What is a villain? How can we define this word?

When I was young, I watched a movie where the protagonist was a pirate.

At that age, it was important to distinguish between good people and bad people, so after watching TV for a while, I became confused and asked my mother.

“Mom, who’s the bad guy over there?”

“They’re all the same.”


My eyes widened at those words and I stared blankly at the TV.

At that time when I believed that good and evil was already clear, I was shocked by my mother’s answer.
However, when I looked closely, each person pursued their own interests.

The main character was only receiving support from viewers because of the position designated as the protagonist.

From then on, the villain to me was no longer a ‘bad guy’, but a ‘force that opposes the main character’.

That’s how I defined the villain. 

Dang dang dang!

 [T/l: This noise is coming from the tv.]

Therefore, the villain here is also the same.

Raymond Russlo, the leader of the forces opposing the main character, appears as the villain in this web novel [I tamed the Mad Emperor].
And he’s my favorite.

I was not the only one who loved Archduke Russlo.

Although he was a villain, he was an attractive character.
He is a cold-handed but warm-hearted man who knows how to cherish and take care of his people even though he devoted his life to taking revenge for his parents.

 Especially his beautiful appearance , it was literally the end.

[ T/l: basically out of this world ]

His black hair, it was a mysterious and dangerous black color as if it had sucked everything in,  His deep and brilliant eyes, as if the whole blue sea had moved inside those eyes.

On top of that, with his height of 185 cm and wide shoulders like the Pacific Ocean, he is the dignified commander, who commands the soldiers.

 Standing at the edge of the cliff looking at the battlefield, the scene itself was like a scene in a movie.

His appearance was deadly enough to compete with his relative and male protagonist, the Emperor.

Archduke Russlo was actually popular with readers, so he was also included in the illustration, and the number of views and comments on that episode was explosive.
The author of the novel even posted a separate announcement saying thank you for your support. 

Archduke was the one who carried that unpopular novel.

Therefore, several illustrations have been posted since then, not to mention that my room has been filled with them.
These days, even web novels make short promotional videos called book trailers.
and I’m not gonna lie, but I have probably watched them 300 times.

My happy life as a fan became a reality through a sudden accident that happened one day.

The car, unaware of the change in traffic signal, drove through and crashed into the back seat of the taxi I was riding on the way home.
It was an instant death since it had hit me directly.

The moment I recognized the headlights of the car shining towards me, my head became blank  as if the lights had turned off, and Then I became  in the web novel [I tamed the mad emperor].


Like this.

I opened my eyes with a stuffy feeling of breathing.
However, when I opened my eyes, all I could see was the same darkness whether I opened my eyes or closed it.

It looks like something is on my face?

I tried to lift my hand out,but my wrists were tied with something.
In one word, I was stuck.
There was only one situation that came to mind.

Did I got kidnapped??!

To grasp the situation, I focused on my senses.
First, I was lying on top of something soft.
Judging from the sensation of bouncing up and down my buttocks, I think it was probably the bed.

It wasn’t easy to get up with my wrists tied, but I struggled like a shrimp again and again and raised my upper body.
In the process,I noticed two things: that the bed was very wide and that the texture of the blanket was as soft as silk.

Where am I? Why did they caught me?

But my head hurts, I couldn’t think of anything.


Then I heard footsteps from far away and felt them slowly approaching me.
Soon the door opened and someone came into the room.


 It wasn’t a loud sound, but I felt goosebumps running down my spine.

My heart started pounding as I was nervous that someone had come in that apparently kidnapped me.

“Looks like you’re awake.”

Only one person had entered the room.

Judging from his voice, he sounded like a man, but his voice was so low and soft that I thought it would be nice to

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