At the same time, having just arrived at the library, I was looking around with my eyes wide open.




Sunlight shone brightly through the wide-open windows.
The bookshelves along the large walls were packed with countless books.
In the center of the room, there was a large desk and several soft chairs.


Nora kindly asked, “Is there a book you would like to see? I will bring it to you.”


“No, Tati will choose for herself.”


“Are you sure? Then, I’ll sit you down in a chair.
After that, choose slowly.”




While I was sitting on a chair.




I looked at Nora’s apron, which was ripped and torn in a mess.


No, the neck collar was ripped off yesterday too, right?


What kind of clothes are these?




However low the quality was, since it was true that I tore her clothes, I apologized first.


Then Nora quickly comforted me.
“It’s okay! It’s a common thing!


“….Is it common?”


Is it common for clothes to tear?


I carefully inspected Nora’s maid outfit.


A judgment was made thereafter.


‘The quality is definitely poor.’


Since I myself have lived only in bulky clothes my whole life, I had no choice but to be more aware of the quality of clothes.


Besides, it’s a bit embarrassing to say it directly with my own mouth.


Siegfried is paying a lot of attention to me right now.
And Nora is the maid who directly looks after me, who is receiving the attention of the head of the household.


That means that Nora is a high-ranking servant compared to other servants.


When even Nora is saying in that kind of situation “It’s common for clothes to tear”…….


‘It’s not that only Nora wears that low-quality maid outfit, it’s that all the servants in this townhouse are given that kind of outfit.’


I narrowed my eyes.


But given Siegfried’s personality, he wouldn’t spare money for his servants, right?


If he had been such a money-saver, he wouldn’t have brought me in in the first place.


That would be true, because raising a child takes an enormous amount of money, time, and manpower.


Besides, the three warriors basically had upright personalities befitting warriors.


It should be said that there is no way he would be careless to those who serve him.


In this situation, who can get their hands on the apparel budget allocated to the employees…….


‘The townhouse’s general manager, Countess Ghiberti.’


There was none other than her.


Of course, maybe I’m being unnecessarily suspicious.


However, if it is true that the duke’s budget was indeed tampered with, then Siegfried would have to be given a hint…….


But, I can’t tell Siegfried directly.




I let out a deep sigh.


That would be the case, since I was only a four-year-old child.


Even if I claim that ‘I think the cost of the employee’s clothes is being embezzled!’, who would believe it?


Even if I was Siegfried, I wouldn’t believe it!


“All the books in this library are precious.”


Suddenly, a crooked voice spoke to me.


Speak of the devil and she shall appear – it was Countess Ghiberti.


“So, be careful with the collection.
Don’t touch it carelessly.”




It’s a talent to make every word so irritating.


Would the collections rot and become brittle if I touch them?


I looked at the countess while trying to straighten my brows, which were furrowing on their own.


After staring at the countess’s chubby face, I fixed my gaze on the dress she was wearing.


It must have been made with high-quality fabric, and the sheen of the skirt flowed smoothly.


…… Different from Nora´s.


But then.


“Miss Tatiana!”


One of the maids rushed this way.


Countess Ghiberti looked back at the maid with a frown.


“What kind of behavior is this?”


“I’m sorry.
The Master of the Magic Tower and the High Priest visited the Town House……!”


The maid gasped for her breath and added these words.


“The two are looking for the lady.”


I opened my eyes wide.


Eh? Kirios and Cesar?


It’s nice to meet you, but you suddenly come to me like this without even contacting me?


Something was questionable about that.


I felt my eye level suddenly rise.
Alarmingly, the countess was giving me a hug.




Terrified, I turned to Countess Ghiberti.


The countess smiled sweetly at me.


“Then shall we go, young lady?”


Whoa, look at her voice getting sweeter…….


I had goosebumps all over my body.


Her will to impress not only Siegfried, but also Kirios and Cesar, was outstanding.


However, there was no way for the weak four-year-old to escape from the countess’s clutches.


‘Damn it.’


With a dissatisfied expression on my face, I was carried off by the Countess.




After a while.


I doubted my own eyes.


‘What the hell is this?’


Something…… Well, bizarre things were happening.


Even if I rubbed my eyes and looked again, the image in front of me didn’t change at all.


‘What on earth are these books?’


In the luxurious drawing room, books with colorful covers were stacked like a mountain.


I hurriedly read the titles of books rolling across the floor.




<101 Pieces of Advice Every Wise Parent Should Heed>


…..What the heck is all this for?


I raised my head with a cold expression.


Kirios and Cesar looked at me and smiled brightly.


“Come here, kid.” Kyrios said, pretending he had a mean voice.


“We have only been away for a day, but it seems like a long time.
How have you been?” Cesar greeted me affectionately.


I smiled and stretched out my hands to both of them.


“Kyrios, Cesar!”


It’s so nice to see you!


Cesar took me from Countess Ghiberti and hugged me.


“Tatiana, can’t you see me?”


Siegfried spoke to me with a strangely sad expression.


I was stumped and answered quickly.


“How could that be?”


“Then why do you pretend not to know me?” Siegfried protested, as if it was unfair.




I just……I had nothing to say.


That’s because Siegfried and I were in the same house all day……?


Then Cesar chuckled and called Siegfried.






“No matter how cute Miss Tatiana is, don’t be too childish.”




It was only then that Siegfried turned to a frown and shut his mouth.


Kyrios, who had been watching Siegfried’s side with a laughing expression, suddenly pinched my nose.


“By the way, little girl.”


“Ahb? Bwhat?” I asked, my consonants sounding funny from his nose-pinching.


“What four-year-old kid is going to the library? Just go have fun.”


Oh, really! The Demon King is losing his face!


I muttered with a sad face, “Tati bwants to help the adults.”


However, Kirios still held my nose, so there was nothing I could do about the nasal sound…..










Unexpectedly, there was a heavy silence.




I flinched.


Not only Kirios, but also Siegfried and Cesar were looking at me with a strangely pitiful look.


Why does everyone look at me like that when I say something?


I really can’t get used to this cheesy atmosphere!


I broke into a cold sweat and pointed my finger at the book on the floor.
“So, what are those books? Can Tati read it too?”


“What kind of books does the kid read?”


Kirios, who had scolded me, picked up a parenting book and sat down on the sofa.


“You eat a snack next to me.
Got it?”


Ah, I’m glad.


Now the mood has lightened up a bit!


I internally let out a sigh of relief.


The three warriors began to read their own parenting and childcare books again.


I picked up snacks by his side, lay down on the soft sofa, and dozed off under the warm sunlight…


“Come to think of it, I asked the priests in charge of the orphanage about Miss Tatiana’s education.”


Huh? My education?


Somehow, it seemed like I heard my name, so I just pricked my ears up in a daze.


Come to think of it, I heard that temples take in and take care of children who have lost their parents and have no place to go, right?


“Miss Tatiana is still young, so rather than learning something in earnest, she advised me to teach concepts through playing.”




It’s like imaginative play education where you can experience a job every day.”


To be honest, up until then I was a little sour.


How old am I? Play education?


Although my physical age is four years old, my mental age is over 20 years old when counting my previous life!


Aren’t you treating me like a little kid?


‘No, wait.’


Though it had been a while since I started complaining inside, in an instant, I felt a flash of light.


‘If it’s a play education that experiences a job every day… …!’


Wasn’t this an opportunity to give a hint to Siegfried?


The quality of the maid uniforms given to the maids is absolute garbage!

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