”Do the spell witch!! ” A gruffy voice spits out.

”But its gonna kill me. ” She cries out immediately hoping they wouldn sense her fear through her jittery voice

Six figures cladded in a black-hooded cloak stand around a raised platform almost altar-like, where two bodies lay unmoving. In between the two bodies stood another figure in a garnet-colored hood, a blue long-sleeved garmet beneath her cloak, even if she tries she couldn hide the fear evident in her bright silver eyes, her lips quivering, her hands clasped on either side of her garment.

”Do we look like we care? ” Another voice says, this one less scary and more feminine. ”We have given to you and your coven a roof over your heads without asking for nothing in return and now you can even cast a simple spell for us? ”

”A simple spell? ” The witch utters in bewilderment. ”You ask me to cast a spell that would kill a demon and vampire and not just any the strongest of them….. ”

”We didn ask you kill them we only asked to weaken them and well handle the rest. ” Another voice says, this one more gentle.

”They are too strong, weakening them is going to drain all my magic. ” The witch counters

”Then draw from us, I mean thats why we are all standing here, we know youll be too weak to perform the spell, just…. do the damned spell already ” An irritated voice sounded

The witch looks at each of them wondering why theyll want to kill two lords of two different races. They were risking having a war with the vampires but they didn care about that. She looks at the two unmoving bodies beneath her. Zamiel Garvino and Lucinda Mallory, two powerful creatures. What could this vampire have to do with…..

”Enough! ” A thunderous voice resonates making all of them flinch. ”Did you forget witch that we could actually hear your thoughts? ” He leans his head forward. ”When the moon is at its peak, I want you here, get all your witchy stuff and no you can tell any of the other witches, Im really hoping i don tell you what could happen if you do! ” He says walking off

The others except one follows after him. The witch falls to her knees, her hands resting upon her knees, her head facing the ground, her head shots up when she feels a hand on her shoulders

”Lilith… Please help me! That spells going to kill me. ” She pleads

The lady named Lilith pulls down her hood revealing jet-black curls, her tawny skin glowing under the reflection of the setting sun, her big black eyes displaying a glint of mischievousness, her light pink lips in a curl.

”You see Calliope, If you don do this spell, not only the demons and vampires would be in danger, even the witches would and you
e a dark witch I don see why you should scared of tapping into a little bit of dark magic, I mean isn that your bailiwick? ” Lilith tilts her head running her fingers through Calliopes red hair. ” And a piece of friendly advice, don do anything stupid. ” She stands up and flounced away leaving an angry red-haired witch to glare behind her.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon ****

”Jaxon? Jaxxxoonn!!! ” A cute lovely voice calls out as she walks around bare-footed feeling the lush green leaves against the sole of her feet. Her hair swaying from left to right as she looks around frantically hoping to catch even a glimpse of her 4 years old son. He loved playing hide and seek with her and she loved every moment.

”Found him yet? ” Another sweetly voice asks, linking her arms to the other woman, she smiles brightly looking at the face of the lady.

A similar resemblance was the striking green eyes they both shared. The older, with waist-length raven black hair with a thin perfectly proportioned red lips, Sheila. The younger, with the same hair length but a cute heart-shaped red lips, Amelia.

They walked around the garden behind a huge white mansion. The pack holme.

”You know, within all these years one would think having two species co-existing would lead to one huge outbreak but….. here we are living our lives in our own paradise. ” Sheila said all smiles patting her sisters arms.

”Well… I think thats as a result of having the perfect mate and a nice pack and yes sister, we do deserve this paradise ” Amelia replies rubbing at her tummy that had a slight bulge.

Sheila looks down at her sisters bulge,placing her hands on it, her smile widen revealing a cute deep dimple. ”Shes going to be so beautiful….. Our Belle… ”

”Sister! Youve just given her a name, I and Emerson stayed all night trying to pick a name and… ” She squints her eyes at her, ”I thought we promised staying away from our powers, it was meant to be a suprise to us all!! ” She babbles on crossing her arms with a pouting lips.

”I couldn help it, Im sorry, I promise it was just for that,OK? ” She says trying to hold in her laughter. ”You
e going to be a mother soon and you
e still acting like my little adorable sister. ” She laughs out, palming her mouth.

Amelia turns to her sister with a scowl. ”I can believe you
e laughing at me right now, Im gonna cry….. ”

”Aunty Amy, please do not cry what if it affects my little sister and she starts crying, oh no! How do we tell her sorry? ” A little boy chips in, his bright green eyes soddened in between fear, panic and concern, his cherry red lips in a pout. His eyes wiggling thinking of a solution leaving the two mothers to stare at each other.

”Well Jackson, you should tell your mother to stop bullying me ” Amelia continues

”Momma? You
e bullying her again? You
e supposed to be looking for me, you can bully your sister when she gives me mine then youll face the Alpha, not my concern as long as my sister isn in the middle of all that. ” He shrugs

”Jaxon!!!! ” Both mother scream in suprise. ” You care only about your sister? ” They both utter in unison once again

”Well… Its a good thing then, I have my wife to myself ” A large man joins in,he looked like he might win a competition with greek gods with his gait, all his muscles flexing and bulging through his clothes as he walks up to Sheila and pecks her on the lips.

