1380 European?

Qiao Nian’s heart jumped to her throat as Chen Qing spoke.
She looked at Chen Qing expectantly, her voice trembling slightly.
“What’s going on?”

“According to the surveillance cameras, the police caught two sneaky Europeans.
After interrogating them, they realized that the two of them had secretly planted a remotely controlled bomb in the Wang Village tunnel.”

Remotely controlled bomb.


Qiao Nian’s body swayed slightly.
Her mind was filled with the word “Europeans” Chen Qing had mentioned.

At this moment, Lu Zhu and Lu Nian walked over and heard Chen Qing’s words.

Gu Zhou frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “Could it be that Cui Huai didn’t do it?”

Previously, he and Qiao Nian had caused Cui Huai so much trouble, but Cui Huai had failed to catch Xiao Bao.
He had thought that Cui Huai might be so angry that he wanted to make an example of Qin Chuan.
“What else did you find?” Lu Nian looked at Chen Qing and asked anxiously.

“The police said that the target of the Europeans isn’t Mr.
Qin, but Miss Lu Qi.” Seeing that everyone’s expression had turned serious, Chen Qing continued, “They’re mercenaries.
They’ve obtained a photo of Miss Lu Qi.
However, they’ve taken on this mission since last month.
Miss Lu Qi had been interacting with the Lu family villa and was mostly at school, so they didn’t have the chance to make a move.
This time, they blew up the Wang Village Tunnel because they wanted Miss Lu Qi to disappear without anyone knowing.
However, they didn’t expect us to quickly discover that the reason for the tunnel’s collapse was because someone had set off explosives.”

Lu Zhu and Qiao Nian looked at each other, having an unspoken mutual understanding.

Qiao Nian remembered very clearly that her brother had said that they had found out that the people who had kidnapped her more than twenty years ago seemed to be from Europe.
It was said that that person was powerful, so he had bribed the team leader of the kidnapping case.

Lu Zhu and Qiao Nian looked at Lu Nian in unison.
Lu Nian had gone to Europe with Lu You.

“Why are you back early?” Lu Zhu looked at Lu Nian.
Without waiting for him to speak, he continued, “How’s the investigation over there?”

When Lu Nian heard Lu Zhu’s question, he shook his head gently and said, “I didn’t find any traces.
Dad asked me to come back and keep an eye on the house.
He was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to handle it alone.
I didn’t expect Qi Qi to…”

“Looks like that person is very powerful in Europe,” Lu Zhu said thoughtfully.

Qiao Nian had long realized this.
If it were really that easy to find out, the Lu family would have results after investigating her kidnapping back then.
They wouldn’t have delayed their reunion for twenty years.

Gu Zhou frowned slightly and looked up at Chen Qing.
His voice was low and hoarse.
“Did they confess?”

“They’re mercenaries.
In the past, they only needed a middleman to take on jobs.
But this time, it’s different.” Chen Qing pursed his lips and said solemnly, “They received a box in their car.
Inside the box was a cheque for 50 million, Miss Lu Qi’s photo, and a note.”

Chen Qing paused for a moment and continued, “The note said that as long as they killed Miss Lu Qi, the 50 million cheque could be exchanged at any time.”

“Previously, you said that they’ve been here for more than a month?” Gu Zhou caught the loophole in Chen Qing’s words.
“Have they been following Lu Qi?”

“When they first arrived in An City, they wanted to follow Miss Lu Qi, but their looks were unusual and they were easily noticed.
They didn’t dare to be too brazen.
They thought that it would be a few months before they could make a move, but they didn’t expect an unknown number to call them and tell them the time and route of Miss Lu Qi and Mr.
Qin’s ancestral worship.”

“They placed a remote-controlled bomb in the Wang Village tunnel in advance.
Later on, they installed a camera in a corner of the tunnel entrance.
When Mr.
Qin and Miss Lu Qi appeared, they only detonated the bomb manually ten minutes after Mr.
Qin drove into the tunnel.”

Lu Zhu clenched his fists and frowned.
“Looks like there are still traitors in the Lu family.”

Perhaps that person was the traitor who had kidnapped Sugar back then.

Lu Nian frowned slightly, his eyes gradually turning cold.
“Back then, the Lu family had already replaced our staff.
The remaining people are all people we trust very much.
I didn’t expect there to be a traitor among them!”


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