Chapter 27: Aliseteen, turns eight

“Lili, look! I embroidered this handkerchief really well, didn’t I?”

Fluttering the hem of my dress, I jumped towards Lili’s waist.
She stumbled a bit, but firmly hugged me.

“Look, look at this flower!”

“Well, Ojo-sama, it’s very lovely.
You’ve improved a lot since last time.”

Seeing Lili’s warm smile, I proudly puffed out my chest.

“I learned it from Laura.
She’s really good with her hands, and she’s also good at teaching.
She has three younger sisters who are much younger than her.”

Laura is one of the housemaids who works for us.
I bumped into her and scattered the laundry once.

At that time, sixteen-year-old Aliseteen was strong and angry, but now it’s different.

After that incident, I remembered her face and started talking to her whenever I saw her.
And before I knew it, I had become attached to Laura.

It used to be impossible for me to remember the faces and even the names of my servants, let alone call them and be close to them.
I used to look down on them as pitiful beings with no status, but they are all kind and have knowledge that I don’t, which makes talking to them interesting.

It has been three years since my life went into reverse.
I am now eight years old and becoming cuter day by day, and my beauty is also growing, making me invincible in terms of looks.

As for my personality, it’s still not great.
Well, it’s all because of the environment, after all.

With just a snap of my fingers and a few words, almost all of my wishes can be granted in this environment.
In addition, the Quatra family is an ancient Duke family that has served the royal family for generations.
Otoo-sama is skilled in the art of socializing and doesn’t show his attitude blatantly, but he has the typical aristocratic supremacy at the core.

That’s why the children of the Quatra family naturally grow up thinking that they are the supreme beings, following the tradition.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing.

In my case, it was just too much.

“I’ll give this to Lili as a present.”

“I’m very happy, Ojo-sama.
However, wouldn’t it be better to give it to His Highness as a gift?”


As soon as that name was mentioned, I let out a frog-like voice and collapsed.
Lili blinked at me.

I pursed my lips and muttered under my breath.

“I’m not good with Julian-sama.”

“You always say that, but isn’t His Highness kind to you, Ojo-sama?”

“Kind? Him? Lili and Laura are much kinder.”

Lili narrowed her eyes slightly as she watched me play with my amber hair.

“Do you remember, Ojo-sama? When you were just five years old, you always cried and said you were scared.”

“Of course I remember.
Even now, sometimes I come to you crying.”

When I couldn’t control myself, Lili was my mental stabilizer.
Whether it was midnight or during work, she always prioritized me.

“Ojo-sama is growing up very straightforwardly.
Lili is extremely happy to be relied upon by Ojo-sama.”


“Because Ojo-sama is like that, we want to give our loyalty wholeheartedly.
If the people around her feel kindness from her, it’s because Ojo-sama’s actions are being repaid.”

Her warm words strike my 16-year-old heart and I feel like crying.
When I did that at the age of 8, it seemed unnatural, so I clutched my fists tightly and held back my tears.

Oh? Come to think of it, I’m not always 16 years old.
If my old self was still alive, she would be 19 years old now.
But my original life ended at 16, so it’s a strange story to say I’m 19.

My head is getting confused, so I decide to conclude that Aliseteen is 8 years old.

“In the same way, if Your Highness treats Ojo-sama as she is, I’m sure you’ll become friends.”

“As I am, huh?”


Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter,…



I died before because of that, but there is no way I can tell Lili about it.

“… Yes, I’ll give this handkerchief to Julian-sama as a present!”

“I’m sure he will be delighted.”

Lili’s warm hand caresses my head, and I close my eyes tightly with a pleasant feeling.

For me, who was a bundle of pride, it would have been impossible in the past to hand over a handkerchief to a nobleman myself.

Well, never mind.
As Lili said, there’s nothing I can do about things I’m not good at forever.

Once that’s decided, it’s time for action.
I carefully fold the handkerchief.

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