After Jiang Xiao walked out of the restaurant, he threw his half-empty glass of cold soy milk into the trash can on the side.
It was windy outside, so he put back on the coat and hat he was wearing today.
He walked back alone, lowered his head, and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

After talking with Lin Chengyu, his heart was actually complicated.
The person who had experienced those things was himself.
Jiang Xiao after all, was not a piece of wood, it’s not like he doesn’t feel anything at all.

It was a relief to let go, but once the memory is evoked, it felt suffocating.

Paid attention to the small details of the person you love and felt happy when you got a little affirmation from the other person, his love was both humble and sad.
When he was treated perfunctorily by Lin Chengyu, when he was waiting for his life to end on the hospital bed, he felt so painful and uncomfortable.
He knew it himself.

Jiang Xiao shed those two drop of tears for his past self.

How dare you say this to someone who treated you like that? How do you have the face to say that? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous and sad to talk about liking and love at this time?

He would no longer believe such nonsense.

In the afternoon, Ye Bing have had enough rest, and the goods in the car had been loaded.
Jiang Xiao stuffed his little snakeskin bag into the corner of the car, and they were ready to drive for Houlin.
However, as soon as he finished arranging the goods, he turned around and saw Lin Chengyu, standing not far from the truck, his eyes were still red.

Why are you still here? Jiang Xiao frowned.

Ye Bing was checking the status of the cargo boxes and carts, and he also saw Lin Chengyu.

“Jiang Hai didn’t really know some rich people in Liujiang, did he?” Ye Bing knew a thing or two about what the Lin family had found, and he had a good relationship with the hotel management.
It wasn’t the first time he saw Lin Chengyu’s overbearing existence.
He couldn’t help muttering a few times, “I haven’t heard him mentioned it before, why did the kid come to you more than once?”

Jiang Hai is Jiang Xiao’s father.

“Don’t mention my dad, Uncle Ye,” Jiang Xiao said, “This family is very strange, it’s better for you to keep as little contact as possible.”

Ye Bing glanced at him, probably because it was rare for Jiang Xiao to looked so serious.

He has been a truck driver for a long time, met many people from all kinds of background, and has a smooth personality.
Except for a few close friends, Jiang Xiao only care about business and make profits, but ignores Lin Chengyu when he went out.
Jiang Xiao doesn’t like the kid, and it’s Jiang’s family business, he can’t take care of it on his behalf.
Besides, they were fifteen or sixteen years old boys, still young and naive.
Ye Bing was two steps away from them.
He saw the person over there approaching, waiting for Jiang Xiao.

After observing so long, Ye Bing always felt that this person is here for Jiang Xiao, not because of the Lin family.

Jiang Xiao also wanted to get in the car with him, but Lin Chengyu stepped forward and grabbed his hand.

“Xiaoxiao,” he gave Jiang Xiao a flattering smile, but with his saddened eyes, the smile looked strange, like he’s crying, “I have something for you, I left such in a hurry at noon, so I forgot to take it.”

He was carrying several bags from the department store on his hand, trying to stuff them into his hands, but even if these things were given to Jiang Xiao’s hands, he would just throw them to the ground the next second.

Jiang Xiao refused to accept his things.

“It’s cold in Houlin, Xiaoxiao, it’s just some clothes,” Lin Chengyu smiled wryly, “It’s okay to treat it as a repayment.”

“I can’t afford this repayment,” Jiang Xiao sneered, “I will earn the money myself, I can buy the clothes myself, so I don’t need you to pretend to be kind.”

“Xiaoxiao, I know you won’t believe anything I tell you now,” Lin Chengyu sighed.
“But it’s true when I say I love you.
I won’t let go, I can’t let go.”

“Lin Chengyu, do you even understand human’s words?!”

“I understand, you can break up with me, you really can,” Lin Chengyu said, “I’ll chase you back.”

Now he was even more paranoid than Jiang Xiao, he wouldn’t let go if he catches someone, let alone a lost and recovered treasure, he was even more unwilling to gave up.

“Then I advise you not to waste your efforts,” Jiang Xiao looked at him and he sneered, “It’s impossible.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly kicked Lin Chengyu’s calf.
Jiang Xiao is really good at fighting, his beatings are very painful.
He used a lot of strength for that kick, Lin Chengyu didn’t notice it before, and there was a sharp pain in his calf.

Even so, he still held Jiang Xiao’s hands and was unwilling to let go, but his strength was indeed not that great.
Jiang Xiao took advantage of this moment to push Lin Chengyu to the ground with all his strength, broke free and trotted all the way to his seat in the truck.

“Uncle Ye, let’s go.” Jiang Xiao put on his seat belt casually, “It’s a bit late, be careful not to bump into someone and get blackmailed.”

Ye Bing can only reacted, “Oh.” He felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, but he didn’t talk more.

