Chapter 19: I’m Not Interested Anymore

Julian-sama and a group of people arrived at our mansion on a carriage.
I greeted them at the entrance hall while wearing a light pink dress adorned with lots of frills.

My parents, three older brothers, and the mansion’s servants lined up and welcomed Julian-sama’s arrival with smiles.

I am already sixteen years old.
It is easy to put on a facade.
Although I felt annoyed internally, I put on a childish smile as I welcomed them.

Since it was a little early for afternoon tea, my parents ordered us to entertain Julian-sama.

“Shall we guide you around the mansion?”

“How about the library?”

“Or horseback riding?”

My older brothers made various suggestions, but Julian-sama didn’t seem interested in any of them.
His gray eyes, which revealed no emotion, only flickered with boredom.

Come to think of it, Julian-sama was always like this.
He was indifferent to anything that did not interest him, and lacked social graces and appearance.

I realized that I only liked his face.

Even with that expressionless face, it shines so brilliantly.

“I’m going over there.”

I got bored of this situation, so I decided to take advantage of my five-year-old nature.
Children at this age can’t stand boredom.


“I want to see the lake.”

I said that and ran off.
Lili and several other servants hurriedly followed behind me.

This is probably a visit to make the engagement talk clear.
Maybe the parents have already decided on everything.

Since it can’t be avoided, I have no intention of resisting.
But I’m not going to flatter Julian-sama like I used to just to please him.

“Well, it’s a nice breeze…”

A small hill on the grounds.
From here, you can see the lake far away.
It’s quite rare to be able to see this view from the townhouse around the capital.

I used to play here a lot with Onii-sama when I was a child, but I stopped going there as I grew up.

But it’s because of the wind that my hair is all messed up.

Under the warm sunlight, the lake sparkles and glitters.
If I touch it, it must feel smooth and pleasant.

I rarely used to play in the water, but maybe I’ll ask Otoo-sama to do it this time.
It’s the privilege of regression to be able to do things that I couldn’t do before.

As my amber-colored hair is played with by the wind, I hear the sound of shoes stepping on the grass behind me.
When I turn around, Julian-sama is standing there, staring at me with his usual unreadable face.

I’m surprised that he followed me, but I smile without showing it on my face.


“What are you doing here?”

“I’m looking at the lake.”

I say only that and quickly avert my eyes from Julian-sama.
Why did he follow me when I just left?

I’ve never been able to understand what Julian-sama is thinking, even from the past.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to join me?”

This is just a polite invitation.
Julian-sama probably won’t accept it.

Despite thinking that way, he comes silently by my side.
I can’t help but make a face.

“Why are you making such a face?”


“Do you hate me?”

I never expected Julian-sama to ask me such a question.

The way he talks now sounds much younger than the Julian-sama I remember.
However, the atmosphere around him doesn’t feel like that of a five-year-old.

“I don’t hate you.
Not at all.”

“Then you’re not interested?”

“Why do you ask such a thing?”

In response to my question, Julian-sama turns his gray eyes towards the lake.

“I just wish that were the case.”

At that moment, a strong wind blows and my long hair scatters into the sky again.





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