Chapter 9

Knight Series Complete

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


Day 1.


Collected ten Soldier’s Breastplates and got a Knight’s Breastplate.


Level up♪ Soldier’s breastplate Lv2


Level up♪ Soldier’s breastplate Lv 3






Level up♪ Soldier’s breastplate Lv 9 


Evolution♪ Knight’s breastplate Lv1


Second day.


I collected 10 soldier’s shoes and got a knight’s outfit.


Level up♪ Soldier’s Shoes Lv2


Level up♪ Soldier’s Shoes Lv 3






Level up♪ Soldier’s shoe Lv 9 


Evolution♪ Knight’s shoe Lv1


Only the soldier series appears on levels 2 to 4.


However, different types of equipment appear in the east, west, south, and north.


Third day.


Collected ten soldiers’ helmets and got a knight’s helmet.


Level up♪ Soldier’s helmet Lv2


Level up♪ Soldier’s helmet Lv3






Level up♪ Soldier’s helmet Lv9 


Evolution: Knight’s helmet Lv 1


All right! This completes the knight series!




Name: Kenya Mitsurugi


DP: 0pt


Occupation: Alchemist


Alchemy Lv10: 1000pt to the next level


(Can smelt rank D weapon 10 times a day)




Weapon: [Sword of Iron Lv 2]


Head: [Knight’s helmet Lv1]


Body: [Knight’s breastplate Lv1]


Hands: [Knight’s gauntlets Lv1]


Foot :[Knight’s Shoe Lv1]




Attack: 0 (+24)




Speed: 0 (+20)


Intelligence: 0 (+20)




This is the current status.


As for intelligence, it is said to be a status that has little effect by itself.


It doesn’t make you smarter or think faster.


Rumor has it that it has something to do with the power of magic or the skill of a profession.


I honestly don’t know, because I’ve never really felt it, but I’ve complied anyway.


I have to admit that it was a little weird to have only one soldier series, but I guess it is a boy’s saga to want to have them all and collect them.


“But it’s hard to see what’s in front…”


I, equipped with my helmet, have difficulty seeing, so I set up a non-embodiment.


This setting makes the equipment invisible and untouchable, a setting that reflects only the status.


The equipment itself, i.e., the helmet, loses its function as a helmet, but the increase in ability is retained.


To be honest, it’s just hard to see a helmet or anything else, so I’ll use the de-embodiment setting.


Outside of the dungeon, basically, everyone’s equipment is de-embodied.


You don’t  see anyone wearing armor in town.


Fourth day.


The first floor of the dungeon, central plaza lobby


” Ai-san! Today I’m going to challenge up to the sixth level.”


“Eh? Aren’t you early? Sure, it’s normal to allow it if you have the knight series in place, but… can you beat the middle boss of the 5th level?”


“I’m thinking of trying today.
It’s a hobgoblin, right? Maybe I can beat it.”


The middle boss is on level 5, the big boss on level 9, and level 10 is the safe zone.


That is the norm for this dungeon.


The Hobgoblin, the middle boss on the 5th level, is a goblin with only a little strength, so he is a little weaker or stronger than a macho with a human physique.


If that is the case, I, who have all the knight series, should probably be able to beat him.


And then…


“I want to collect the soldier series more efficiently on the 6th level!”


The drop rate of the soldier series is higher after the 6th level.


As I can only do it on weekends, I want to collect them all on weekends and smelt them on weekdays.






Ai-san was troubled, but I guess she understood my feelings and allowed me to do it.


“Okay! Then I’ll give you permission! But there is one condition.”


“What? What?”


Ai then takes my hand and stands up.


“Shopping! Come with me!”




Ai-san’s fingers brush my chest.


Ai’s beautiful, thin hands pierce my chest and restrain me.


“I can’t allow you to use that kind of weapon!”

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