When the car was leaving, Jiang Xiao saw Lin Chengyu got up from the ground through the car window, his eyes were fixed on himself sitting in the car.
The truck moved, and he ran along chasing him, his legs were still limping, and seemed to want to say something, but when the car turned into a corner, no one could be seen.

Jiang Xiao came to Liujiang to buy goods on the weekend, and he had to go back to his class.
Lin Chengyu couldn’t tie him by his side even if he didn’t want him to leave.
After he returned to the old house, he opened his pants and saw a large bruise on his calf.

Jiang Xiao really didn’t hold back.

Lin Chengyu sighed, put an ice pack on it, then applied medicated oil on himself.
But it still hurts when he touched it.
Just at this time, Uncle Yue came to him, saw his embarrassment on chasing the other person.

Uncle Yue was a professional.
He usually didn’t interfere with the Lin family’s emotional affairs.
It wasn’t really something unacceptable for the rich to ‘play’.
He had seen it a lot.
However, Lin Chengyu was different.
He didn’t behave like a person of his age in all aspects.

“It must be him?” Uncle Yue took the medicated oil and applied it to him, sighing, “You made yourself like this.”

Looking at the injury, he didn’t need Lin Chengyu to say who had done it.
The Lin family is rich.
In order to prevent kidnapping, all the Lin family’s children have received professional training since childhood.
Lin Chengyu is very skilled.
To be kicked like this, he probably cared about the other party.

“It must be him.” Lin Chengyu said, he even smiled, “I’m happy with whatever he did to me now.”

It’s hopeless.
Uncle Yue sighed, stopped mentioning this matter, and told him about Lin Feng’s recent movement.

He was already talking about the Mingyue Bay project, and after a careful check of the company’s accounts, his wife’s family’s building material company had already done several deals with Yongjiang.
However, apart from the related matters, the business was not that big right now.
The problem was, when Uncle Yue went to the warehouse to check, the quality of the materials given was not bad, it may be a bit of a private pocket, but the amount was not large.

Even if grandpa found out about these things, he wouldn’t be too angry.
People have selfish intentions, and it’s not time to startle them.
It wasn’t until the talk about Mingyue Bay project started, and Yongjiang’s aggresive expansion, that the other party became bolder.

When it came to the company’s affairs, Lin Chengyu seemed to be much normal.
He asked carefully, and then told Uncle Yue to pay more attention to specific things.

Even though Lin Chengyu has work experience in his previous life, experience was one thing, and understanding of the company’s current situation was another.
He still has a lot to learn.

Jiang Xiao, Jiang Xiao.

He could only fall asleep by chanting this name every day.

Grandpa also felt that he was abnormal recently.
In order to divert his attention, he assigned more homework and tasks, and he had to go to school.
Now he was being controlled by his family, especially in terms of schedule.
It was even more difficult to switch cars to Houlin at any time.

“It’s not that you are nor allowed to go at all,” Uncle Yue comforted him, “Besides, that person don’t want to see you.
Going too often is counterproductive.
The old man is thinking of you.”

What he said was quite reasonable.

Anyway, after Jiang Xiao returned to Houlin, he counted the new goods as if nothing had happened.
He recorded them, and put them on the shelves by category.

The shelf space is limited and he sold many things in batches, there is no rush.

Moreover, the few things he customized and purchased were fully affirmed by the girls in his school.
Carrying them on his shoulders was really eye-catching in school.
He even sold a few schoolbags he brought back, but because of the price was a bit high, not all girls can afford it.
However, the same series of pencil cases, pouches, and accessories were selling well.

The reputation of his small shelf was getting higher and higher, and after his direct purchase system was discovered, several wealthy girls came to his door and ordered several items.

Lin Heyuan knew that his business was getting bigger, because Ye Yingying spend a lot of time in the studio to learn painting, and not often at school, thus the relationship between him and Jiang Xiao was getting better and better.

However, Lin Heyuan was still focused on persuading Jiang Xiao to study.
As long as Jiang Xiao studied seriously most of the time, he had no opinion on the other matters.

Jiang Xiao sometimes found him for self-study on weekends, and Ye Yingying, who studied art, even though he was now in the path of an art student, still had to take regular class.
He didn’t know about a third of the entire questions.
The total score of more than 800 in the high school entrance examination should not be considered as a pass, but he couldn’t even get a score of 300, which really delayed his admission to high school.

Anyway, sending Buddha to the furthest of the West1.
Jiang Xiao and Lin Heyuan always took him with them when they went to self-study.

But Ye Yingying also discovered that Lin Heyuan treated Jiang Xiao differently.

He treated Jiang Xiao as gentle as possible, answer whatever was asked, sometimes when Jiang Xiao drew a conclusion from one instance, Lin Heyuan even compliments him on how smart he was, with smiles on his eyes and brows.

When did the two of them get along so well?

Ye Yingying thought that Lin Heyuan’s transformation had changed for the better, but when he did the same math problems wrong three times, Lin Heyuan looked at him with disdain, disbelief, coldness, and even a cold tone.
It was Jiang Xiao who couldn’t stand it anymore and taught him to do the questions himself, so his face softened a little.

