”….5….4….3….2….1shoot!. ” the instructor said as Nolbett began to fire with the pistol in his hand. In seconds, he had brought down his target , the firing board.

”And as usual, a perfect score ”. the instructor said as a smile formed around Nolbett ”s cute lips, a smile people hardly saw .

He removed the headset over his head and hung it around his neck before throwing the pistol to his instructor and closest person in the world to him,Rex McCall.

”That wasn funny, why would you throw a pistol to me? ”. He had barely caught the pistol. He turned to look at Nolbett with a scowl on his face but the latter was gone and he could only watch on.

He was used to Nolbetts annoying attitude already. He turned to look at the firing board as a grin formed on his lips, Nolbett was one Perfecto.

Nolbett Revaz is a handsome , quiet and wealthy young man. In fact, he was the youngest richest bachelor in Beree .

He was also every womans dream guy, serene green almond shaped eyes, broad shoulders ,an athletic figure,pink lips and a cold yet gorgeous face, all these made him the most wanted man in Beree.


”Get the OR ready, he needs surgery ”. Lyka ordered and immediately, the patient was transferred to the stretcher and wheeled out if the room.

”Whats the situation? ”another doctor asked as he just joined Lyka and had little idea of the patients condition.

”Intraperitoneal bleeding.We would have to perform celiotomy to check the reason for the bleeding, according to his medical records, he had no… ”.

”I already checked his medical records ”. the second doctor said cutting Lyka short.

”Oh… okay ”. she said as they both got to the front of the operating room and entered the OR as other people who would be joining her were already in the OR. She got dressed by the nurses and with everything in place, the surgery started.


”That was a very good job ”. Oswald said to Lyka after the successful surgery.

”I guess am learning fast ”.Lyka said and smiled.

”Yup, I am surprised you could handle that on your own, that was your first time handling a Intraperitoneal bleeding right ? ”.

She grinned proudly as she tried to keep her pace with Oswald.

”I…. ”. ”Miss Lyka, you have a phone call ”.a nurse said from behind cutting Lyka short. ”Oh….. ”. she turned back to look at the informant before flashing an apologetic smile at Oswald and headed for her office.

Lyka got to her office and discovered that it was her dad that had called. She was surprised though, her father never bothered with her.

” I wondered why he called me ”.she pondered as she dialed his number back. After four rings, her calls was finally answered.

” Hi Dad, why did you…. ”

”Be here in the next 20 minutes ”was the only thing her dad said before he ended the call. Her mouth was left hanging at the abrupt interruption and sudden instruction.

She immediately snapped out of her trance as she immediately carried her bag, removed her lab coat and changed her shoes.

”Darn it, seventeen more minutes ”. she cursed as she grabbed her keys and ran out. She almost bumped into someone as she ran out, she hastily apologised as she ran off.

”Where the hell is she off to? ” Liam, a colleague of Lyka asked rhetorically as he watched her dash off.


Lyka drove in through the big,white exquisite beautiful gates. She hastily packed her car and walked in. She knew exactly where her father would be, at the sunroom .It was Saturday and at afternoon,so it was easy to predict where her father would be.

She got to the rooftop and was relieved to see her father there but he wasn alone, there were some bodyguards there and he was talking to a young guy and a young woman. The guy was backing the entrance so she couldn see his face but she could deduct from his silhouette that he was young and maybe even handsome and the woman seemed to be his secretary.

”Dad ”. she greeted but only got a nod in response. She was used to it as it wasn the first time.

It was then she turned to look at the young man and…..

My,my my, who is this gorgeous angel she thought but she didn ponder too much on it and turned to look at the beautiful woman beside him.

”Lyka meet Nolbett Revaz and Nolbett meet my daughter ,Lyka ”. Harry introduce them to each other as he sipped his medicinal tea.

”Nice to meet you Nolbett ”.she greeted friendly but the young man only glanced at her before averting his eyes.She threw him a silent glare and sat down beside him but making sure there was a respectable distance between them.

”Ill take my leave then ”. the young guy said as he stood up and Harry also stood up, they shook hands as Harry smiled at him but Nolbett didn return his friendly smile, he only turned to cast a last brief glance at Lyka before he walked out.

Why was he staring at me? Lyka thought as she stared at him as he left with disapproval all over her face.

”You had better stop with the derisive look ” Harry s voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

She immediately turned to her father with an awkward smile on her lips.

”Is he a new business partner? ”she asked as she poured more of his tea into his cup.

”Yes and your future husband ” .he said as Lyka jerked in suprise thus dropping the tea pot abruptly and spilling the tea on the table.

She immediately stood up trembling in fear …

”I m sorry, Im sorry, I ll get it cleaned ”.she stumbled with her words as she wanted to walk out but Harry stopped her.

”Sit down ”he commanded in his cold, authoritative voice as Lyka immediately obeyed.

”The maids will take care of it ”. he said simply as he pressed on a button.

Seconds later, a maid entered and cleaned up the mess.

”You must want to get rid of me too. You knew how expensive and important that tea is to me, yet you intentionally spilled it ”. Harry said quietly yet danger and with warning laced in his voice.

Lykas eyes widened at his accusations.

”I….I..swear…I swear I didn mean to, I…. ”

”You heard what I said earlier, you are getting married to Nolbett Revaz ”. he said casually as if it was a normal thing.

”What do you mean, I don even know him ”. she says trying so hard to keep her anger in.

”Then get to know him ”.he said as he stared at her daring her to go against him.

”I don want to ”. She said not even knowing where she got the courage from.

”Yes you are ”.Harry said with a low growl, very displeased at her defiance.

”No, am not! ”. She yelled shocking both herself and Harry.

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