1472 Gift

Under such circumstances, it would definitely be much more convenient for Second Young Master and Second Young Madam to investigate the kidnapping more than twenty years ago.

At the thought of this, Chen Qing was stunned.
Could it be that Second Young Master had deliberately exposed the strength of the army?

From passive to active.
Second Young Master’s move was really brilliant!

Previously, Chen Qing had been sweating profusely for Second Young Master.
He was really worried that the president would attack the Gu family in a fit of anger.

Could Second Young Master read the President’s mind?

Did Second Young Master have mind-reading skills?

With this thought in mind, Chen Qing looked up slightly and met Gu Zhou’s gaze.

Chen Qing’s heart skipped a beat.
He hurriedly stood up straight.

“Did you come here just to daydream?” As Gu Zhou spoke, he pulled a chair over and sat down slowly.
His voice was very soft, and there was a trace of displeasure in it.

Chen Qing smiled uncomfortably and said, “No, the president’s people came to look for me just now.
They said that they found out that the secretary is one of Wright’s people.”

Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes sharp.
He muttered softly, “They just found out.”
Chen Qing continued, “Yes, I heard that this secretary hasn’t done anything out of line in the past.
Moreover, many of the President’s matters are handled by his secretary.
The President trusted this secretary very much in the past.”

“I see.”

Chen Qing pursed his lips and said sternly, “The president has already gotten someone to cut off the secretary’s tongue.
He plans to give it to Wright directly and warn him at the same time.”

“It’s no fun to just give him just a tongue,” Gu Zhou said slowly.

A trace of confusion flashed across Chen Qing’s face.
He asked tentatively, “Second Young Master, what do you think we should do?”

Gu Zhou gently turned the pendant on his hand.
His eyes were deep as he raised his eyebrows casually.
“Why don’t you turn the secretary’s tongue into a dish and give it to Wright? After Wright eats it, tell him about this gift.
What do you think?”

When Chen Qing heard Gu Zhou’s words, the scene of Wright eating the secretary’s tongue instantly appeared in his mind.
He felt a cold sweat break out on his back, and his scalp went numb.
He couldn’t help but shiver.

If Wright knew that he had eaten the secretary’s tongue, he would probably want to die.

Chen Qing said calmly, “That’s a good idea.
I’ll do it now.”

After Chen Qing left, Gu Zhou stood up and walked upstairs.

In the ward upstairs.

Lina only washed her face in the ward’s bathroom and changed her clothes before coming out of the bathroom.
She looked at Qiao Nian, who was standing in the ward, her eyes filled with gratitude.

Lina walked up to Qiao Nian and held her hand with both hands.
“Nian Nian, thank you so much for today.
If it weren’t for you, I might have died several times over!”

When she was attacked on the mountain, Qiao Nian had protected her.

After she was shot, Qiao Nian was the one who pulled the arrow out for her to stop the bleeding.

Qiao Nian was the one who had cured her of the poison.

Seeing Lina like this, Qiao Nian pursed her lips and smiled.
“Lina, can you not mention what happened on the mountain? I’m tired of listening.”

Lina was slightly stunned.
Then, she couldn’t help but laugh.

She was sincerely grateful to Qiao Nian, so after she woke up, she kept thanking her.

She had been unconscious when she was poisoned, but she could hear every word Qiao Nian said, especially when Qiao Nian fed her the antidote.
If the person lying on the hospital bed was Nian Nian, she wouldn’t have the courage to feed her medicine.

She was the noble Seventh Princess of the European country and had many friends, but those people were all trying to get along with her because of her title as the Seventh Princess.
They did not really want to be with her.

Hence, everything Qiao Nian had done was commendable to her.
She sincerely treated Qiao Nian as her good friend.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.
Then, the door was pushed open and the president walked in with one hand in his pocket.


When Lina saw the president, her face was filled with smiles.
She let go of Qiao Nian’s hand and smiled.
“Are you done talking to Mr.

Lina’s soft hair fell over her shoulders, and she looked gentle and obedient.

The president walked up to Lina and looked at the smile on her face.
He recalled the situation when Lina was lying on the bed just now and secretly rejoiced.

Fortunately, Lina had gone out with Qiao Nian today.
If it weren’t for Qiao Nian, he might have really handed Lina over to Wright and asked him to take care of her.


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