Chapter 29: Mimosa handkerchief

Even at eight years old, he elegantly crossed his legs and enjoyed his tea.
I would have been impressed by his sophistication in the past.

In a conservatory full of warm spring sunlight, we were in the middle of enjoying a sophisticated afternoon tea.

“Julian-sama, I have something I want to give you.”


Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter,…



Without delay, I carefully placed a beautifully wrapped handkerchief with embroidery on the table.
Julian-sama’s expression remained unchanged as he looked at it with only his eyes, while still holding the teacup with his mouth.

“What is this?”

“It’s a handkerchief.
I’ve been studying embroidery lately, and this is the first successful one I’ve made.”

“Why me?”

As he asked that, I tilted my head.
If he asked why, the only reason was because Lili told me to give it to him.
But if I said that directly, it wouldn’t make him feel good.

After twisting my head for a moment, I put on a bright expression.

“I wanted someone to see it.
The results of my hard work.”

“It didn’t have to be me, did it?”

“But Julian-sama never tells lies.”

I said with a casual tone.
However, Julian-sama’s eyes widened as if he was surprised.

“I wonder.”

“Well, at least that’s how it seems to me.
You’re the only one who doesn’t use flattery on me, Julian-sama.”

My pride is still just a small hill compared to before, so I don’t really think twice about giving him a handkerchief.
After all, he’s my fiancé now.

Julian-sama took the handkerchief out of the wrapping paper and just stared at it.
Then, he gently traced his finger on the embroidery of a yellow mimosa flower.

“… You’re always so straightforward.”

“It’s rare for Julian-sama to compliment me like that.”

“I’m not complimenting you.”

What a twisted person he is.
Maybe I shouldn’t have given him the handkerchief after all.

Puffing out my cheeks without hiding my frustration, I turned away.

After a short silence, I cautiously turned my gaze back to him, and he was still staring at the handkerchief in the same way as before.

“Um, Julian-sama?”

“What is it?”

I’m not good at this kind of thing.
Rather, I’ve never done it.
I always judged things based on appearances alone and never thought it was a bad thing.

“Are you feeling down about something?”

Again, he widened his eyes and stared at me.
What is he so surprised about this time? I don’t understand what children are thinking.

“You surprised me.
I didn’t know you were so considerate.”

“No, I’m not.
I hate people who try to guess what the other person is feeling.”

Thinking I had gone too far, I covered my mouth with my hand.

Julian-sama didn’t seem angry, and instead eased his cheek slightly.

“You really do have a bad personality.”

“By the way, Julian-sama, you’re just as twisted as I am.”

“I only do it in front of you.”

Julian-sama slowly rises and walks towards me.
He gently scoops up my amber hair in his hand.

“Hey, Aliseteen.”

“W-What is it?”

My heart pounds as I see a different side of Julian-sama.
I can’t believe I’m affected by the charm of an eight-year-old child.
Have I lost my mind?

“Do you remember what you told me a year ago? You said, ‘You’re attractive just the way you are.'”


Did I say that…?

“That meant a lot to me.”

“Such a small thing?”

“It’s a big thing for me.”

Julian-sama gently closes his eyes and kisses my hair with a delicate motion.

“Thank you for the handkerchief.
I’ll cherish it.”

If this expression is a lie, then I think Julian-sama has a worse personality than me.

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