Chapter 17: Moments in the Rose Garden

Julian-sama is truly someone who has been favored by the gods.
He is the fourth prince of the country and has an impeccable status and power, not to mention his appearance.
His captivating gray eyes and hair, and his expressionless face, could also be seen as very mysterious.

I have been waiting for him to break his stoic expression in front of me for over ten years.

In just a few months of meeting Princess Chai, I lost everything to her.


This rose garden, while not as grand as the palace, is abundant in variety and intricately designed, making it a sight that never grows old.
I used to love roses.
The luxurious and sweet scent, the grand blooms, and the thorns that protect themselves.

“Oh, it’s a bush rose.
How lovely.”

This is one of my favorite varieties of roses among many.
It’s truly fitting to call it the “Queen of Flowers,” a symbol of majestic beauty that reaches straight up to the heavens.

If it were the old me, I would have been captivated by Julian-sama’s profile.
But now, in a sense, I have grown accustomed to it.

The two of us silently walked around the rose garden, and I gazed at the roses instead of him.

“Do you know a lot about roses?”

After walking for a while, Julian-sama suddenly spoke to me.
His gaze remained unchanged and did not shift towards me.

“I wouldn’t say I know a lot about them, but I do like them.”

“Are you really five years old?”

His words surprised me, causing me to stop in my tracks.
I couldn’t help but wonder if he was the one to say that, but it was true that I wasn’t really five years old on the inside, so Julian-sama’s remark was accurate.

“Does that mean I look mature?”

“Yes, that’s how you come across.”

“Well, I’m honored.
I behave that way on purpose.”

I couldn’t let my pride allow me to behave too childishly, so I covered it up with appropriate words.
As long as I smiled and appeared cute, everything should be fine.

“As a Duke Quatra’s daughter, you can have your way with anything.
You don’t have to act all grown up to be allowed to have any whims you want.”

“Well, that’s certainly not wrong.”

I was spoiled and allowed to do whatever I pleased, and no one ever scolded me.
If anyone did, my family would crush them with their power.

For me, that was just the norm.

“But what lies beyond that? I wonder what awaits us.”

I narrow my eyes as I gaze into the distance.

“I’m sure you think you’ve obtained everything there is to have, but that’s probably only how you see it.”


Julian-sama doesn’t say anything in response, and it startles me.
My words may have been too childish.

“Besides, Your Highness has a much more wonderful life than I do.
After all, you come from a legitimate royal bloodline.
You can have everything you want.”

That’s why you abandoned me, your fiancée, and chose Princess Chai.
The power of the royal family rendered the Quatra family’s power meaningless.

“Are you angry about something?”

I may have spoken with a sharp tongue because of my past resentment.
Julian-sama’s grey eyes gaze at me innocently and silently.

I wonder if he has ever looked at me like this before.
Or maybe I just don’t remember?

“I’m not angry or anything like that.
It’s too humble of you to think that way.”


“Anyway, would you like to talk about something more fun?”

I thought that if we continued talking, I might reveal too much, so I quickly changed the subject.
Being five years old is convenient at times like this.
Even if there is no connection between topics, it’s forgiven because I’m a child.

“I don’t really like talking to people.
Especially someone like you, who comes from such a prestigious family.”


I almost retorted, but I clenched my small fist tightly and endured it.

“I see.
Shall we continue our walk then?”

I smiled and resumed walking.
Julian-sama seemed surprised, but it didn’t matter to me.

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