The child just nodded quietly.


Siegfried was appalled once again.


‘As far as I know, this case has never been reported, even in the academic world.’


In the first place, humans and demons were different species, even though they were similar in appearance.


In addition, demons basically rejected all other species to the extreme.


He never imagined that a child could be born between a demon and a human.


‘Then this child working as a slave in the demon castle….it’s possible.’


The child in front of him seemed to have expressed her human blood much more strongly than her demon blood.


Besides, even her demonic energy, the magic he had detected earlier, was faint.
It was understandable that the demons thought of this child as a human and enslaved it.


The demon castle did not have resident slaves, so the little half-human girl was probably brought in from the slave manager outside.
But just in time, a battle broke out and she couldn’t escape.


‘A slave manager.’


A position that proved that the demons don’t view other races as equal to them.


Siegfried felt his stomach twist.




‘There are too many uncertainties to blindly trust this child.’


Siegfried, who had been looking at the child for a while, suddenly asked, “You look very young.
How old are you?”


“Four years old.”


“……four years old.”


You’re still at an age where you should be in the arms of your family, but you’re already a slave.


Siegfried tasted something bitter in his mouth.


His voice softened on its own.


“Do you know? There has never been a single person of mixed blood between humans and demons.”


“I know.”


“Your existence itself is rare, so how did you know about your birth?”


The child was not intimidated by that terrifying question.


“My mom told me.”




Her mom.


At that innocent answer, Siegfried felt as if he had been hit on the head for a moment.


Yes, this child must have had parents, too.


He didn’t know why he had completely forgotten that part.


“My mother told me to keep it a secret.”




“She said that others shouldn’t find it out and I have to keep my mouth shut.”


The child continued to talk, while still being in Siegfried’s grip.


Siegfried, who had been speechless for a long time, inadvertently opened his mouth.


“Then your mother….no, that’s enough.”


Whether the child’s mother was human or a demon, it seems likely that her end wasn’t so peaceful.


If her parents were alive, they wouldn’t have left this little kid alone like this.


It once more gave a bitter taste.


Just in time, the child looked at Siegfried with earnest eyes.


“Will you let me go now?”




“I have to treat the other people beside you, too…….”




After staring at the child for a long time, he finally let go of her collar with a deep sigh.


Then he asked abruptly.


“But why are you treating us?”


The reason why this question popped up was that he hadn’t completely cleared up his doubts about the child yet.


“Aren’t you sick?” The child answered, without even a moment’s hesitation.


Facing Siegfried, who was caught off guard, the child smiled brightly.


“My mom said that an injured person should not be left sick for very long.”




Siegfried felt speechless.


It was a very natural statement.


However, as a hero who decided to establish justice in the world, he had been living without forgetting that natural truth until now.


Although it was the enemy castle, and he had to be careful of everything that stood out or was unusual…


He couldn’t believe he frightened such a small, vulnerable child…..




Feeling ashamed of himself, Siegfried replied in a suppressed voice.


The child, who seemed to tilt her head, immediately bid him a cheerful farewell.


“Take a good rest!”


The child nodded and quickly turned around.
Then she approached Kirios and Cesar, who were lying in the distance.


The chestnut-sized child began to nurse the two of them diligently.


At that moment.


Siegfried felt the tension that was weighing his body down loosen.


‘Everyone….is alive.’


Although they were both pale and hadn’t come to their senses yet, at least it didn’t look like their life was in danger.


‘I thought we were really going to die this time….’


Siegfried examined himself.


The magic that was gnawing his life away had completely disappeared before he knew it.


‘Maybe it’s because all five demon kings, who are the basis of this magic, died.’


Since the master of this power disappeared, it was speculated that the magic also naturally disappeared.


Besides, before entering the castle, they wiped out all the troops around them.


‘It’s safe right now.’


As soon as he made that judgment, his eyelids grew heavy in an instant.


Siegfried fell asleep as if fainting.


It was a sleep without a dream.




After roughly confirming that the three heroes were completely safe, I returned to my room and breathed out a long sigh of relief.


“Ugh, I didn’t think I would get caught……”


No, how did you find out that I harbor demonic energy in this human body?


I thought my heart was going to drop!


It was fortunate that I had imagined in advance a situation in which Siegfried would ask questions, but I almost got in big trouble.


