“Then Tati wants to play a maid!” I jumped up from my seat and cried out.

“Play a maid..? Why a maid?” Cesar tilted his head and asked me back.

Whoops… but! That question already has an answer!

“The maids take care of Tati!” I insisted again, trying to make the most innocent expression.
“So, I want to learn what the maids are doing!”

“…… You mean you won’t forget the hard work of the maids?” Siegfried replied in a frowning voice, then reached out his hand and patted my back.
“You are extraordinary.”

Well, it’s actually more of an ulterior motive than an altruistic dream, but…

I just faced him with an awkward smile.

“Yeah, let’s proceed like that,” he finally said.

And soon, Siegfried’s permission fell!


I clenched my fists and secretly twinkled my eyes in an evil way.


Countess Ghiberti was in a bad mood all day.

“Ugh, annoying!”

The countess, unable to overcome her anger, stomped across the hallway.

Today, Siegfried came to tell her that he would be conducting a play education for Tatiana.

Then he gave orders to tailor-make a small maid outfit for Tatiana to wear, one that would fit her…….

‘How long does the duke intend to keep that girl around?’

It’s play education, isn’t he using the utmost sincerity, like raising his own daughter? He wouldn’t pay so much attention to his own nieces and nephews!


Countess Ghiberti pushed the door open with a rough hand.
Then she raised her voice in a shrill tone.


“Yes, General Manager.”

Nora, who had been resting in the break room, jumped up from her seat.

“That girl, get her a maid outfit,” the countess ordered, frustrated.

……that girl.

The language was so harsh and rude that Nora was startled.

“Because the head of the family said that he would give that little girl a play education.”

The countess grumbled as if she wanted to be heard.

“Why did she choose to be a maid? Guess she is really a lowly girl!”

At the end of that grumbling–


The door slammed shut.

Nora, who had reflexively hunched her shoulders at Countess Ghiberti’s violence, let out a long sigh.

‘No matter how bad the countess is, is it okay to be so careless even to the Lady?’

Puffy, rosy cheeks.

Round blue eyes.

Even her pink hair that would taste as sweet as cotton candy if you took a bite.

No matter how you look, she’s just a lovely child…….

‘Really, you should treat her well.’

Nora let out a deep sigh.



Lately, I had been looking for an opportunity.

Now that play education was confirmed, I could use this as an opportunity to accuse Countess Ghiberti.

It was because I thought I should check the condition of the clothes of the other servants.

So, I quietly approached Nora…….


As I unintentionally pulled at the hem of her skirt, there was a thud and the sound of seams being torn.

‘No, how could the hem of her clothes be torn like this?’

I opened my mouth, turning away from the sound with blurry eyes.

“Tati decided to play as a maid this time.”

“Yes, I have already heard the news.
We are also preparing a maid outfit for our young miss.”

Nora, who had been nodding her head kindly, suddenly became a dreamy gaze.

“Seriously, how cute my Lady would be if she were dressed up in a maid outfit…”


It’s awful; it’s embarrassing.

I decided to just tell her about my business.

“So, Tati, wants to meet the other servants today.”

“Eh? Other servants?”

In the future, instead of only playing maid, we can also play as cooks and gardeners and things like that.”

I looked up at Nora with my eyes shining as brightly as possible.

“So, I’d like to meet them from now on.
Can’t I do that?”

To be honest, I thought it was a poor excuse even though I said it myself.

Nora looked at me with rather admirable eyes.

“Why not? Of course you can!”

After shouting that, Nora hugged me.

I huddled up to Nora and walked around the town house with her.

The first place I stopped by was the kitchen.

“Hello, Miss!”

“What did you come here for?”

The people in the kitchen greeted me with friendly faces.
Even so, they had slightly bewildered expressions at my sudden appearance.

Nora answered the question very easily.

“Well, my Lady says she’s curious about what you do in the kitchen.”

… Well, I’ve never said anything like that before, have I?

But as soon as she said that, the people in the kitchen immediately started to admire me.

I just decided to hit it off like that.

“Tati wants to cook.”

At my word, the people in the kitchen suddenly became busy.

“What should I bring to the lady?”

“Never use a knife or fire!”

As I watched the people move smoothly, I suddenly thought of Kirios.
The time when I tried to cook for Cesar in the Demon Castle, Kirios was like that too.

Worried that I might get hurt, a person the size of a great wizard stood at the kitchen counter.

Well, even though he pointedly criticized me every time with his mouth.

After a while.

A hollow dough ball was placed in front of me.
It contained white, soft dough.

It was clear that they were worried about me getting hurt, so somehow my heart felt warm.

But my main purpose was to check if the clothes of the other servants were in good condition.

“Won’t Tati wear an apron?”

Pretending not to know anything, I tilted my head and asked a question.

Then, the people in the kitchen looked puzzled and started talking among themselves.

“Do you have any extra new aprons?”

“Can there be any extra? The general manager has recently been very angry at me for saving cloth…….”

The maid, who had grumbled unintentionally, covered her mouth in surprise.
Then, she quietly looked at me.

I asked again pretending not to know anything.

“Aren’t you wearing an apron? Then why don’t you lend Tati your apron?”

“Huh? This apron is dirty because I used it a lot today.
Besides, it must be too big for the young Miss’s body…….”

“It’s okay.”

I am just a four-year-old child.

Surely they would think, ‘Since she is four years old, she doesn’t know how to make proper judgments yet.’

So, you can complain to your heart’s content.

There was no need to be ashamed…

I stared at the maid, desperately hypnotizing her.
I heard that this eye attack was quite effective?

“No, that must be really uncomfortable….”

“Tati finds that okay.”

“Hah, but.”

“Really, seriously.

In the end, the maid couldn’t win against my twinkling gaze and took off her apron and put it on me.

She tried to tie the waist strap of her apron as tightly as possible, but she couldn’t help the hem of her apron dragging on the floor.

My form objectively looked very poor, but…….

“Wow, an apron!”

I pretended to be very excited and raised both hands.


Crrk, crrk, crrk.

From the armpit part of the apron, the sound of stitches being torn rang out loudly.

‘Oh, as expected.’

I was no longer surprised and just nodded.

It’s the same as what they said earlier that they don’t even have any spare aprons.

It seems that the clothes of the kitchen people are not so different from Nora’s.


I walked all the way around the townhouse in Nora’s arms.

And as a result–

‘…… Everyone’s clothes don’t make sense, right?’

The condition of the clothes was much worse than I expected.

It was common for buttons to fall off, but the fabric itself was so fragile that no matter how meticulously it was sewn, it was useless.

In particular, not only the clothes, but the quality of the shoes was also quite poor.

The soles of the shoes of the servants engaged in outdoor activities, such as tending the stables or cleaning the garden, were worn out.

Even the shoelaces on the boots didn’t seem to be properly paid for…



I blinked.

It was because of the loud shouting from far away in the garden.

“I told you to plant red roses!”

…… huh? What is this voice?

I hurried to say to Nora, “Nora, drop me down.”

“What? But……”

Nora hesitated.

Of course, since the person who was getting irritated at the moment was Countess Ghiberti.

I guessed Nora was worried that I’d catch the Countess’s eye and wind up hearing something unpleasant.

“Hurry,” I urged Nora again.

Finally, Nora let out a deep sigh and carefully lowered me to the floor.

“These are pink roses!”

“Ah, manager.

“Are you so out of your mind that you planted this rose in pink?!”

Meanwhile, the countess’s irritation was reaching its peak.

As I ran towards the sound of shouting, I suddenly stopped.

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