1502 Infuriated

All of Annie’s hatred was directed at the president.
She screamed, “I’m telling you, you’ll definitely regret this!”

Annie cursed loudly all the way until she was thrown out of the palace.
In a rage, she drove towards the castle.

The president looked at Qiao Nian uneasily, then at the Falling Autumn Grass in Qiao Nian’s hand.
He looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Qiao Nian seemed to understand what the president was thinking.
Smiling, she said, “Mr.
President, don’t worry.
I won’t disappoint you.”

When the president heard Qiao Nian’s words, he looked up at her and met those gentle eyes.
In the end, he made up his mind and nodded.
“It’s been hard on you.”

Qiao Nian smiled and shook her head.
President, you’re too polite.”

At this moment, a servant ran over.
She walked to the president’s side and reported respectfully, “Mr.
President, Madam has already woken up and wants to see you.”

The president’s eyes lit up.
He hurriedly said, “Sure.”

The President followed the servant towards Madam President’s house.
After taking two steps, he seemed to have thought of something and turned to look at Qiao Nian, then at Lina.
“Lina, help me take good care of Mr.
and Mrs.
You have to treat them well.”

“Dad, don’t worry!” Lina gave a sweet smile.

The president nodded at Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian again before leaving in a hurry.

Qiao Nian looked in the direction the president had left in and sighed regretfully.

If only she could see Madam President’s face today.
She would also be able to confirm if Madam President was Teacher Shen’s daughter.

Good things were often delayed.

With this thought in mind, Qiao Nian retracted her gaze.

Lina looked at Gu Zhou thoughtfully.
She was not a fool.
She could tell that Annie had done all that just now because of Gu Zhou.

Annie must have taken a liking to Gu Zhou.

What she could tell, Qiao Nian should be able to tell too.
Seeing Gu Zhou walk over, Lina smiled at Qiao Nian and said in a low voice, “Nian Nian, I’ll leave first.
The two of you can slowly settle your family matters!”

Just as Qiao Nian was about to refuse, Lina had already run away.

At this moment, Gu Zhou was already standing in front of Qiao Nian.

Gu Zhou reached out and took the Falling Autumn Grass from Qiao Nian’s hand, not letting her suffer.

Qiao Nian took out a tissue and wiped her hands clean.
Only then did she look up at Gu Zhou.

Under the sunlight, Gu Zhou’s skin looked so fair that it was almost transparent.
His face was breathtakingly beautiful from every angle.

Gu Zhou lowered his head and kissed Qiao Nian’s forehead.
Smiling, he asked softly, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I suddenly understand why the king doesn’t attend court early.” Qiao Nian smiled slyly and continued, “In the face of beauty, I don’t think anyone can control themselves.”

Her voice was gentle and clear, extremely pleasant to the ear.

The smile in Gu Zhou’s eyes flowed slightly as he stared unblinkingly at Qiao Nian.
“What about you?”

“This…” Qiao Nian pouted unhappily.
With her hands behind her back, she looked to the side.
“I’m clearly talking about you.”

“Then do you like it?” Gu Zhou got to the bottom of the matter.

Qiao Nian listened to his low and hoarse voice.
His voice was magnetic, like music played by a top-notch instrument.

He was good-looking, and his voice was so pleasant to the ear.
No wonder Princess Annie, who had fallen into the water, disregarded her image and the injury on her hand.
She approached Gu Zhou like a shrew.

Qiao Nian’s eyes darted around, finally landing on Gu Zhou’s face.
She raised her eyebrows slightly and said, “You’re already mine.
Why are you still asking such childish questions?”

Gu Zhou’s thin lips curved up slightly.
It was rare to see such a delicate Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian couldn’t help but mutter, “If only I could hide you.”

“Yes, hide me as you please,” Gu Zhou said softly.

Qiao Nian couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
The dimples on her face were faintly discernible.
“Yes, let me think about how long I should hide you for.”
“You have to pay some interest, right?” As Gu Zhou spoke, his eyes gradually darkened.
His gaze lingered on Qiao Nian’s face.
“Why don’t you give yourself to me?”


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