”Urrrrgggghhhh….. Please get a room! ” The little boy cries out

”You get a room, your senses keeps growing past your age, someone look at this little….. ”

”Im an Alpha, don call me little….. ” Little Jaxon growls presenting a challenge to his father

The man looks up to the sky revealing light blue eyes with a pointed nose and a faint red lips and then laughs out loud leaving the two ladies to cchuckle. He leans to his wife, Sheila and says….

”Our four years old son just challenged me, how convenient! ” He faces his son, ”lets see about that boy, Im gonna air-shift, every Alpha can do that, can you? ”

”Momma, your husband keeps underestimating my abilities, permit me to teach him a lesson…. ”

”No baby, no violence, did you forget, you challenged him and so did he,I bet you can show him an air-shift, right? ”

”Of course I can ” He faces Amelia and winks and then runs off leaving the adults to laugh.

”He bailed!!! ” His father laughs out more.

”And whats with the wink? ” Sheila nudges at Amelia

”Well, thats our little secret ” she faces the man ”Where is he? ”

”Think hes in, weve just finished from the pack meeting which you both suddenly walked out from ” he said eyeing them both

”Do you know how interesting those meetings are Donny?, Ill leave you two…. ” Amelia said pecking her sister, she taps Donalds shoulder and walks off.

”If they
e interesting, why did she leave then? ” Donald asks curling his hands around her waist.

”She was being sarcastic donny, I feel like I might sleep off soon but any problems? ”

”Well… Some packs have been caught making some moves ” His angular face suddenly turns serious.

”Like a rebellion? ” Sheila holds his both arms looking up to him, a silver of worry flashing on her face.

Tugging a strand of hair between her ears he responds, ”Stop worrying, the Alpha has it all under control. ” Seeing as she wasn budging, he displays a sly smile leaning to her ear, he whispers, ”I think we have more bigger problems ”

” Whats that? ” She looks up to his eyes seeing a hidden mischievous glint. He looks down and she follows, immediately she hits his arms causing him to laugh out.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon ****

”Here child, gives this to Endora and nobody else, OK? ” Calliope is crouched to the level of her five years old daughter, she pats her red hair smiling bitterly. ”I love you so much daughter, I just wish I gave you a better life, this is all my fault, this is nature punishing me, please no matter what, stay on the good lane don ….. ”

#Heavy knocking #

Calliope turns to her daughter, in a haste, she hugs her whispering unaudible words, she let go of her daughter and walks to the door disappearing as it closes leaving the five years old girl to wonder.

Under the glint of the full moon, the night breeze whisks through the trees. It was supposed to be another peaceful night at the Witmon, named for the habitats occupied by dark witches and demons. Theres been peace between them in all the years of their co-existence, living like every normal occupants of a normal village,respecting each other ignoring the fact that they both had a leverage over the other but also learning about each other, one of them was dark spells, the dark witches learnt more dark spells from the demons, spells that are not supposed to exist, spells connected with darkness, a darkness that spreads through them detaching them from what is right.

Calliope sits cross-legged on the altar-like platform surrounded once again by six hooded figures with another two lying unmoving in front of her, her left hand on the head of a now wriggling lady who laid unmoving moments ago and the other on the man. With the way they were both wiggling she knew the spell was working. Her head raised up, her mouth in a silent chanting, she couldn make a mistake or shell be dead, she had to concentrate.

”Be ready Erskine, immediately the witch is done,you check the vampires memory before you kill her, the boy needs to be found. ” The man whose voice could send chills down the spine of every other demon, Lothaire whispers.

”Yes, my lord! ” Erskine nods to him

The demons move into the circle, holding each others hands. Calliopes chanting increases as her powers increase, she was linked to the demons power, this much power was going to kill her, without it she was still going to die, it was their plan all along, as long as she does the spell she didn have to live to tell about it. The only spell that could weaken strong demons and vampires.

”Its done ” Calliope stands to her feet and immediately appears in front of Lilth whose head suddenly whirls to the ground. The demons gasps that action unexpected, they unlink their hands knowing with their hands link and being inside the circle, she was stronger than all of them.

”Kill the witch! ” Lothaire barks, the demons moving immediately, ”Erskine, take Care of that! ” His chin pointing at the two waking up

Calliope laughs facing the sky, she knew it was inevitable but she wanted to make sure it was equal.


She falls to the ground her throat spurting out blood. One of them had clawed her throat while she was laughing obviously pissed at her voice, Lyn, a dark-haired demon. Another had sunk his claws into her chest bringing out her still beating heart, Gretchen. As if that wasn enough, immediately Calliopes body his the ground,her body amasses in a huge furnace, the ability of a fire demon, Juniper.

”Can have the witches trying to resuscitate her! ” He said reading the questions in the eyes of his comrades.

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