Chapter 6

All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku After Six Months

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent




Ai-san shouts in a loud voice, attracting the attention of those around her.


“I’m sorry,” she says, standing up and apologizing as she takes her seat.


Then, for some reason, she starts whispering.


“Wait, wait, Kenya-kun, what is this? Did you steal it or something?”


“No, I didn’t!”


“But this is a knight series, right? I’m sure you can only get it after the 11th level… Did you by any chance…?”


Ai-san glared at me with an icy voice.


“No, no! No, it’s not! Besides, I can’t defeat the boss…”


I tried to clear my misunderstanding by putting my hands in front of me in an exaggerated gesture.


Then I tell Ai the truth.


“Actually, it’s the power of my job ‘alchemist’…”


I told Ai-san about the alchemist’s abilities, showing her the status.



“Amazing… I’ve never heard of a job that can do that.”


(This could be a tremendously good one…I should really keep him. Alright!)


“Kenya-kun! Let’s keep this a secret, okay? Just you and me ♥.”


Ai-san winked at Kenya.


The fewer rivals the better, so I tell him to keep it as hidden as possible until this job is in full swing and famous.


The marriage rate between dungeon explorers and navigators exceeds that of pilots and CAs.


It’s on par with announcers and baseball players.
By the way, I don’t know the numbers, just my prejudice.


So, it could be said that navigators aim to find a good explorer and get on the ball.


This is also prejudice.


“Keep it a secret…?”


If you stand out too much, you might incur the resentment of jealous adventurers… So, you have to be strong enough to shake them off.”


This was true.


It is common for newcomers with powerful jobs, for example, to be beaten by envy.


Ai, who is well aware of this example, also sincerely believes that it is better to hide it.


At least until he becomes strong enough to shake them off…


“Okay, I understand! So? How much is the valuation?”


“Let’s see…”


With that, Ai opens her tablet and looks up the current exchange rate.


This exchange rate is based on supply and demand and changes daily.


Just like the stock market.


“Forty-five thousand yen! That’s a big profit!”


The end price is close to 100,000 yen, but the purchase price is still about half of that.


But still…


“Yes, I did it!”


I was happy.


We had always been living on the edge, but now we might have a little more time to spare in our home.


“Congratulations! Well then, here’s 50,000 yen!”




“A little celebration from me! Keep up the good work from now on ♥”


“Yes, you can! Thank you very much! Please let me pay you back in some way someday!”


“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will pay back in some way.”


(I’ll make sure you pay me back someday…julp…oh no, I’m drooling…)


Kenya leaves the dungeon, wondering why Ai-san is licking her lips and waving her hand with a bizarre expression on her face.


Then he messages his sister.




I had extra income today, so it’s been a while.


Let’s go to Yakiniku!




Pilon ♪ 




Seriously!!! Yes!!! 


It’s been 6 months? My brother is the best!!!




Then we go back to the raggedy apartment and Nana and I meet up.


“Look, look, it’s Yukichi-sama, isn’t it? Hey, hey!” 


I slap Nana’s cheeks back and forth with five yukichi.


She was getting weirdly excited about the big money she hadn’t seen in a long time.


“Oh, that feels so good! More! Slap me more!!!!”


Nana is also in a weird tension because she can go to the barbecue.


A girl should not say such a thing.


We head to the restaurant, skipping along with such a silly exchange of tension.


It was 10,000 yen for two people for all-you-can-eat yakiniku.


It was the equivalent of twenty days’ worth of food.


The sound of the meat cooking and the fragrant aroma of the meat.


The sound of the meat cooking and the savory smell of the meat whetted my appetite.


And the pure white Japanese hearts.


The white rice shines glossily with the sauce.


Now, eat it, I insist.


“Oh, it’s delicious! I haven’t had such thick meat in a long time! Ko, rice! Rice has never tasted this good!”


“Eat! Eat! Eat enough for 20 days! Push the limits of your stomach!”


Like food fighters, the two devoured the grilled meat.


There was no sight of a beautiful brother and sister eating.


They were simply grilling the meat without any gaps, but the expressions on their faces were happy.



And after enjoying themselves for a while, they were approached by a group of about five people.


“Hey, hey, can poor people even buy grilled meat?”


They were the Hero party.

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