who knew when Jiang Xiao glanced at him, the first thing he said was to drive him away?  

“Why are you still not leaving at this point?”

Lin Chengyu sat beside him and upon seeing this, he replied, “The house is in chaos, it doesn’t matter if you go back or not, just wait.”

Grandpa had no time to take care of him recently, so it wasn’t a big deal for him to run out to find Jiang Xiao.
With Uncle Yue’s people still at home, any news could get to him immediately, so the matter would have to ferment for a while.
After all, tomorrow was New Year’s Eve and it would also be the time for a family reunion, so everything that needed to be resolved could be done later.

Many years ago, Lin Feng negotiated for the Mingyue Bay project.
He sent such a big gift, so Lin Chengyu naturally gave him one too.

Many things in the company were controlled by Lin Feng.
At Lin Chengyu’s age, no matter how good his performance was, it was difficult for him to intervene in the company’s specific affairs when he was a minor.
Uncle Yue had some rights to speak, but he was an outsider no matter what, and it was difficult to compete with the other party.
Grandpa’s health had gotten better, but now unless it was a major matter, he had no intention of being involved.

There were many things that need to be figured out slowly, now first cut off Lin Feng’s hands and feet, and then inserted his people.

There were indeed some omissions in the current management of Yongjiang Company.
For example, it didn’t have a construction team and the projects were all outsourced.
If there were too many people in charge, it was easy to take advantage of the loopholes and created problems.
Then, there were also more projects while the small contractors on the construction site were mixed companies, so of course, the projects were also prone to accidents.

However, it wasn’t easy for the company to build a construction team.
In the short term, it was easier and more convenient to find outsourcing, but in the long run, it was better to hold the project in his hand.

The way to compromise during this period was to find a capable team to integrate directly.
At the end of the year, there was actually a decent construction team in Yongjiang, but they couldn’t last.
The boss was originally a contractor, but later he became bigger and established a small construction company.
After a few years of poor management, it closed down.
Uncle Yue had some relationship with the boss and knew that the other person was hardworking and honest.
It was just bad luck.

In the past, the company was in the hotel business.
The project they have wasn’t large, but they were developing steadily.
However, now they had signed the Mingyue Bay project with such great fanfare.
Not long ago, Lin Feng knocking the edge of the drum3 with his grandfather and said that he would make some profit.
From this point of view, signing a construction team was a long-term solution.

The construction team did have some skills.
Uncle Yue took the boss to meet his grandfather with Lin Chengyu on his side, and while he talked about the pros and cons of the project from time to time, Grandpa was a little swayed.

Who knows what when he talked to Lin Feng about signing this construction team, his reaction was big.

Of course, he was.
First, the building material company of his wife’s natal family was sucking blood on the account of You Jiang Company and suddenly, there would be someone in charge of the construction.
Second, there were still a lot of plans for the future, all of which were closely related to the construction project and this person was directly founded by the Old Man and Yue Cheng.
If something was found, these two people would know it.
Everyone was not a fool.
He couldn’t just take it over; thus, this matter would not be under his control.

After all, Yue Cheng was a long-time employee of the Head of the Lin family and now he accompanied Lin Chengyu.
Although this kid was smart before, he was not experienced and easy to be coaxed.
When he came back from an illness last time, his whole person became cloudy, and Lin Feng couldn’t see through him.

Lin Feng’s reaction was so great that he obstructed any good advice in every possible way.
Grandpa Lin asked him why, but the reason he spouted was not enough.
Grandpa also had reached his position with strong waves and winds, so he knew something was wrong at a glance.
He found out that there were problems with the ledger when he checked it.

In the past few months, Lin Feng’s wife’s family’s company had grown bolder.
They had swallowed up a lot of money from Yongjiang.
If he put the accounts clearly, it would not be a big deal to do business with his wife’s family to make up for it, but he had covered up a lot of things and the number had increased multiple times over, so anyone would know that there was a problem.

Grandpa lost his temper.
This time, he made the capable construction team come to the company as a final matter.
Lin Feng was not reconciled, so they had another quarrel at home, which made Grandpa even more vigilant.
During this time, he began to take care of the company’s big and small affairs.

At Lin Chengyu’s age, he couldn’t directly intervene (he just helped his grandpa behind the scenes).
His family was busy taking care of business and no one cared about him, so he took the advantage to come to found Jiang Xiao.
Everything that should be done was settled, and Lin Feng naturally had some backups, but he also saved them for later.
There was no rush now.

When Jiang Xiao asked, he told the truth without hiding anything.

Jiang Xiao ate the last piece of tanghulu and glanced at him, “Why are you telling me this?”




1 春联 (chūn lián) or Spring Festival Couplet.
It looks like this (the first line of which is pasted on the right side of a doorway at New Year, and the second on the left side):

2 米果 (mǐ guǒ) or rice crackers.
I loooove rice crackers.
They tasted soo good.
Some are spicy, some are salty and sweet, some are sweet, some have grilled seaweed, and they are crunchy, what’s not to like??? 

3 Knocking the edge of the drum means avoiding helping others to speak.
So, Lin Feng kind of manipulated Grandpa Lin into agreeing to this project.

T/N: ooo Jiang Xiao’s zodiac is a rabbit, which is the same as me XD It’s kind of funny that Lin Chengyu avoid to have that ‘brotherly talk’ with Lin Heyuan for fear he would… have some gay enlightenment??? I’m also kind of curious how it will unfolded lol.
Lin Heyuan is definitely going to be reader’s favorite no.
1 XD

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