“Finally this day came, right? Oniichan.”


”I know right.
It’s only been 2 days since that outrageous family meeting, but it does have the feel of ‘finally’ to it.”


It seemed my mother went to the station to pick up my twin, Yumika.


It was almost time for them to come home, so Kana and I were waiting at the front door. 


“Will I be able to make friends with Onee-chan?”


“Us being identical twins is that, our personalities match each other quite closely.
So, if she is able to get along with me fine, I think, you should also be able to get along with Onee-chan just as fine as well…”


“I can’t imagine a Onee-chan like Onii-chan.
Unfriendly, has bad eyesight, messy hair, and …… might make me want to throw up a little.”


“Don’t think about the identical bad points but the good points.”


“Cold to others but kind to me, he cares about me when I am lonely, he listens to me, and he would protect me if something happened to me…….Oh noo….”


Kana blushed red after listing my good points herself. 


My father often travels on business trips, so my father entrusted Kana’s education to me, and I became concerned about Kana to the point of being overprotective.


Yumika might be a sis-con like me, so I have a feeling that she and Kana will get along well, but I wonder if ……


“They’re here.”


I heard the sound of the car carrying Yumika entering the parking lot..


The time had finally come to reunite with the twins who had been separated for about 15 years…


It was a historic moment in my life, and it was also a moment that may change my life greatly……..


It was the first time I had ever felt so nervous…..


I could only pray that instead of despair, a glimmer of hope will come from beyond the door.


“…….please take care of me.”


The door opened and the girl who saw me and Kana bowed her head and in a low voice, said ‘please take care of me’.


There was no doubt that she is Yumika Nagasawa, my twin who came all the way from Gifu to Saitama.




I bow my head hurriedly.
I wished I could have said something more polite, but all I got out was that one word.
Unable to smile affably, I bowed my head to hide my face. 




Kana was surprisingly outspoken.
I wondered if Yumika-san was different from what Kana had imagined….


Honestly, Yumika-san was even more beautiful than I had imagined.
She had long black hair and a well-defined face.
She looked to be at least 160 cm tall and had long legs.
She had beautiful white skin and such looks that anyone would believe that she is a model.
(TL/N: finally!!) 


And above all, her br***ts were huge.
I couldn’t look directly at them, but her br***ts were so big that I thought she had melons stuffed in her clothes.
(TL/N: !!!)


“Onii-chan, introduce yourself quickly.”




Kana poked me in the side and forced me to introduce myself.
I was so shocked by Yumika’s appearance that I couldn’t think about what to do next.


“I’m Sakiya Fujigaya.
It seems that Yumika Nagasawa is an identical twin….
nice to meet you”


“…..nice to meet you.”


Yumika returned a single word of greeting without showing any particular smile.
I thought that that lack of sociability was ironically similar to mine.
I realized that we are twins after all.
(TL/N: it’s one word in j*p, ‘yoroshiku’)


“My name is Kana Fujigaya.
I am in the second year of junior high school.
Nice to meet you.” 


Kana greeted her politely.
Yumika looked at her a little tenderly.


“Nice to meet you.”


Yumika-san slightly smiled at Kana.
But, it went through me.
That was her full power greeting smile. 


“Are you angry?”


“No, that’s…”


To Kana, Yumika’s all-out smile looked unnatural, or she mistook it for anger.
Well, unlike me, Yumika-san is a beautiful woman, so if her expression doesn’t change, she might look displeased.


Yumika-san denied it, but Kana hugged my back, perhaps feeling uneasy.


“Kana, you will trouble Yumika-san.
I’m sure she just isn’t very sociable.”


“How do you know?”


When I answered for Yumika-san, she was surprised and asked me a question. 


“Maybe, are you the same?”




Yumika looked curiously at me as if licking my whole body. 


I also thought about eyeing Yumika-san a little more, but all I could focus on was her big br***ts. 


“Come on, don’t stand there eerily, go to the living room.
Today is Yumika-chan’s welcome party, and I’m ordering delicious home delivery, so be more happy.”


Our mother, who arrived later, pushed us inside with a ‘ei~ei’. 


I don’t think I am a guy who will get motivated just by push.
Similarly, I don’t think my twin, Yumika-san is also the type of human who will get motivated if you push her back.


I’m sure from this moment onward we wouldn’t be able to live quietly and it’ll be noisy.
But I don’t want to come off as unfriendly and un-fitting. 


“Kana, I leave the task of setting the atmosphere to you.”


“Isn’t that a big responsibility?”


I requested my little sister.
Unlike me, Kana is cheerful, so she must be able to liven up meals and family events.


“Onii-chan needs to get a hold of himself.” 


Kana hugged me.
She usually doesn’t make body contact that much, but today she’s being a lot more bold.


She must be anxious from the changes in the environment. 


I couldn’t even imagine what’s going to happen to me in the future―

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