It seems I should sleep during the day.
If I stay awake, I can forcefully stifle coughs by covering my mouth with my hand.
I truly consider it fortunate that it was vacation time.

“I prefer being on the second floor, Liv.”

At that moment, Kamian spoke like a saviour.
I raised my head, chewing on broccoli with a sombre expression.

“Kamian, I have reasons to worry about you, but I also have reasons to correct Liv’s wrongdoings.
I love you as much as I love Liv.”

“Yes, I understand.
But I don’t want to become distant from Liv.
It seems like Liv is truly reflecting on their actions.
When Debra was preparing dinner earlier, she came to me several times to apologize.
And I think Liv’s late-blooming sexual curiosity, which should have been experienced and overcome during adolescence, has suddenly emerged.
Debra understands that too, but at that time, Liv… had more days spent asleep than awake.”

Debra, silently listening to Kamian’s words, wore a pensive expression.
I nodded vigorously, pressing my lips firmly at the phrase “truly reflecting…”.
Then, unintentionally, I accepted the cherry tomato Kamian placed in my mouth.

“If our situation continues to drive a wedge between Liv and me, it won’t be resolved as a passing incident.
Frankly, I was a little surprised, but I don’t want to remain in an awkward situation with Liv.
If something like today happens again, I’ll follow Debra’s advice.
Liv would do the same.”

“That’s right!”

Debra looked at me and Kamian alternately.
Under her penetrating gaze, I averted my eyes and remained silent.
The weighty silence parched my lips until Debra finally spoke.

You’re not young children anymore, and it’s been a long time since you became adults.
I can’t expect you to live only in my embrace.
If that’s your wish, I understand.”

I lived.
I wanted to shout in profound relief.
Kamian, who I despised to the point of wanting to have a good scolding just a moment ago, suddenly looked beautiful.
I wanted to grab her cheeks and shower her face with kisses.

Debra stared at me intently and let out a wry chuckle.

“Liv, you’re transparent.”

“If you were able to read my heart, which reflects my genuine remorse through Debra’s eyes, then you saw it accurately.”

“It seems like you’ve become a talkative puppy, now that you no longer need to be wary like one.”

I felt a slight pang of guilt at her words.
Although it was a wry laugh, the fact was that I had been slightly relieved by her smiling at me.
After Kamian handed me a cup of water, I gathered all the dishes in one place.

“I’ll do the dishes today.”

“Forget it.
Just leave it.”

“Please let me do it.
I feel like I need to do at least this much to ease my conscience.”

Kamian snatched all the dishes from my hands and took them to the kitchen.
After giving a discreet glare at the back of her head, I wiped the table.

Blocking Jex from entering the kitchen, I stood in front of the pile of lies.
Kamian had no intention of allowing me to do even a passing task.
She simply leaned against my side and spent time aimlessly.

“Shall we go?”

“Where to?”

It’s bothering me, so just go.”

“Then I guess I should go see Debra since I have nothing else to do.”

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