“Seriously, suspected by a patient.”


I shook my head.


I used my mom, who wasn’t there, as an excuse to cover it up and thankfully he seemed to believe me, roughly.


After sweeping my chest for a long time, I released the anger I had accumulated deep in my heart on a wrinkled blanket.


“If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be alive!”


Puck puck!


My tiny fists made a frustratingly soft sound as they pummeled the bed covers. 


“It´s mortifying to repay the favor like this, isn’t that too harsh?!”


Puck, puck, puck, puck!


“How dare you grab me by my collar? I should’ve let you die!!”


While kicking the blanket full of anger so many times, I suddenly felt the urge to cough.


“Cough, cough, cough!”


I’d been coughing for a long time while covering my mouth.


The fishy taste from the inside of my throat made me sick and I vomited.




Blood dripped to the floor.


“Ugh, it’s fishy…..”


I wiped the blood stains from my hands with a towel.


I wasn’t surprised, rather I was familiar with it because I had already experienced it several times.


So, this phenomenon.


‘It’s because I was overdoing it while I was trying to remove the demon magic from the heroes earlier.’


Demons usually have their own demonic energy.


If the magic energy is insufficient or too excessive, it causes side effects like collapsing or vomiting blood like now.


In the past, whenever my magic was extorted by other demons, I showed symptoms like that.


This time, the demonic energy was excessively accumulated in my body while retrieving the magic that gnawed at the lives of the heroes.


Of course, my body was so weak that it was too much.


Objectively, it wasn’t that much magic.


If it was a normal demon, their body would control it on its own before the demonic energy accumulated excessively.


But maybe because I was half human, it was difficult to control the demonic magic…… 


‘It’s my body, but I’m really incompetent……’


I pursed my lips in dissatisfaction, trying hard to think positively.


‘It might look really painful from the outside, but still I won’t die right away.’


Well, if I had to question it, I was in a situation where I was sentenced to death.


I was half-human, half-demon, and my demonic energy rejected the human blood that flows through my body.


If I couldn’t control the demonic energy properly, it meant that my life force would be reduced to that extent.


But the reason why I was so relaxed……..


‘In the original story, Tatiana lived until she was 25.’


Tatiana was 25 years old when she fully awakened as a demon king.


And in order to awaken as a demon king, controlling the demonic energy was the most basic of the basics.
That meant…


It meant that Tatiana in the original work would at least not die because she failed to control her magic.


Since I was still four years old, I had 21 years left to spare, right?


In the meantime, I was going to find a way to control the magic somehow.


Besides, the symptoms of vomiting blood now…..


‘As soon as the magic stabilizes, it will disappear.’


Maybe I would be fine by tomorrow.


“Let’s get some sleep.”


I narrowed my brows and crawled into the blanket.


This symptom, which I thought was insignificant, would cause a reaction from the heroes I didn’t think of in the future.




The next day.


I woke up early in the morning and began to search the whole castle.


Clean clothes, water, and medicine were needed to treat the heroes.


So, I went to the laundry room…..


‘No, what is this…..isn’t this a whole new world?!’


I opened my mouth wide.


The laundry room, which was not involved in the battle, was clean and tidy everywhere, not showing even a speck of dust.


All the supplies were plentiful there.


Not only expensive silk-clothes that high-ranking demons would have worn, but also the uniforms of the servants hung there.


Plus, there was a big harvest because I found the first aid kit!


There were only disinfectants, ointment, and bandages in there, but it was something at least.


‘You guys ate and lived well while I was stuck in the corner of that dirty room? You are so cheap!’


Looking around, I first pulled out a large laundry basket.


I swept all sorts of things into a basket, which was large enough for my whole body to fit in.


In the meantime.


I found clean towels piled up on top of the cupboard.


‘Well, I’ll have to get them somehow.’


But no matter how much I tiptoed and stretched my hand out, I couldn’t reach the cupboard.


Whining, I sighed deeply.


“Hah, it’s not possible.”


I looked around, intending to drag a chair.




Startled, I jumped up from my spot.


It was because Siegfried, who entered the laundry room before I knew it was looking at me with a sullen gaze.


If you come in, at least act like you’re here!


My heart was going to drop!

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