I woke up in the morning and I mouthed the word sleepy.


I didn’t get much sleep last night.
I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been thinking about Yumika all night.


I wonder what kind of sleeping face Yumika has in the next room… 

No, I feel sick of myself.


This was all because of the trouble I had hugging Yumika last night.
It would be impossible not to be conscious of her after such a close contact.




When I left the room, my eyes met with Yumika who was yawning with her mouth wide open.




Yumika with fuzzy hair looked down, perhaps because she was seen yawning with her mouth wide open. 


“Didn’t get enough sleep?”


I kind of couldn’t sleep last night…”


“Something happened?”


When Yumika heard my question, she blushed and glared at me.
As if to say it was all my fault. 


In the end, Yumika didn’t answer anything, but somewhere deep inside I got a little joy out of it.
I thought that the fact that Yumika couldn’t sleep as well as me means that she might have felt the same way……


“Sorry Sakiya, hang the laundry out to dry!”


Mother who was in a hurry in the morning. 

She had to go to the office in such a hurry that she had to tell me to hang the laundry. 


I had plenty of time to spare, so I went straight to the balcony to hang the laundry. 


Since I was sometimes entrusted with the laundry itself, I had no qualms about drying my little sister’s clothes and underwear now. 


It was a sight I had seen many times before.
But something unexpected occurred.
There was a presence of bra that was clearly too large. 


………This was definitely Yumika’s.


I dried off that big black bra, wondering how many cups the h*ll that girl has.


It would be disrespectful to Yumika if I think too much about it.


As it is, the black panty was also dried, this was also Yumika’s…..


I slammed my head against the wall to discipline myself.


Next time I’ll leave the laundry to Yumika.


This was a little too stimulating———



“Yumika, do you want to go to school with me today?”


It was time for me to go to school, and I decided to check with Yumika to see if she wanted to go to school with me.


“………I will go.”


“You had a long pause.
You don’t have to force yourself”


“I’m not forcing myself.”


While playing with her long black hair Yumika told me she was not pushing herself.


“Then, let’s go.”


I’ll naturally keep my distance from you when we get closer to school.”


I left home with Yumika and headed off to school.


“Come to think of it, when I went to Sakiya’s room yesterday, I noticed that you read a lot of books.”


“That’s right.
I read books, manga.” 


“There were also some books that I liked.
Like the manga Hando x Hando.” (TL: probably hunter x hunter)


“As expected of twins, we have the same taste in books.”


I found some books that I haven’t read before, so I wonder if I can borrow them sometime?”


“Of course that’s okay.
I’m rather glad you’re reading a book I like.
I don’t have anyone to share my opinions with.”


“I know what you mean, it’s nice when people understand what you like.”


Yumika smiled.


Even though she was not very sociable, I think her expression has softened a bit in front of me, or perhaps it was becoming more natural.


“When you think about it, our chemistry is the strongest, isn’t it? We like the same things, we can empathize with each other, we can share, and we can understand each other.”


“Identical twins…… it’s not bad.”


“Yes, not bad.
In fact, it’s good.”


I am glad that we were accepting each other. 


I suddenly wanted to touch Yumika, but I held back.
Yumika, looking down, grabbed the hem of my clothes. 


“Wh-What’s wrong?”


“Nothing, it’s just, that…”


Yumika hurriedly took her hands off me.
Her face was bright red. 


I didn’t expect a touch from Yumika……


Thanks to you my heart was so full of joy.

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