Chapter 34: At His Mansion

“Ojo-sama, if you don’t eat anything, it will only harm your body more.”

“I don’t want to eat, please leave me alone.”

There was a clinking sound of dishes.
Nina faithfully obeyed what I said, so if I said I didn’t want to eat, she wouldn’t force me.


Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 1



“Madam is also very worried.”

Even though I was told this in a robotic voice, it didn’t resonate at all with me.
Besides, Okaa-sama came to check on me from behind the door only once or twice.
Normally, she wouldn’t even come close to this floor where my room was located.

“Lili, on the other hand would…”

With my body sunk into the bed, I moved my parched lips slightly.
Without a doubt, it was Lili who raised me, not Okaa-sama.

But why did I, the previous me, do such a cruel thing as firing her?

I was swept away by my selfishness, struggling not to become that kind of person.
It was so painful and agonizing, that my tears had long dried up.

I had been cooped up in this room for so long, that I couldn’t even bring myself to count the days that had passed.

There was a quiet knock on the door.

I assumed it was Nina and didn’t respond, but the owner of the voice that I heard after the knock was surprisingly someone else.

“Aliseteen, long time no see.”

It was a calm and clear voice without intonation.
As soon as I heard it, I knew it was Julian-sama.

I haven’t seen Julian-sama since that terrible ball.
I thought he was disgusted with me and had abandoned me because I hadn’t heard from him.

“Can you please open this door?”

For some reason, he came to see me today.

“… No, I don’t want to.
Please go back.”

“There’s something I really want to show you today.
Come to my mansion.”

“… You said something like that the other day.”

I muttered a resentful comment that he couldn’t hear, but it seemed like Julian-sama had extremely good hearing.
He was chuckling for some reason, which made me feel a little uneasy.

“I was the one who was wrong the other day.
I was looking forward to seeing you, but I felt a little mean because you were dressed so outrageously.”

“Is that supposed to be an apology…?”

Really, you’re as rude as ever.

“You were talking about the broken engagement the other day.”

My heart responded with a shiver to the phrase “broken engagement.” I shouldn’t care about Julian-sama, yet why do I have to feel this way?

“I hope you’ll come to talk about it.
Please, Aliseteen.”

“…You’re a sly person.”

For someone who doesn’t normally speak in that tone, he sure does sound like a cute little bird chirping in these situations.

This feeling is similar to when he kissed my hair before.
No matter how sweetly he treat me, I immediately become unsure.

He know this and he do it on purpose.

“…Is it really only today?”



I stand up with a groan and put on some random shoes, then slowly open the door to the room.
Julian-sama’s eyes widen for a moment, perhaps surprised by my appearance.

“I’ll take some time to prepare, given my current state.”

“It’s okay if you don’t do it properly.
I’ll wait downstairs.”

How ugly I must look reflected in his clear gray eyes.
He must be mocking me in his heart as well.

But it doesn’t matter anymore.
Whether I’m beautiful or not, the way I will die in the end is so undignified anyway.

After calling Nina and finishing the simple preparations, I got into the carriage prepared by Julian-sama.
I had noticed that he had been looking at me the whole time, but I never once met his gaze.

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