He was wrong! Lin Heyuan was still the same Lin Heyuan, the Gaoling Zhihua2 with a pair of first grade sky clear eyes, but he treated Jiang Xiao differently.

But Ye Yingying was very magnanimous, and he didn’t hold grudges.
He just wasn’t suitable for exams, he admitted this and didn’t have high requirement for scores.

And he also had a conscience; if it were him, he would also preferred Jiang Xiao.

Since the beginning of this semester, Jiang Xiao has suddenly became very powerful, he seemed to be able to do everything.

For example, when they went to self-study today, Jiang Xiao made small snacks by himself.
There were three layers of snacks in a thermal lunchbox, full of everything.
He knew that Lin Heyuan and Ye Yingying didn’t like sweet food as much as he did, so he even made less sweet hawthorn jelly and several fried dumplings.

The reason why Ye Yingying came to self-study obediently with him was because practicing to draw was really exhausting, and if he really couldn’t keep up with the regular class, all his previous efforts would be wasted.
On the other hand, the food made by Jiang Xiao was really delicious! It tasted better than those food stalls in front of the school! Even Lin Heyuan couldn’t help boasting a few words and knew it was delicious.

Ye Yingying was absolutely devoted to Jiang Xiao, to be precise, to his craftmanship.
He decided that even if he was admitted to university, he would also be admitted to a university near to Jiang Xiao’s.

Jiang Xiao’s cooking skills had been practiced for decades and a person in love was the most attentive, but the dishes he made at that time should be fed to dogs.
Now, it seemed that the craftmanship he owned was not completely useless after all.

Ye Yingying had a big heart, he blew rainbow farts3 and praised Jiang Xiao for half an hour.
Jiang Xiao was in a good mood and promised to bring him more delicious food next time.

But Lin Heyuan had a different personality, he had careful thoughts.

After finishing his self study, he and Jiang Xiao walked home together.

In the cold winter wind, Jiang Xiao head his voice, “It takes a lot of thought and time to make things, Ye Yingying is a bit gluttonous.
If he wants to eat, I will order from a restaurant next time, you don’t have to waste so much time.”

“No,” Jiang Xiao waved his hand and explained, “I’m used to it.
Sometimes cooking and eating is good to relieve stress.”

Lin Heyuan paused for a moment, then Jiang Xiao heard him say softly, “Jiang Xiao, you are only fifteen years old.”

Lin Heyuan was undoubtedly outstanding among his peers, anyone who saw him will praise him.
He was the standard example of “other’s people children”4.
But when he met Jiang Xiao, he realized that there are still people living like this.
Jiang Xiao was also fifteen years old, a few months younger than him, but he seemed to knew everything.

“A person who know everything must have a harder life than others in many aspects,” Lin Heyuan continued, “You don’t have to do this.
If you need anything, you can come to me.”

Jiang Xiao was taken aback, and turned to look at him.
At a glance, it happened that Lin Heyuan was also looking at him.
The two were about the same height now, and their eyes just met.

“Thank you,” Jiang Xiao smiled, “But as a person, sometimes I just can’t stop and want to do something, I’m used to it.”

But it still feels goof to be cared about.

When the two separated at the intersection, Lin Heyuan took something out of his schoolbag.
Jiang Xiao took a closer look and found that it was a scarf.

“Someone gave it to me at home.
I already have other similar ones.
I don’t have many friends, so I’ll just give it to you.” He put the scarf around Jiang Xiao’s neck, a little nervous, “Put it away, it’s cold.”

It was a honey-colored wool scarf, very warm, Jiang Xiao was wrapped several times by him, covering half of his face, leaving only a pair of eyes, blinking, looking at him.

Lin Heyuan looked at those eyes slightly bent, and then heard Jiang Xiao’s soft voice, “Thank you,”


1sending Buddha to the furthest of the West or ‘送佛送到西’ means ‘finishing a task given and not giving up in the middle’.

2rainbow farts, basically an exaggerated compliments/praise to bootlick people.

3Gaoling Zhihua, I couldn’t find much reference on this, but I believe it refers to a man as beautiful as a flower, basically a vase (only have good looks lol).

4other’s people children.
I think it’s common for Asian parents to compare their child to their neighbor’s or immediate family’s, hence there is this saying “why you couldn’t be like other’s people children, they do this and that, while you only sleeping and eating like a pig” and so on.
It sounds bad but generally they want to motivate their children.
I was also ‘other’s people children’, but it sparks the invincible, long-running rivalries between cousins.
Not fun at all.

T/N: How was it? Was it good? Was it bad? T_T Please kindly note that I am not a native Chinese speaker.
I just read too much novel and watch too many dramas (lol not to mention Donghua and CD dramas).
I’m using MTL with extra research on terms I am not familiar yet.
I just hope that it looks easy on the eyes, not perfect, so…

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