1501 I Believe You

Everything Qiao Nian said was too fascinating.
In the past, he wanted to cultivate the Falling Autumn Grass himself, but he had failed.

Just as the president was about to speak, Lina, who was standing beside him, said, “Nian Nian, I believe everything you say.
I believe you have the ability to cultivate Falling Autumn Grass!”

Qiao Nian smiled at Lina.
Lina was really a very considerate, gentle, and kind girl.

Lina walked to the President’s side and took his arm with one hand.
She said seriously, “Dad, if Nian Nian can treat Mom’s illness, the Falling Autumn Grass will basically be useless.”

She looked at Annie, who was not far away, and quickly retracted her gaze.
She continued, “I hope that Mom can recover from her illness and not rely on a blade of grass.
Moreover, this grass only stabilizes Mom’s emotions.
There are many ways to stabilize Mom’s emotions.
This grass isn’t necessary.”

Lina grabbed the president’s hand and asked seriously, “Dad, don’t you want Mom to recover completely?”

The president’s eyes changed.

Of course, he hoped that Madam could recover completely.
That way, they could be an ordinary couple.

The president’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face.
He was the president of a country.
He had never been an indecisive person.
For the sake of this throne and the peace of Europe, his hands had long been covered in blood.

But now, because of Madam’s illness, he had repeatedly compromised himself.

Opportunities and challenges coexisted.
The president handed the Falling Autumn Grass to Qiao Nian and said seriously, “Madam Gu, I believe you.”

Qiao Nian smiled and said, “I won’t let you down.”

A trace of a smile flashed in the President’s eyes.

Not far away, Annie looked at the president in disbelief.
She couldn’t believe that the president was willing to believe an outsider.

Just as Annie was about to speak, she met the president’s sharp and cold gaze.
She shivered in fear, but she quickly calmed down and questioned, “Uncle, aren’t you afraid that Aunt…”

“Guards,” the President interrupted Annie without hesitation.
He said coldly, “Since Princess Annie said that there’s nothing wrong with her hand, see her out!”

The guards immediately replied, “Yes, sir.” They pulled Annie out of the room.

In a daze, Annie followed the guards for a few steps.
She still couldn’t believe that her uncle would believe a strange woman.

No, something must have gone wrong.
That woman must have drugged Uncle.

With this thought in mind, Annie said loudly, “Uncle, wake up.
That woman is lying to you.
She doesn’t know how to cultivate Falling Autumn Grass at all, because she’s not on the list at all!”

The President frowned slightly when he heard Annie’s words.

He believed that his good brother had the ability to control everyone who knew how to cultivate Falling Autumn Grass for his own use.

However, there was always someone better.

He had once searched for all the famous doctors in the world to treat Madam, but no one could treat her.

Doctor Ollie was the world’s top doctor, and he did not have the ability to treat Madam’s illness.

However, he felt that Qiao Nian had the ability, even if she wasn’t on the rankings of famous doctors at all.

Annie struggled hard.
Seeing that the president was still indifferent, she said loudly in exasperation, “This will only kill Aunt!”

When the guards heard Annie’s words, they loosened their grip and Annie was free.

Annie’s gaze fell on Gu Zhou, who was not far away.
No matter what, she had to take this man away today.

However, before she could escape, she was grabbed by the guards again.

Annie watched helplessly as the man got further and further away from her.
Annie was sad that the man never looked at her.

She was so outstanding.
Why didn’t this man look at her?

As long as he was with her, he could save decades of hard work!

If her good-for-nothing uncle was as obedient as before, this man would definitely become her subordinate.


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