After that, Siegfried put on a bloody face and disappeared, dragging Countess Ghiberti with him.


As for me, I watched while eating snacks to see how things were going.
It seemed that the situation was quite serious.


“Didn’t Siegfried look very angry?”


“I know what you mean.
It’s not common for Siegfried to get angry like that….”


Just look at Kirios and Cesar talking with their voices low.


‘Well, it’s none of my business.’


While shrugging my shoulders and chewing on a snack, I suddenly remembered the pale face of the countess from earlier.

She looked like she was in a lot of trouble, right?




I laughed out loud.


It was very satisfying just to see the countess’s blank face like a sheet of paper.


It tastes very sweet!






A full investigation was conducted on how the budget allocated to the servants was used.


What was revealed was……


“Countess Ghiberti.”


At that cold voice, the countess involuntarily stiffened her body.


It was not “aunt”, but “countess Ghiberti”.
The official title itself suggested that Siegfried was going to punish her severely.


“You made it really thrifty.”




The honorifics he usually used to respect his aunt were nowhere to be found.


Siegfried, who was reclining in his chair, stared at Countess Ghiberti with an icy gaze.


On the desk, the budget statements that had been paid to the employees so far were piled up one after another.


“Did you mean to come in as a general manager in order to appropriate the employees’ budgets from the beginning?”


“Oh no! That can’t be!” Countess Ghiberti hastily denied it.


However, Siegfried’s hardened face showed no signs of loosening.


“The reason I have had the utmost respect for you all this time is because I trusted you to take good care of my people.”


“That, that……”


“But you used my trust against me and exploited my servants.”


The time when Siegfried was leaving to slay the five demon lords.


From the beginning, it was not intended to make Countess Ghiberti the general manager.


Originally, he didn’t like crowded things that much, and that’s why he only had a minimum of servants waiting on him.


So there were at most three maids present at the time, and Nora was implicitly acting as the head maid.


Meanwhile, Siegfried’s cousin, Count Ghiberti, suggested it.


‘It would take a lot of time to subdue the five demon lords, so wouldn’t it be necessary to have someone to look after the servants in the meantime?’


‘…Is that so.’


‘Of course.
While the Duke is not around, the servants could get into trouble.’


So, Siegfried accepted Count Ghiberti’s proposal.


It was a decision he made because he himself was not confident that he would be able to come back alive.


It was because he thought that if he died in an unfortunate accident, he needed someone to give proper compensation and help to the servants.




“No way, I didn’t know that the manager I brought in to help my servants would persecute my servants.”


Siegfried twisted the corners of his lips up.
It was a clear mocking laugh.


“You did a lot of things.”


Facing the pale-faced Countess Ghiberti, Siegfried spat out words.


“On top of that, it’s amazing that you had the audacity to make money from the budget.”




The fountain pen held in Siegfried’s grasp was crumpled beyond recognition.


His grim eyes glared sharply at the countess.


You even punished the servants?”


The countess suddenly froze on the spot.


“It was normal to starve, be slapped on the cheek, kicked in the shin… There have been numerous complaints.”


“My L-Lord, that is!”


“Who allowed the countess to call me Lord?”


Siegfried tilted his head.


A declaration filled with ridicule fell.


“You are no longer the manager of my townhouse.”


“My lord!”


Countess Ghiberti cried out earnestly, as if she was amazed how he could say such harsh words.


“Shouldn’t you stop talking about ‘Lord’? You are no longer a member of this household, and that form of address is reserved exclusively for those who are my people.” Siegfried only fired at her with a ferocious voice.
“I don’t even know how I will react if you call me head of household one more time.”


He just twisted the corners of his lips.


It was a clear mockery.


“Well, keep getting on my nerves if you’re curious.”




Countess Ghiberti felt goose bumps all over her body.


It was very strange.


Siegfried was just sitting still, not doing any harm to the countess.


And yet….


‘It, it’s hard to breathe.’


The countess gasped for breath.


