Chapter 13: In the middle of hide-and-seek

I run around the inside of the mansion looking for a hiding place.
As I rush up the servant stairs, I collide with a housemaid carrying a pile of laundry baskets.
It wasn’t much of an impact, but I puff up my cheeks in anger.

“I’m sorry, Aliseteen-sama! Are you hurt?”

“Pay attention to where you’re going! Who do you think I am…”

As I try to scold the maid, stretching out my small body to its fullest, I suddenly stop.

This is it.
This is what’s wrong with me.

Aliseteen, you need to have a broader perspective on things.
It’s okay, unlike before, I now have Lili, a good conscience, by my side.

I squat down and begin to gather the scattered laundry and put them in the basket.

“Well, Aliseteen-sama, I will take care of that!”

“It’s fine.
I was the one who collided with you.
Besides, it’ll be much faster if we do it together.”


Perhaps because I am small and nimble, I quickly finish picking up the laundry.
As I lift my head, the maid has a very happy expression.

“Ojo-sama is very kind.”


“It was a great help.
Thank you very much.”

The maid bows deeply to me and takes the basket away.
I just stare at her as she leaves.

Kind, huh.
Come to think of it, did anyone say that to me in my previous life?

I’ve received plenty of compliments like “beautiful,” “lovely,” and “perfect,” but I don’t think I’ve ever been praised for my inner qualities.

That’s right.
I bullied anyone I didn’t like, and I thought I was the queen of that school.

Maybe that’s why I ended up dying so alone.
Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.

“…Well, it’s not bad.”

To be thanked and appreciated with a smile.
I remember the expression on the housemaid’s face earlier and loosen my puffy cheeks slightly.

“Oh, Aliseteen? Why are you just standing there spaced out without hiding?”

Noa-niisama, who seems to have already finished counting, tilts his head while pointing at me.

“Oh, I completely forgot about hiding!”

“Hahaha, Alise is such a klutz, it’s cute.”

Onii-sama laughs and pets my head.
I want him to do it again and extend my index finger, but he doesn’t make a single unpleasant face and once again puts his face against the wall.

I start running again with a “tata” sound.
This time, I have to be careful not to collide with anything.




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