”Leave her! ” A voice booms. The demons face the direction of the voice and immediately their faces turn pale.

As long as hes been awoken, he was going to kill them. As if being told to, they all look up at Lothaire whose expression hadn changed a bit.

The man who laid unmoving moments ago, tries to push Erskine who had his hands on either side of the ladys head, but Erskine wasn budging,in fact he deepens his concentration.

”I said leave her! ” The man growls and…


Erskines head rolls to the ground, blood splattering from his opened neck and body slanting to the ground.

Just like that? I thought he was weakened. The demons thought to themselves, their insides shivering. The man faces them making their hearts skip a beat. He turns to the expressionless man whose eyes seem to darken.

”Fa… ”

”Don you dare call me that, Zamiel. You have just put all our legion in joepardy, how dare you not only mate with a vampire but you also go ahead to create a dangerous weapon?! ” Lothaire barks

”You. Have. No. Right to call MY son a dangerous weapon, no Lothaire, Ill take all other insults aside that ” Zamiel bellows pointing straight to his father

”Gretchen? ” Lothaire calls out, his eyes roaring with an intensified anger but still on Zamiel.

Gretchen walks steadily to the altar, gathering a lot of courage within himself to not face the eyes of Zamiel. He knew what he had to do. He was going to die anyway, the boy was where neither of them knew and maybe if Zamiel hadn outrightly dismembered Erskine they would have known. It was up to him, he had to make the sacrifice.

”What are you doing Gretch? Nobody touches her! ” He barks again, he tries to move towards Gretchen to stop his movement but…

#ggggggrrrrrraaaaaaahhhhh ” Zamiel clutches his chest, his face scrunching as he tries to get past the pain. ”What did you do to me!!!! ” Anger bubbling in the pit of his stomach.

”(scoffs) For a while there I thought the witch had tricked us but thats just the perks of my genes displaying itself. ” A sly smile cracks Lothaires stoic facade.

Zamiel was going to ask him to explain what he was saying but he suddenly felt something, something worse than any pain hed ever felt, it was like a snap, a break of something like a part of him had just been detached from him. He turns around and at that moment his world came tumbling down. In his elongated claws held a heart,her heart, Gretchen had killed her!, his mate!

”N…. Nn….Nno… No..No… Nooooooo ” Zamiel yowled pulling at his hair as he fell to his knees.

Maybe if he wasn distracted, maybe if he hadn turned around. Ah! there was no regretting but this wouldn pass, she was dead and so will all of them be.

Zamiel lifts his head, his face painted with a bold turpitude, he could feel the witchs spell coursing through him but that was the least of his problems. A deadly aura arising as he lifts himself off the floor, a black mist oozing out of every part of his body, his eyes now murky. He promised her hed never show this side of himself, the side controlled by an intent darkness but she was dead so did that promise.

Gretchen who was popular amongst the demons as the heart reaper, hed never shown even an ounce of fear and due to that the others thought he had no heart… no feelings to show but at the moment,he felt it…. something beating hard against his rib cage. He was scared!

Gretchen sucked in a huge amount of breath, his eyes dilated as his face turn ashen. That organ that beat hard was no longer where it was seconds ago it now laid clutched in between a hand coated completely in darkness. Gretchen stood staring into a complete darkness, something meant to be eyes. His body freezes, falling to the ground,he breaks into smithereens which immediately gets sucked up into nothing.

Zamiel in his new appearance turns to the other two whose fear reeked out of them.

”Enough! ” Lothaire barks having had enough of his votaries die by the hands of Zamiel.

As a rejoinder, two heads fall at his feet and immediately vanish.

”Yes father,I agree, enough! ” Zamiels voice sounded horrendous. ”Im going to end all your demons tonightbro before you end me! ” He says and immediately disappear leaving a splenetic Lothaire to mull at the turn of event.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon ****

In a dim lit room, leaning over a short pillar which had a sizeable amount of ripping water was a black hooded figure,her black cloak dancing with the wind that escaped through the windows, she turns around facing sixteen others in the same attire, their hoods covering a huge account of their faces.

”We are going to have to find the child but for now get that demon! ” she turns back to the pillar, ”we
e gonna need him ” She says fury coated in her voice and then smiles viciously.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon ****

#Birds chirping #

# leaves rustling #

#wind whisting#

#insects humming#

Feet crunching and shuffling through detritus, an onyx-colored hair swaying from side to side as the bearer runs through the woods, she kept going deeper and deeper into the woods, sudde she stops in front of an empty vast land, with nothing but trimmed lush green grasses. She stands admiring it and then walks past a line separating the vast land fun the woods.

The mummurs and chatterings of people welcome. A view of people in different colors of cloak going through their daily cycles, houses and outlets sprinkled all around.

”There you are! ” A voice calls out moving closer to the girl. ”Please do not tell me you went past the border? ” The voice said pulling at the girls ears and dragging her through the crowds.

”Mom! mom! ” The little girl cries out, her both hands trying to pull off her mothers hands off her ears. ”I just went to see lola ” she says giving up on pulling her mothers hands, adjusting to her slanty gait,she continues with her mother

”You mean the birdie you met when you went out of the border on another one of your shenanigans? ” They take a right turn, ”I should tell your uncle that his little lunar is being naughty again ” They step into a manor embellished with a rose garden,herbs,flowers and different vegetations all lined up by the sides making a pathway in the middle.

”Oh mom! ” The little girl turns to face her mother immediately, ”Please don report me to uncle, Ill try to stop mom, please mom ” She kept on babbling

Her mother hovers over her, hands on waist, her face in a scowl. She wasn going to believe her, those were the same words two days ago and many more times,she wasn going to fall for it again!

”Thos….. ”

”Hal? You found her! Tell me it wasn close to the border again ” Another lady, beautiful with her gingered skin and chestnut hair. Her hands supporting her very obvious bump,she walks down the stairs carefully.

”Ha! Cheryl, I thought I told you to rest! ” Halley says her facade breaking into a concerned one.

”Well… It gets so boring when you
e told to rest all the time ” Cheryl smiles brightly at the little girl,she cups her face, ”you keep worrying your mother, Marilyn,why? ”

”Just like her father,hmmmmph, you should talk to her or I might smack her ” Halley storms off.

With a little bit struggle, Cheryl scrooches to be on par with the five years old girl who eyes began to well with tears.

”Aunty,did I remind mommy of poppa?, does she hate me? ” She burst into tears, ”I would never cross the border again, I promise! ” She sniffs

”Oh my dear, its not that, your mom would never hate you she loves she a lot,OK? Shes just concerned about you, crossing the border IS dangerous I mean do you forget why its there in the first place and why its also invisible? ”

”Because of the darkness that lies beyond….. ” She sniffs again

”And what happens when this darkness touches you? ” Cheryl inquires

”It grows inside of you until it becomes a main part of you ”

”And who brings this darkness? ”

”The dark witches! ”

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