He still hadn’t forgotten.


Hiding in the dirtiest and gloomiest place in the castle, the figure of her holding back the pain while vomiting blood alone.


Even the way she smiled, as if to say not to worry as soon as their eyes met.


And it was still like that.


Even when they had just arrived at the townhouse, and during the meal afterwards, she didn’t show any signs of struggling.


Even though she was struggling on the inside and couldn’t stop herself from suffering from nightmares.


‘Maybe it’s because she’s afraid that she’ll worry us.’


Who cares about whom?


Siegfried, who was biting on his molars, pulled a chair and pushed it close to the bed.
He slumped down in the chair and stared at the child blankly.


He was going to spend the night by the child’s side.




The next day.


As soon as I opened my eyes, I faced an unexpected person.


‘What…… ?’


Siegfried had dragged a chair beside my bed and sat there with his legs and arms crossed.


Sitting at this angle, with his eyes closed, he was as elegant as a statue, but….


‘Why is Siegfried in my room?’


I tilted my head and looked at Siegfried.


Did something happen yesterday?


I tried to recall the events of the night before, but I couldn’t remember anything.


There was only a vague feeling of fear remaining.




‘……It was warm.’


Someone had hugged me tightly as I was trembling in fear.


The body temperature that enveloped me was warm, and I was relieved without even realizing it.


So, I guess I fell asleep again…


‘He may be…… was that Siegfried?’


At the same time, Siegfried opened his eyes as if he had felt my gaze.




I was frozen stiff in place.


“Are you awake?”


“Yes,” I nodded hastily to that blunt question.


Then, Siegfried declared to me awkwardly, “I’ve contacted my doctor to see you right away.”




Eh, all of a sudden?


Blinking my eyes in bewilderment, I timidly protested.


“Tati is not sick.”


“Take the treatment anyway,” Siegfried sternly added.
“If you don’t get medical attention, you won’t be allowed to go to the library.”




What sort of wind is suddenly flowing?


I pouted.


I appreciate your concern, but isn’t that too much?


In fact, there was a reason why I thought this.
Because, from the moment I entered the Empire, I was examined by numerous doctors.


‘Almost at the level of one doctor a day….’


Also, all those doctors said in unison that, although I was weak, there was no big problem with my health itself.


Heck, doctors couldn’t feel my demonic energy at all, so if there was something wrong with my body, they wouldn’t be able to catch it.


Still, the warriors were eager to do something for me.


To those three warriors,


‘No, my demonic energy has already stabilized.
I’m perfectly fine.’


‘Even though I’m terminally ill, I’m guaranteed to survive until I’m at least 25, so there’s no need to worry too much.’


…… it would be hard to say that.


I glanced at Siegfried.




I felt sorry for bothering busy people because of me…….


I got a little grumpy.


Then, Siegfried, who was secretly looking at me, made a suggestion.


“If you calmly go to the doctor, I’ll give you candy.”


No, do you think I’m a child? You’re trying to seduce me with candy?


That’s what I thought in my head, but my mouth was a little more honest.


“Well, then.
Tati wants a cherry-flavored candy…….”


Siegfried chuckled.




Upon seeing that smile, I felt my face heat up.


What, it seems like I fell for a piece of candy for no reason?!


Calm down.


No matter how young I am, what would happen if I became a child regardless of my mental age?!


But then.




With a short knock, a middle-aged woman with a clean appearance entered the room.


“Hello, Miss Tatiana! My name is Bernice.” Bernice smiled at me warmly.
“I am serving as the duke’s family doctor, even though I only have a little talent.”


“Nice to meet you, I’m Tati.”


“Good gracious.
Then, let’s start with the examination, shall we?”


Bernice examined me but had the same findings as the other doctors.


“There doesn’t seem to be any noticeable problems.”


“Then I’m glad.”


Siegfried let out a sigh of relief.


No, I’ve already told you that I’m okay a couple of times!


Why aren’t you taking it to heart? It pricks my conscience!


“It’s just that she must have been undernourished for a long time, and she seems to be a bit behind her peers.”


Just in time, Bernice stroked my hair with a pitiful expression.


For a moment, Siegfried’s face darkened slightly.


“Did she grow so much less?”


But it’s okay, from now on she can eat a lot of delicious food and grow up.”


Bernice hurriedly changed the mood.


Siegfried nodded and put the candy in my hand.


“Here, it’s the candy I promised you.”




I quickly popped the candy into my mouth.


The refreshing and sweet taste of cherries delighted the tip of my tongue.


While rolling the candy in my mouth so that both cheeks bulged, I quietly spoke to Siegfried.


“Tati wants to go to the library now.”


“Okay, go.”




As I ran outside into Nora’s arms, I shook my head inwardly.


Is Siegfried really unnecessarily worrying about me?


…… Well, thank you for worrying about me anyway.




The door closed.


“Tati will be back!”


The figure of the child who had been waving her hand while being hugged by Nora disappeared outside the door.


Siegfried stared at the closed door for a while.


To be honest, he knew too.


Even if Bernice was an excellent doctor, and even having a career as an imperial family physician.


As long as she wasn’t able to detect demonic energy, Bernice’s ability to examine Tatiana was limited.


No matter how much Bernice said ‘it’s okay’, Tatiana was a child with a ticking time bomb of demonic power inside her body.


Unless she learned how to use her demonic energy, the child would one day lose her life.


Even so…….


‘I just wanted to be told that she is okay.’


Siegfried, who briefly mocked himself, opened his mouth.


“I think the child often has nightmares.”


“A nightmare?”


It seems that she doesn’t remember it herself….”


Siegfried recalled the image of Tatiana he had seen yesterday.


Breathing heavily, eyes filled with tears.


A small child drenched in cold sweat, trembling in fear, digging into Siegfried’s arms.


The way she looked was so pitiful…


“Why does she keep having nightmares?”


“I think it might be a psychological cause.”


“A psychological cause?”




Bernice nodded calmly.


“I heard that she lived as a slave in the Demon King’s Castle.”


“…… she was.”


“Well, the head of the household would know better how the demons treat humans.”


Bernice smiled bitterly.


“It must have been very difficult.”




Siegfried, who was about to say something, shut his mouth.


“I think that memory remained in her unconscious, so she will have nightmares periodically.”


“Then what can I do to keep the nightmares from happening?”


“You need to relieve the lady’s anxiety.”




Siegfried pondered over Bernice’s answer.


What Tatiana fears most.


That’s right…….


‘To be abandoned.’


The image of a child smiling brightly, saying that she wanted to become a useful child, flickered in front of his eyes.


Siegfried concluded with a calm voice.


“Anyway, keep an eye on her, doctor.
Because she’s a child who hides her pain well.”


“Yes, I will take care of her.”


Bernice smiled reassuringly.


But then.


Knock, knock.


A knocking sound brought the two of them to their attention.


Siegfried narrowed his brows and turned to the door.


“Come in.”


The person who showed up outside the door was a servant with a rather embarrassed face.


“What is going on?”


“That is…….”


The hesitant servant cautiously opened his mouth.


“The Master of the Magic Tower and the High Priest have come to visit.”


“What? Already?”


Siegfried frowned.


However, the servant’s words were not over yet.


“And a huge amount of parenting books were also delivered.”


…… parenting books?


Siegfried was suddenly feeling a little dazed.

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