1497 Bring Her Back

He knew very well that his brother was unwilling to let those people come to Europe.
His brother was deliberately controlling the Falling Autumn Grass, probably to make him listen to him.

Later on, he no longer wanted to get the Falling Autumn Grass from outside.
His brother would send it over every once in a while.

What made the President uncomfortable was that his Madam had just knocked over the Falling Autumn Grass today when his brother asked Annie to send it over.
It seemed that his brother’s men were still in the palace.
With this thought in mind, the President’s eyes darkened.

Seeing that the president was silent, Annie frowned and said loudly, “Uncle, I told you to lock this hooligan up!”

The President came back to his senses and looked at Annie coldly.
He asked calmly, “Where did you plant the Falling Autumn Grass?”

Annie frowned slightly at the President’s question.
She had just been talking to him about that man!

Annie’s eyes darted around.
She raised her hand weakly to her forehead and said weakly, “Uncle, I’m not feeling well now.
I’ve already forgotten where I planted the Falling Autumn Grass.
Why don’t you capture this hooligan first and let him accompany me to find it? Perhaps I’ll be able to find it!”

As Annie spoke, she pointed at Gu Zhou, who was standing not far away.

The President looked in the direction Annie was pointing.
When he saw Gu Zhou, he was slightly stunned, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Gu Zhou raised his eyes slightly, his obsidian-like eyes sparkling under the sunlight.
His expression was cold, but his voice was like an icehouse, bone-chilling.
“You don’t want this hand anymore?”

Annie’s expression froze and she gasped.
She looked at Gu Zhou in disbelief.

How dare he threaten her in front of the president?


Did he not know what the word “princess” meant?

Annie frowned.
Just as she was about to speak, her hand, which Gu Zhou had twisted, hurt terribly.

Taming a wild man was really not a small challenge.

It was precisely because of this that the physical pain had already turned into joy in her heart.

She stared unblinkingly at Gu Zhou, her eyes burning with madness.

The President looked into Annie’s eyes and narrowed his eyes slightly.
His gaze fell on Annie’s injured hand and he said in a low voice, “Your hand is injured.
Let the doctor treat your hand first.
Be careful not to cause any aftereffects.
As for the Falling Autumn Grass, just tell me the location and let the guards find it.”

Reluctantly, Annie moved her gaze away from Gu Zhou’s face.
Her gaze was so gentle that it made one’s hair stand on end.
When she looked at the president, she pretended to be calm and said, “Uncle, my hand is fine.
It’s just dislocated, but…”

Once again, Annie’s gaze fell on Gu Zhou’s face.
Her eyes were filled with desire as she went straight to the point.
“I just want him.
I want him to accompany me to find the Falling Autumn Grass.
Otherwise, I might never remember where I planted it.”

Annie’s mind raced.
She had already thought of what position she would choose tonight.

The President looked at Annie’s face, his eyes darkening like pools of ink.
Can’t remember?

She had clearly been pestering Gu Zhou endlessly!

Gu Zhou’s Madam, Qiao Nian, was his only hope of curing his wife.
He couldn’t offend Gu Zhou for Annie.

The president’s voice was low as he said mercilessly, “Princess Annie needs treatment now.
Take her away.
If she suffers any aftereffects, I’ll settle the score with you!”

When the guards heard this, they immediately stepped forward to restrain Annie.

Annie looked at the president in disbelief.
The president treasured his wife the most.
That wife of his was no different from a living corpse.

Previously, in order to get the Falling Autumn Grass, the president had treated them respectfully.
Anything could be discussed.

Now, the president was actually going against her for a stranger?

Annie’s gaze changed a few times.
In the end, she said angrily, “I don’t want to be treated now.
If you insist that I be treated, fine.
My father will no longer provide Falling Autumn Grass for the palace in the future.”

The guards stopped in their tracks and subconsciously looked at the president.


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