After all, this is a party to celebrate the victory held by the Imperial Family.


That means that.


That the three warriors are the main characters.


If the three warriors were really absent from the party because of me, the relationship between the imperial family and the three warriors would become even more severe.


Even now, I can’t say that they’re very close.


I desperately started turning gears in my mind.


‘So wouldn’t it be better to just attend quietly and be careful not to run into the male lead?’


If you look on the bright side, the male protagonist at this point is only an 8-year-old kid.


You’re not even a warrior yet, are you?


And I hadn’t awakened as a demon king either.


So even if I run into the male lead, my head won’t be blown off right away….


But then–


“A young lady like Miss Tatiana shouldn’t think that she is a nuisance or anything,” Cesar spoke kindly to me.


“Right, why are you thinking like that?” Siegfried also helped out with a word.


“A kid like you should not have such useless thoughts and just enjoy each day.”


With tears in my eyes, I looked up at the three warriors.


Why do you care so much about me?


I can see that you are considerate of me, so I can’t be selfish by only thinking about my own position!


I will go.”


In the end, unable to overcome the stinging remorse, I declared surrender.


Then Siegfried shook his head at once.


“You can refuse if you feel uncomfortable.”


“I agree.”


“That’s right, kid, do what’s comfortable for you.”


After that, even Cesar and Kirios spoke side by side.


But I had already made up my mind.


“No, Tati finds it nice to be with the warriors.”


Only then did the three warriors’ expressions brighten a little.


‘Okay, let’s not be scared.’


I made up my mind.


The male lead now is just an eight-year-old kid.


Would that little fellow, as soon as he saw me, slit my throat?




A week later.


With a bewildered face, I was riding in a carriage headed towards the imperial palace.


Despite attending a party hosted by the imperial family, the warriors were just carefree.


‘There’s no need to be nervous; you just need to relax.’


Siegfried said so without batting an eye,


‘Kid, if you’re in trouble, just call us.’


‘It’s okay even for the smallest things.
All right?’


Kirios and Cesar, who said so, were also quite reassuring.


But somehow, the ambush existed somewhere else.


‘Seriously, I never knew choosing a dress could be so difficult…´




I recalled how the three warriors were discussing fiercely, while I was drooping like pickled cabbage.


Did they have a quarrel for a full 3 hours?


‘Since the kid’s hair is pink, isn’t it prettier with rose color?’


‘Rather than that, it’s better to match the color of the eyes.’


‘No, who picks colors that way these days? A person has to have a good sense.’


Nora, who had been waiting to help me with my grooming, glanced at her watch, restlessly.


I couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth.


‘Everyone, please stop.’


The three warriors turned to me, surprised.


‘I can’t go to the party at this rate, so Tati will wear what she wants to wear.’


Having declared that, I walked straight to the closet.


The dresses that had been swept from the entire system’s dressing room flashed in front of my eyes.


‘Wow, how much does it cost for a pair of these?’


I swallowed my dry saliva and chose the pale-yellow satin dress hanging right in front of my eyes.


There was only one reason.


It was because it was hanging right in front of my eyes.


‘Tati wants to wear this yellow dress.’




‘The kid should wear what she wants to wear.’


‘I’m sorry, we weren’t being considerate.’




I let out a snort.


‘Hey, kid.
But at least try to put a hairpin on this….’


In the meantime, Kirios, who couldn’t let go of his lingering feelings, secretly presented a lace ribbon hairpin.


‘It’s not possible.’


Cesar hit Kirios on the back of his hand so that it made a stinging sound.


‘Let Miss Tatiana choose for herself.’




Kirios grumbled a little, but eventually relented with a ‘whatever.’


In conclusion, I compromised by wearing a yellow dress with scattered small flower patterns and putting on the hairpin Kirios had given me.


Just in time, Cesar, who met my eyes, smiled brightly.


“Miss Tatiana, you look so lovely today.”




But I wasn’t fooled by Cesar’s angelic smile.


As soon as I put the hairpin Kirios had given me into my hair, Cesar glared at him with eyes that looked like he was about to catch and kill him.


His gaze was so bloody, it made me feel numb for no reason…


But then.


“Oh, by the way, when we enter the grand banquet hall later.
It would be nice if one of us escorted the kid.
Who will do it?”


Kirios opened his mouth suddenly.


Siegfried reflexively replied.


“That’s me…,”


“You’re out, ” Kirios narrowed his brows and fired at him.


“I also believe that Kirios is right,” Cesar nodded seriously.


“Isn’t Tatiana already staying with the Duke of Orleans? So, show some virtue of compromise, at a time like this.”


“That’s what you guys say after staying in my townhouse for more than five days a week?”


Siegfried, who protested like that, seemed to be treated unfairly…


But Cesar replied without raising an eyebrow.


“Miss Tatiana is wearing the hairpin Kirios picked out, and she usually lives in Siegfried’s townhouse.”


“No, what….!”


“I think you are already receiving enough benefits,” ignoring Siegfried’s protests, Cesar smiled again.
“So, I will be the escort.
Do you understand?”


My shoulders trembled.


It’s really strange.


The Cesar in front of me is clearly smiling gently….but….


‘Why do I feel a chill in the carriage?’




After a lot of twists and turns, I was able to enter the banquet hall holding Cesar’s hand.


Yes, that is correct.


Cesar managed to win the position as my escort….




I strained my neck to keep looking around.


However, that couldn’t stop my eyes from shining brightly.


‘This is the Grand Banquet Hall of the Imperial Palace!’


A chandelier that scatters brilliant light, a marble floor polished so well that my face can be seen through, and even gold pieces decorated here and there.


Is it really the pinnacle of splendor?


But what was even more surprising was that everyone in this room was completely uninterested in the splendor of the grand banquet hall.


Instead, they couldn’t take their eyes off my guardians.


Looking at it objectively, they are really amazing.’


I glanced up at the three heroes with a sidelong glance.


An elegant priest with silver hair, and an Archmage with bright red hair like flames.


And the taciturn knight with a sculptural appearance, in fact, was enough to instantly catch people’s eyes.


“Oh my god, those guys…..”


“The Duke of Orleans, the Master of the Tower, and the High Priest are here!”


The eyes of envy looking at my three guardians were so shiny.


On the other hand, the gazes towards me were–


“Who is that kid?”


“I heard rumors that the Duke of Orleans is taking care of a child; that must be her.”


“Ah, the child they picked up from the demon castle?”


Although they didn’t openly ignore me, there was clearly hostility in the whispers.


But at that time


“Excuse me for a moment.”


With a light voice, Cesar suddenly embraced my body.


‘What, what is it?!’


Surprised, I reflexively hugged Cesar by the neck.


At the same time, Cesar opened his mouth as if to let the people around him hear it.


“Miss Tatiana, you were very surprised since it was the first time you came to a crowded place, right?”




I blankly blinked my eyes.


So, Cesar was showing off in front of everyone right now.
showed that he cared a lot about me.


I am an important person to Cesar.




‘I see, I must have been nervous.’


To be honest, I had no idea until Cesar hugged me.
My palms were already cold.




I shook my head.


“The warriors are next to me.
Tati is fine.”


“If so, I’m glad.”


Cesar closed his eyes and smiled softly.

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