‘I think it would be better to cut off all the damaged parts and just grow new ones.
What do you think, Miss?’


Well, it doesn’t really matter if I have long or short hair.


‘Nora, do as you please.’


I had roughly nodded, not especially concerned.


Then Nora clenched her fists and declared.


‘Don’t worry too much.’


‘Eh, huh?’


‘Because I’ll tell the family lord, and I’ll arrange for the best hairdresser in the empire!’


To be honest, you just needed to cut my hair short and trim it, so I wondered if I even needed the best hairdresser in the empire….


Well, was there any reason to nitpick when you say you’ll cut it nicely?


That’s why I became short-haired.


I leaned my cheek against the desk, looked up at Nora and smiled bashfully.


“Isn’t it because Nora was so considerate of me?”


“No, that can’t be.”


Nora brushed my hair and answered kindly.


“Isn’t my Lady the cutest baby in the world?”




I just fiddled with my fingers.


Nora’s gaze at me was so sweet that honey drops were dripping from it.


Every time I met that gaze, I felt like I really was a child.
Would I say that I am in a good mood but a little embarrassed?


Meanwhile, Nora again asked me to interpret my silence.


“Are you sleepy? How about taking a little nap?”


“It’s alright.”


I got up and buried my head in Nora’s arms.
She gave off a savory aroma like baking bread.


A warm hand stroked my back gently.


“Or can I get you a snack? I heard they baked new muffins in the kitchen…..”


But at that time.


“Hey, kid!”


The door to the library burst open, and a familiar voice called out to me.


‘Ah, what is this voice?!’


I blinked and raised my head.


Besides, even though it’s someone else’s house, look at that unstoppable move…..!




It was Kirios!


“I see the Magic Tower’s Lord.”


Nora rose from her seat and bowed politely.


Meanwhile, Kirios opened his eyes wide as he looked at my fluffy bobbed hair.


“What is this, did you cut your little hair?”


“Oh, my hair was so damaged that it was hard to manage.”




For an instant, Kirios’s face became clouded like a dark clouded sky.


‘No, did I answer wrong again this time?’


I frowned and looked at Kirios.


At the same time, a silver-haired handsome man with a gentle expression poked his head out from behind Kirios.


“Have you been well, Miss Tatiana?”




I ran over and hugged Cesar’s knees tightly.


Deterring Nora with a wink as she tried to say hello, Cesar greeted me affectionately.


“How is your body feeling these days?”


“It’s good!”


It was really good.


In fact, as long as the magic was stable, there was no problem with my health.


…… It’s just that the demon energy sometimes moves arbitrarily and attacks my body.


Cesar, who was looking at me with a keen gaze, nodded his head.


“It sure looks fine.
I’m glad you feel good.”


“Really? If you say so, then it must be so.”


Even Kirios, who seemed a little nervous, relaxed after hearing Cesar’s confirmation.


Siegfried walked in from behind them.


“You say Tatiana is feeling well?”




I blinked both eyes.
That was the case because Siegfried’s expression changed every second.


“It is nice to hear that.
It’s really good.”


Siegfried looked at me with a very happy face, but that was only for a moment.


He turned to Cesar and Kirios so quickly that I heard a little whooshing sound.


“…… Then, isn’t it time for you guys to return to the Magic Tower and the Temple?”


His expression as he was staring at the two, narrowing the gap between his eyes, was dark as if he was embracing all the worries of the world….


Kirios answered softly without blinking an eye.


“Ah, what? Is there no affection between us?”


“What the hell is our relationship?”


When Siegfried looked serious, Cesar quickly joined the conversation.


“What kind of relationship is it? Of course, we are comrades who subjugated the five demon lords together.”


“Yeah, comrade.


Siegfried gave strength to each syllable and gritted his teeth.


“I just want you guys to act with a little common sense so that I can sincerely welcome my comrades.”


After that, he glared at Kirios and Cesar with his eyes shining brightly.


…… Why does it seem like the more they talk, the angrier he gets?


I swallowed dry saliva.


“It’s exhausting enough that you two just randomly break into my house without even contacting me in advance!”


“…… Siegfried?”


