Chapter 52: Send him out

Isaac Owen and Wolle Tanatora’s physical characteristics are completely different, but for some reason, they all show the same expression when facing Julian-sama.

It seems like Tanatora-san has overcome it, but Owen-san, who is probably standing in front of Julian-sama for the first time, shakes his tall body and trembles.

“First of all, I’ll warn you that Alise is mine.”

“That’s enough, Julian-sama!”

Does this person intend to give this preface to every man I have dealings with? Besides, I’ve explained many times that I’m just interfering on my own.

“Owen-san, please take a look at this.
I just collected some flowers earlier.
It’s nothing fancy, but it’s better than coming empty-handed.”

It was an impromptu present, a bouquet of flowers made from the flowers in the flower bed that Tanatora-san had guided me to, wrapped in a piece of cloth and ribbon.

“Did you come all the way here for this…”

Julian-sama murmurs complaints next to me, seemingly displeased as if he doesn’t like that I’ve used his personal belongings.
And because he’s so close to me, I react to his every movement.

“Quatra-sama, your face looks red for some reason…”

“It’s probably nothing, don’t worry about it.”

While we’re not particularly close, I noticed that he has a tendency to speak his mind, unlike Isaac Owen.

It’s a shame, really, with his tall stature and cool, sharp eyes, he could have been a catch.

“Please don’t tell Creaket-san that I prepared this bouquet.”

“Why not?”

“It should be obvious…”

I let out a big sigh and then hand him the bouquet again.
Then I lightly fix his hair and advise him to stand up straight.

He had a look of determination on his face when we parted yesterday, but today he just seems pitiful.
His appearance is beginning to test my patience.

“Do you really like Lady Creaket? I don’t see it.”

“I do, I really do! I have always found her to be kind and…”

As soon as he mentioned Lady Creaket’s name, his gaze lifted upwards.

“Well then, you should gather your courage.
Don’t be overconfident that you alone love Lady Creaket.”

“Quatra-sama always has a way of speaking harshly…”

I couldn’t catch Owen-san’s muttered words, but judging from Julian-sama’s expression that was like shooting someone, he probably said something bad.

Unlike before, I have acquired the skill of considering the other person’s feelings.
Even if I were Owen-san, I would probably go on a rampage if someone spoke to me like this.

I also have a bad habit of raising my voice when I get angry, and it’s about time I changed that.

“Isaac Owen.”


When Julian-sama, who had been silently sulking all along, finally opened his mouth, Owen-san immediately became as straight as a wooden stick stuck in the ground.

“Alise’s words and actions are sincere.
She told me that you, too, can surely achieve it.”


There he goes again.
It was like déjà vu, the same expression as Isaac Owen earlier and Wolle and Tanatora just now.

Staring at Julian-sama with sparkling eyes, I feel like his complexion has improved.

What is with men… They really are incomprehensible.

“Your Highness Stratis, and Quatra-sama.
Thank you so much for taking your valuable time for me! This Isaac Owen will definitely achieve it, even staking his family name!”

After showing a sharp salute that could make a sound, Owen-san tightened his grip on the bouquet and ran away.

As I watched his back disappearing quickly, I asked without looking at Julian-sama next to me.

“Did I really say that to Julian-sama? Like, ‘If it’s Owen-san…?'”

“Well, how was it?”

Without any remorse, he answered coolly and cleared his throat with satisfaction.

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