Chapter 17

Special Class A Treatment

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“I want an exclusive contract! I want to sign an exclusive contract with you!”


“Class A!”


I shouted, my voice rising with the force of Tanaka-san words.


What’s that? Special A level? Does that mean it’s special?


“Oh, even among the many contracting guilds, only a few of them have ever produced a special A-class.
It would be the first time for an individual.


Lifting the king’s gauntlet, Tanaka-san equipped it.


“Mm, definitely the king’s gauntlets.
I still think you are worth it.
What do you think?”


He equipped his gauntlets and groped his hands.


It seems that he is indeed feeling the increased ability of the king’s gauntlet.


“Woah, you can’t decide on your own, can you? Kenya, you were a high school student.
Shall we greet your parents and discuss it with them?”


Since he is a minor, he cannot talk about the contract without his parents.


But Kenya’s mother…


“No, my mother is currently fighting cancer, so it’s just me…”


“Oh, I see, that would be inconvenient for you.
What about your father?”


“I don’t have a father, he died in an accident when I was very young.”


Kenya then tells a bit of his personal story.


That he is poor, that he has a younger sister, that he lives in a shabby apartment.



“Great! That’s quite a feat for such a young man!”


The chairman raises his voice.


His eyes are a little moist, if not a little heartwarming.


Ai-san, who had no idea of my private life, patted my head encouragingly.


And Tanaka-san too…


“I also lost my parents when I was a student… I understand how you feel so painfully, that’s why I’ve been able to work so hard to get here with the feeling that I can’t lose…”


Then Tanaka-san grips my hand tightly with both hands.


He looks straight at me with moist eyes.


“Personally and from the company’s point of view, I like you.
Please ask me anything you can do to help, and I’ll make time for you.”


And the contract was to be signed at a later date.


As a student, I did not understand many of the terms of the contract, but Tanaka-san said enthusiastically, “I want you to trust me, and you will not lose anything.” I decided to trust him.


If it had been a scammer, I would have been completely fooled, but both the chairman and Ai-san said there would be no problem, so it would probably be okay.


I wouldn’t fully trust the first person I met that day.


But I feel this person is not a bad person, maybe all scammers make you think so…


“So, I’ll be heading to the head office tomorrow around noon, and I’ll use the address on this business card, right?”


“Oh, the parent’s power of attorney, bank book, and other necessary items are listed in that document, so please, I’ll put it in the receptionist’s office.”


In a manner of speaking, it seems that since he is a minor, he needs his parent’s power of attorney.


I’ll go visit my mom today and get it.


And I left the dungeon.



“That was an unexpected bargain, wasn’t it?”


“Yes, I was introduced to some very good people.
Thank you very much.”


“People are treasures, you know.
Let’s get down to business, shall we?”


“Yes, about the equipment that was placed on the 60th floor.”



“How are you, mother?”


In a quiet voice, I ask my mother as I open the door to the hospital.


There she is, lying in bed.


Her hair is falling out and her skin is rough.


And yet…


“That’s right! My son is going to earn money by becoming an explorer! He’s working so hard.”


“But it’s a dangerous job, isn’t it?”


“That’s okay, boys have to chase their dreams, and if he dies, that’s when he’ll be dead, so we have to take out a death insurance policy.”




There was a scene of him chatting and laughing with his hospital friends in good spirits.


Mom was there, as energetic as ever, even though she was in poor health.


“Don’t tell me that my son is going to die, that’s a bad omen.”


“Oh, Kenya, you’re here! This is our son! He’s still in high school!”


“Oh, he’s so cute, I’ll give him some candy.”


“Oh, thanks.”


Why does Auntie always have candy bars?


They are delicious tangerine flavor.


“Mom, can I talk to you for a minute?”


“Oh, well, I’ll go back to my room, see you later, Goken-san.”




The cheerful aunt left the room.


She’s a sick person too, right? She looks insanely healthy.


Well, that’s the same for my mom, they don’t look like a cancer patient.


“So? What’s the story?”


“Well, I’m about to sign a contract with a company as an explorer, and they need my parent’s power of attorney.”


“Well, it’s your life, so you can do whatever you want, but it’s not easy being a minor…”


My parents are laissez-faire.


They don’t have a curfew, and they don’t tell me to study.


They even agreed to let me search for the explorer, even though most parents would have objected.


They always say, “It’s your life, so do what you want with it.”


But even with such a laissez-faire attitude, I received a lot of love.


That’s probably why Nana and I didn’t grow up to be the same as we are now.


Then, my mother wrote a letter of attorney and handed it to Kenya.


“I’ve asked you to take care of Nana, and if you don’t have the money, you can stop my treatment.”


“I’ll take care of Nana.
I’m sure I’ll earn the money, don’t worry.”


“You are just like your father, you have a strong sense of responsibility.”


Then, as usual, she said


“It’s your life, so do what you want with it.”


“Yes! I’m living my life the way I want to! I hope you’re doing well, Mom.
You’re going around the world, aren’t you?”


“I don’t know how you remember all that… well, I’ll do my best.”


My mother’s dream is to go around the world.


Kenya remembers his mother murmuring to him that she had worked hard since he was a child and was unable to travel.


So I’ll live the way I want, high school, explorer, Nana, mom, money, I’ll have it all together.


I’ll live my life the way I want to live it, which is greedy but supposed to be normal.


So I’m going to earn it.


In that huge tower that rises high in the sky.


In that tower filled with dreams, despair, death, and the smell of money.


After leaving the hospital, I went shopping (bean sprouts) and went home.


It was already dark, and it had been about five hours since I left the dungeon.

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(Today was kind of eventful and tiring, I finally made it home…!)


Such is what Kenya saw in front of his ramshackle apartment.


In front of our house, [ruin] was waiting for us.


“Welcome home, Kenya-senpai ♥”

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