1381 Strange

“Back then, it was Sugar who was killed by them.
Now, they even have their hands on Qi Qi.
They’re really bold.
I want to see who gave them the guts!” Lu Zhu’s expression darkened.
“Looks like we have to clean up this family!”

“That’s right.
If we don’t get rid of that malignant tumor as soon as possible, I wonder what else they will do to our family!” Lu Nian pursed his lips, looking displeased.

“I will be staying in the Lu family recently.” As Gu Zhou spoke, he held Qiao Nian’s hand tightly, his tone firm and undeniable.
“If they don’t achieve their goal this time, they’ll definitely attack again.
We have to keep an eye on them!”

With that, Gu Zhou turned to look at Qiao Nian.
He was very worried that Nian’er would be their next target.

He couldn’t let those people go unpunished anymore.
He had to catch them as soon as possible.
He might even be able to find out the truth about Nian’er’s kidnapping twenty years ago.

He wanted those people to suffer a fate worse than death!

Lu Zhu did not stand on ceremony with Gu Zhou.
He nodded and said, “Yes, but we still have to pretend not to know.
That way, we won’t alert the enemy.”

When everyone heard Lu Zhu’s words, they agreed.

Chen Qing, who was standing at the side, had been frowning.
He was puzzled.
“There’s something strange.
Those people seem to have been…”

Everyone looked at Chen Qing and saw that he was frowning in confusion.

“They’ve been targeting Second Young Madam and Miss Lu Qi.
They seem to have been targeting the daughters of the Lu family,” Chen Qing said, lowering his gaze.
He had never heard of any accidents involving the young masters of the Lu family.

Lu Nian glanced at Chen Qing and said after some thought, “Twenty years ago, they targeted Sister Nian.
Now, they’re targeting Qi Qi.”
At this point, Lu Nian paused for a moment and continued, “Are they jealous of the closeness of the Lu family?”

Lu Zhu’s expression darkened.
He said expressionlessly, “No matter what their intentions are, we’ll just find them and ask them clearly.”

Qiao Nian lowered her gaze and said thoughtfully, “Twenty years ago, those people kidnapped me because my bone marrow matched Song Man’s.
They did it to save Song Man.
But why did they attack Qi Qi this time? Could it be that there’s something about Qi Qi that’s worth their attention?”

Qiao Nian’s words made everyone fall into deep thought.

Wang Village Tunnel.

The tunnel had collapsed severely, and there were still some trapped cars and people inside.
The police could only rely on human help, and the rescue process was relatively slow.

Deep in the tunnel, a group of four people walked towards the exit.

The leader was holding a flashlight.
He shone it around and said, “We’re about two kilometers away from the target.
When can we catch them?”

The person standing behind the leader was controlling the tablet in his hand.
The tablet showed the tunnel map.
He circled two kilometers ahead and said coldly, “I’m worried that the tunnel isn’t stable enough.
With our digging speed, we might be exposed before we catch the target.
Their car is really not bad.
It instantly increased its speed and left us two kilometers behind.”

The two people behind were still aiming their guns at their surroundings, staying vigilant.

The tall man in the lead said, “Alright, let’s get to work.
At least make a path.
We still have to take the target away!”

The four of them continued to move the stones.

Outside the tunnel.

Song Yu rushed to the Wang Village Tunnel anxiously.
Looking at the mess in front of her, her eyes turned red again.
She took out her phone and called her brother.

The call went through very quickly.

Song Yu gripped her cell phone tightly and asked anxiously, “Brother, where are you now? Have you found Qi Qi? I’ve already arrived at the Wang Village Tunnel.
I’ll go over and help now!”

When Song Yu heard Lu Zhu tell her everything, she cried tears of joy.
Her voice was teary.
“Alright, alright.
It’s good that they are fine.
I’ll go to the hospital now.”

Lu Zhu said, “Don’t you still have to film? There’s no hurry.
Just film well.”

Song Yu’s voice was choked with emotion.
“Brother, I took leave.
Don’t worry about me!”


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