It was as if someone put a knife to your neck, and you felt chills down your spine.


Her cold hands and feet were stiff.


“Oh, and.”


Siegfried added as if he had just remembered.


“I plan to claim all the money that the countess has been embezzling so far from Count Ghiberti.”


“What? But!”


“Since Countess was a member of Ghiberti, she was accepted as the general manager, so Count Ghiberti must take responsibility for it.”


Siegfried tapped the budget bills with the tip of his index finger.


“By the way, I’ve figured out where the money the countess embezzled went, and the circumstances.”


Facing the Countess, whose eyes were wide open, Siegfried asked in retrospect.


“All of it has been applied to the Ghiberti family, am I right?”


“I-I, I mean.…!”


The countess hastily tried to make an excuse, but Siegfried spoke faster.


“Come to think of it, it’s been strange ever since Tatiana asked to go to the library.”


Siegfried calmly continued.


“It’s obvious that you were complaining about my words.”


Siegfried recalled the dinner where Tatiana and the Countess had been together.


Even though Siegfried himself gave her permission, Countess Ghiberti inevitably said, “These are precious books, so Tatiana must not touch them”.


At the time, he thought that the countess was dissuading the books because she was worried that the books might be damaged, out of pure goodwill.


To put it bluntly, in a situation where the head of the household, Siegfried, had already given permission, the servant – the countess – rebelling in itself was an act of crossing the line.


He even turned a blind eye to such rudeness……


Now he had his doubts.


“Were you really worried about the books?”


“That, that.”


“Since you have embezzled Orleans property so far, you must have subconsciously thought that even those books belong to the countess.” Siegfried tilted his head.
“Didn’t you hold her back because those books were too precious?”


“Oh no! How can I….


The countess raised her voice as if she were vomiting blood.


Siegfried, however, only shrugged his shoulders proudly.


“Well, even if that’s not the case, it’s none of my business.
I’ve already made the decision that I can’t trust the Countess anymore.”


“I, please…!”


The countess, who had been rolling her eyes because no idea about what to do came to mind, dropped to her knees.


“I’m sorry!”


She lowered her head so that her forehead touched the ground.


“Please, please don’t touch my son and grandchildren!”


“Aha, so the Countess values her son and grandchildren?” Siegfried spoke sarcastically for her to hear.


“It would have been nice if you realized that my people are precious to me as well.”


With that said, Siegfried waved his hand as if he was annoyed.


“Just leave.”


“Lord, no, Your Excellency the Duke!”


The countess pitifully called out to Siegfried, but Siegfried only looked down at her with a cold gaze.








There was a strange silence that didn’t match the current situation at all.


It was because Countess Ghiberti, who had been crying and begging for mercy until just now, had suddenly shut her mouth.


To be precise, she didn’t shut her mouth on purpose.




‘I-I’m suffocating….


The countess felt pressure, as if someone was squeezing her throat.


Just standing in front of Siegfried’s gaze made her whole body tremble.
She wondered if a mouse would feel like this in front of a beast.


Pressure so thick and overbearing that it felt like a vivid touch of flesh on one’s skin.


“Save, save, save……” the countess stammered desperately.


Siegfried gestured to the door.


“Go away.”


At that moment.




The pressure that had been constricting her whole body disappeared in an instant.


The countess, who was breathing heavily, stared at Siegfried with terrified eyes.




The countess staggered to her feet and ran out the door as if running away.


At the same time, Siegfried chewed the swear words into his mouth and swallowed them.


‘Damn it.’


It was a deep sense of shame.


‘You are so incompetent.’


While pointing a sword at the five demon kings to save humanity, he had no idea that his own subordinates were suffering like this.


‘If it wasn’t for Tatiana, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed this.’


Even though the child just said that without knowing anything.


Still, if it hadn’t been for that child, he wouldn’t have even known that the employees were being treated unfairly.


‘I guess….
I’ll have to say thank you.’


Siegfried jumped to his feet.


To be a little honest.


….He just wanted to see Tatiana.

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