Chapter 11

Dungeon Laps and C-Rank Equipment

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


A month has passed since then.


Sato still makes fun of me whenever we meet at school.


If I resisted, he would beat me up, so I had no choice but to endure.


Although my life of poverty has improved, I still cannot eat rice.


This is because I am prioritizing becoming stronger, but I still can’t afford it.


My mother’s condition seems to be worsening as well.


Nana goes to visit her every day, but she is losing her energy day by day.


So I have to earn more money.


If I can earn money for medical treatment and someday borrow a legendary A-rank equipment “bracelet of healing”….


But I hear it costs a considerable amount of money.


There is a waiting list, and poor people like us don’t get a turn.


In the capitalist world, the one with the money always wins.


On Saturdays and Sundays, I collect soldier’s equipment and smelt them every day.


Ten times a day, so at least one knight series can be made in a day.


In 10 days, 10 knight series were made, and in 40 days, 40 of each knight series were made.


And today, finally, the dungeon points reached 1,000.


“Okay, finally!”


Kenya opens his status in the room of the middle boss of that dungeon and allocates all his dungeon points to his alchemy skills.


[Skill level up…]


[Alchemizable rank is now C rank]


[Intelligence is reflected in the number of smelts you can perform per day (+1 per 10)]


“Okay! Just as I expected, and intelligence? I was wondering what I was going to use it for, but now it increases the number of times I can alchemize! I appreciate this!”


With this level up, I can now smelt up to C rank and evolve equipment from D to C.


I don’t have a single C-ranked piece of equipment, though, so I can’t try alchemy.


I was very grateful for this level up, as I had been stuck at 10 times of alchemy per day.


Finally, it was time for the much-anticipated evolution.


Kenya spreads out four 9-level knight series and a steel sword.


“Maybe the top of the knight series is that one?”


That series sold for nearly two million dollars.


Its equipment surely turns the equipped person into a non-human.


Like the soldier and knight series, that series gains power that is not just a good match for macho.


Then I suppress my racing heart and my eagerness, and activate my skill.




And in a pale light, the highest-level knight’s helmet and the lowest-level knight’s helmet glow.


Their light mingles into one.


When the light seems to subside, what appears is a majestically decorated helmet.


Its name is also.


[The King’s Helmet.]


It was the helmet of the king.




As expected, if not anticipated.


This series is popular among foreign celebrities as the King series.


The end price may exceed 3 million yen.


Only the rich or top adventurers can afford to equip themselves with this series.


I was able to get my hands on a piece of this series that even Sato didn’t have.


Then I equipped the king’s helmet and increased the number of times it was smelted.


Then, I evolved the rest of the knight series in the same way.


 Evolution ♪ King’s gauntlets Lv1


 Evolution♪ King’s Shoes Lv1


 Evolution♪ King’s breastplate Lv1


It seems that the number of times of alchemy is still left.


So, I evolve the steel sword one last time.


“A C-rank weapon,  steel sword.
I wonder what this will be…”


Spreading out the two swords, Kenya chants.




Then they mingle, enveloped in a pale light.


What appeared was a sword?


A dull, shiny Japanese sword.


The beautifully crafted blade of the sword is a far cry from the martial steel sword that was just seen, and is reminiscent of a work of art.


“Above the steel sword, is it a Japanese sword?”


By the way, if you stare at the equipment you own, you will see its capabilities.



Equipment Description


Japanese sword, C rank, Rarity★.


Attack power +200.
(+10 depending on Lv.)


King series C rank, Rarity★.


Ability +100.
(+10 depending on lvl.)




And Kenya equips everything.


And chanted.






Name: Kenya Mitsurugi


DP: 0pt


Occupation: Alchemist


Alchemy Lv 11: 10,000 pts to the next level


(Can smelt rank C weapons 10 times a day: +1 time per 10 Intelligence)




Weapon : [Japanese sword Lv1].


Head: [King’s helmet Lv1]


Body: [King’s breastplate Lv1]


Hand : [King’s gauntlet Lv1]


Feet : [King’s shoes Lv1]


Accessories: [none].




Offensive Strength:0(+300)




Speed: 0 (+100)


Intelligence: 0 (+100)






Kenya realized that the power that was emanating from his body was much different from anything he had ever seen before.


Learn more



The power already exceeds the boundaries of a human being.


Even the most strongest man in the world might not be able to match Kenya.


That much power is in this set.


It was truly the power of a king.


And the rarity.


This represents the rarity of the equipment given from C-rank weapons.


Both the king series and the Japanese sword seem to have a rarity of *1.


It is not clear what this rarity represents.


Does it simply indicate whether it is rare or not?

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