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The last time she had seen Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian, Gu Zhou had been quite polite and had even called her Mom.

She recalled Gu Zhou’s childhood.
When he was young, Gu Zhou was a little clingy.
He often followed her to the classroom every day.
He would even sit obediently in a corner of the classroom and do his homework by himself, waiting for her to return to the office with him after class.

Although Gu Zhou didn’t like hospitals, he would still follow her to the hospital obediently in order not to make her angry.

But all of that changed when she refused to let Qiao Nian marry him.
Not only did he not call her Mom, but he had also threatened her because of Qiao Nian.

Was this what a son should say?

Her heart sank to the bottom, and she smiled mockingly.

Gu Zhou’s father was simply a scumbag.
He knew how to maintain a harmonious relationship with his wife and lover.
Such a man actually had a Casanova son.
The sun had risen from the west.

If Gu Ting had been able to protect her like Gu Zhou protected Qiao Nian back then, they wouldn’t have…

Those things from the past flashed across Bai Hui’s mind like a slideshow.

Gu Zhou treated Qiao Nian well, but he was as cruel to her as Gu Ting.
She said fiercely, “You’re indeed your father’s son.
You’ve inherited all his cold-bloodedness and heartlessness.
Even an ingrate has more conscience than you!”

“If you’re unhappy because of my father, then go to him.
You want to steal happiness from my wife and children.
I won’t give you the chance.”

“Shut up.
Do you still know that I’m your mother?”

“When I was young, I would listen to whatever you said, but I’ve already grown up.
I’m a human being, and I have my own thoughts.
Please stop thinking about controlling my consciousness, let alone my wife and children.”

“How dare you speak to me like that? Beep, beep, beep…” Before Bai Hui could finish speaking, the line went dead.
Gu Zhou hung up.

Bai Hui’s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at the phone that had already hung up.
She was so angry that she threw the phone onto the bed.

Exhausted, she sat on the bed, her eyes red-rimmed.
Panting heavily, her eyes gradually darkened.

At MY First Hospital.

After Gu Zhou finished the call, he frowned.

He didn’t understand what had happened between his father and mother, but the only thing he knew clearly was that a mother shouldn’t vent her anger on Nian’er and the child.

For so many years, he had been obedient to his mother.
He had always hoped that his mother would no longer hate his father, but now it seemed that his obedience had never reduced his mother’s hatred for his father at all.

However, he didn’t understand why his mother would say such a thing.

“You’re indeed your father’s son.
You’ve inherited all his cold-bloodedness and heartlessness.
Even an ingrate has more conscience than you!”

In the past, his mother had only shown that she disliked his father, but she had never said anything about their conflict.

Her father was cold-blooded and heartless?

Gu Zhou was a little puzzled.
What had happened back then to separate his father and mother, the rare couple, and make his mother hate his father for more than twenty years?

Gu Zhou was puzzled.

Although his father and mother had long divorced, his father still came to visit him and his brother every week when he was young.

On the surface, his father was here to visit them, but in reality, his attention was all on his mother.

That day, he and his brother were doing their homework upstairs.
He secretly walked down and saw his father and mother arguing.

The two of them weren’t arguing loudly, so he couldn’t hear them clearly.
Just as he was about to walk over and listen carefully, he saw his mother turn her back to his father and secretly wipe her tears.

Her father sat on the sofa with a helpless expression.

Even though his father and mother were unhappy every time they met, the meetings lasted until he graduated from high school.

After the college entrance examination results were released, he returned home.
Just as he was about to enter the living room, he heard the sound of a vase shattering.

Instinctively, he wanted to enter, but before he could, he saw his father walking out with a dark expression.

When his father saw him, his expression was cold.
He opened his mouth, but without a last word, he left.

Gu Zhou noticed the palm print on his father’s face and the bloody scratches on his neck.


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