Only then did Kirios, who noticed Siegfried’s low mood, cautiously spoke to him.


Siegfried’s voice had already risen to the highest level.


“The Magic Tower’s Master and the high priest didn’t even mention their plans to the Magic Tower and the Great Temple and went away without saying anything?!”


“No, that…….”


“I mean, there are letters whining to find you guys from the Magic Tower and the Temple every time!”


At the same time, Siegfried roared like a beast.


“It’s enough for you guys to have fun with Tatiana, but I have to take care of the rest for you guys!!”


The momentum was so bloody that not only Cesar but also Kirios, who was usually fussy, quietly kept his mouth shut.


After a while.


Kirios opened his mouth, looking at Siegfried.


“Hey, hey.
Don’t be so mean.
I brought something amazing.”




However, Siegfried kept his mouth shut, and was still staring at Kirios with a fierce gaze.


Kirios broke into a cold sweat and opened the briefcase he was carrying.




No, what did I just see?


I first rubbed my eyes.


After that, I strained my eyes and looked at the scenery in front of me again.


Kirios’s briefcase was only big enough to fit a few papers.


A shoe box had come out of it!


They even decorated the shoe box with a pretty ribbon, probably because it was a gift from the beginning!


‘No matter how you look at it, how could it be big enough for a shoebox?’


I looked up at Kirios with a gaze seeking an explanation.


Kirios, whose nose had risen in that moment, triumphantly explained, “It’s a bag enchanted with space expansion and weight reduction.”


“Space… what?”


“Space expansion and weight reduction magic.
Not only research papers and experimental tools, but also desks, chairs, and cots fit easily……”


…… Why on earth do you have to carry a desk, chair, and cot?


To be honest, I wanted to first ask such a question, but first of all, I applauded him saying it was great.


“How cool! Give me one!”


“Right? Aren’t I cool?”


A lot of strength went into Kirios’ shoulders.


However, it seemed that Siegfried hadn’t let go of his anger yet.


“It’s none of my business to know how cool the goddamn Magic Tower’s Lord is.”


He asked Kirios back in a cold voice, “Didn’t you say that you brought something great?”


“Ah, so……”


Kirios, giving Siegfried a stingy look, picked up the shoe box and placed it in my arms.


“Open it.”




Blinking my eyes blankly, I first untied the ribbons tied to the box.


Let’s lift the big lid …..


“Oh my god.”


Nora, who was standing next to me, let out an involuntary exclamation.


Inside was a pair of tiny children’s shoes.


The round enamel shoe nose and the dainty ribbon were very lovely.




Towards Siegfried, who raised his eyebrows, Kirios whispered softly, “These shoes are very popular among children these days.”




“So today I tried to put these shoes on the kid and go for a walk together.
Doesn’t it look very cute?”




“Honestly, Siegfried, you want to see the kid wearing these shoes.


Siegfried remained silent the whole time, but the bloody expression on his face had softened before he knew it.


…… Sometimes I really don’t understand the delicate mind of a warrior.


Siegfried picked up the shoes and inspected them carefully.


“The design is cute, but aren’t they just plain shoes?”


“Hey, are you ignoring me? What do you think of the head of the empire’s wizards, the owner of the mage tower!”


Then Kirios straightened up.


“Do you really think I would bring something ordinary as a gift for the kid?”


“Then what is different?”


“Now stop arguing.”


On the other hand, Cesar, who had been watching with cold eyes as the two quarreled, opened his mouth.


“Wouldn’t it be better to put them on Miss Tatiana quickly.”


“Yes, Cesar, you spoke well!”


Kirios snapped his thumb and forefinger and turned to me.


“Come on, kid.
Try them on!”




Suddenly, the four pairs of eyes focused on me made me feel like I was going to have an upset stomach.


No, since when has Nora been staring at me intently?


Even Siegfried, who had been uncomfortable all along, was looking at me with his eyes strangely full of expectations now!


‘Oh, I can’t live.’


The pressure from adults was enormous.


To avoid them, I put on the shoes and jumped up from my seat.


I tried to take a few steps to see if the shoes fit my feet well…



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