I ran over to the men.






I had no idea who these men were, even if I looked at them all the time.


Was that right?


As far as I knew, there was only a male protagonist in the original book, who was so powerful that he invaded the castle and swept away the high-ranking demons.


‘Oh, no way?’


At the realization that flashed through my mind for a moment, I opened my eyes wide.


Come to think of it, these people!


‘Aren’t they the heroes who came before the male lead?’


The original story went something like this.


The demons invaded the human world at the command of the Demon Kings twice, in total.


Among the people were veteran heroes who stopped the first invasion and entered the Demon King Castle, the heart of the demon realm.


‘The three heroes must be these people!’


The demons suffered great damage and slowed down, but it was said that it served as an opportunity for the demons to launch a general offensive against the humans in the future.


Also, the heroes of the original were cursed by one of the demon kings and died together with them.


´But I didn’t put any curse on them? ´


Feeling a bit bewildered, I squatted down.


Then, I could see a light blue energy fluttering over the men’s bodies, hindering their recovery.


The energy was definitely my own unique magic, but….


‘Did the demons attack by using my powers?’


Come to think of it, the demons pulled out magic from me from time to time.


I remembered that the magical energy inherent in this body did not bloom at all because it was a mixed race with humans, so they even gave me medicine to force it to bloom before pulling it out.


It hurt a lot every time I took that medicine.


I reflexively shrugged my shoulders.


It seems that the forcibly extracted power was sealed in a magic stone, and then used in battle.


As evidence, broken fragments of the magic stone were lying around the high-ranking demons that I saw earlier.


The “Curse of the Demon King” mentioned in the original work probably refers to the process of being eroded by the demon king’s magic.


I figured I knew roughly what happened.


The previous heroes succeeded in killing the five demon kings, but they could not prevent them from using magic to attack.


As a result, the previous heroes also died, and other demons entered the Demon King’s castle.


After that, I was left alone again, and they made a second invasion into the human world by setting themselves up as the demon kings and using me as a puppet.


With my chin on my hand, I sank into agony.


“Hmm, what am I doing?”


Actually, my original plan was to leave this situation as it was.


But on second thought, running away from here right now wouldn’t have been the answer.




The demons were basically extremely exclusive to other races, and they were beings who worshiped power.


To such demons, I, a mixed race being with much more human blood, was worse than the garbage rolling under their feet.


‘Even the high-ranking demons hid the fact that I was the Demon King because it was shameful that a mixed-blood was the Demon King.’


So, none of the other demons knew that I was the Demon King….


Anyway, to return to the original story, it meant that I was a young and fragile little girl who had not even awakened as a Demon King.


Even my appearance was almost human-like.


If I went out alone, could I survive?


The probability converged to zero.


‘But that means that the probability of me being caught being the Demon King is also close to zero.’


In addition, when I woke up as the Demon King in the original, the second war with the humans began and the male protagonist came to the forefront in the second part of the novel.


‘So… it’s okay as long as I don’t go crazy.’


In the original, I couldn’t overcome all kinds of abuse from the demons, so I ran out of control and became the Demon King.


If I turned that setting upside down, it meant that I could live safely and comfortably, and I wouldn’t go crazy, right?


My eyes twinkled.


‘……If I do well, I think I will be able to safely awaken as the Demon King, right?’


No loss of reason, no running crazy, no harm done to anyone!


It meant I could be the absolute ruler recognized in the original!


I couldn’t resist the rising joy and bowed my head.


“Whoo-hoo, who-hoo, hahahahaha.”


At the same time a sinister laugh began to flow from my lips.


Although I would wake up late, I’d be very strong as a Demon King, right?


In the original, even the male protagonist struggled to kill me! But, let’s stop talking about it because it’s ominous.


‘Anyway, I have to save the heroes somehow.’


My plan changed to this.


First, I will save the heroes and entrust them with the role of my guardian.


If they were to be my guardians, wouldn’t there be three guardians who are the best in status, the best in ability, and the best in financial power?


“I like that.”


These warriors, who had previously only been seen as troublemakers, now appeared to be golden ropes that had to be caught somehow.


I clenched my two small fists and decided.


“Heroes, I’m the one.”


I will save you somehow.


So, you heroes also need to keep me safe.






The fire erupted with a huge explosion.


The long-haired Archmage, who barely managed to block the demon king’s attack, fell down with his hair fluttering redder than the fire that had been unleashed.




Siegfried looked back at him with a blank stare.


At the same time, the silver haired high priest beside him spewed silver energy from his whole body.


It was a divine power that burned out his life.




‘Go! You have to kill the demon kings somehow!’


Cesar, who was shouting with blood all over his neck, soon collapsed.


He looked at Cesar with desperate eyes for a moment.


‘Damn it!’


Siegfried grabbed his bloody sword and ran like crazy.




The neck of the last remaining demon king of the five was torn up and into the air.


The three warriors finally won.


At the same time, Siegfried had a hunch.


‘We won’t be able to go back alive.’


Because the long and terrible battle with the demon kings left scars that could not be healed, even for the heroes.


The power was gone from his grasp.


The sword slid out of his hand.


Since entering the demon realm, it was a sword that had never once been out of hand.




The noise of the sword and the stone floor clashing into each other felt distant.


His weak knees bent unilaterally, and his whole body was cooling down like ice.


His eyes went black.


He was sure this was it.








At the sound of someone calling him, Siegfried woke up.




He breathed heavily as if he had been forced out after being submerged in deep water.


Siegfried clenched his chest and continued to breathe.


“Hah, ha, ha……!”


The blurred focus slowly returned.


At the same time, an innocent voice shouted excitedly.


“Ah, you woke up!”


A child?


Surprised, Siegfried jerked his head up.


At the end of his gaze was a small child, with fluffy pink hair and round sky-blue eyes.


No matter how much he stared, the child didn’t look older than five years old, and looked simply harmless.


However, it was not strange to be wary of anything in the Demon King Castle.


Siegfried immediately grabbed the child by the neck.




The child became startled with rabbit eyes.


Siegfried asked the child a question.


“Who the hell are you?”


“Ta, it’s Tatiana.
Call me Tati.”




The tearful child quickly answered.


Siegfried felt a sharp pain in his head even when he was vigilant.


“No, I’m not asking for your name….
Yes, even so, reveal your identity.”


“Well, I’m a slave of those demon kings….”


The child answered with sullen eyes, as if she was about to cry at any moment.


Siegfried looked at such a child with a strange feeling.


‘What the hell is this kid?’


It was safe to say that the child in front of him was almost a human child.


However, the strange thing was that he could faintly feel the unique energy of the demon tribe.


But the energy was so faint that Siegfried, one of the strongest among humans, could barely detect it.


Most people wouldn’t even notice the child’s magic.


“I’ve never seen a child like you.”


Siegfried looked at the child with a suspicious stare.


“Obviously, you look like a human, but how can you hold magic in your body?”


Then the child got surprised-rabbit eyes and faced Siegfried.


“Um, that’s……”


“The later your answer is, the more I doubt you.”


“No, I’ll tell you!”


The startled child hurriedly raised her voice.


Still, she hesitated for a long time.


The child opened her mouth carefully as if she had finally made up her mind.


“It’s because I’m mixed-race, human and demon.”


“………what did you just say?”


For a moment, Siegfried doubted his ears.


“You’re of a mixed race, between humans and demons?”

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