1338 Flying!

“Good girl.” Seeing Xiao Shi bring the teacup over, Lu Zhu gently rubbed Xiao Shi’s head.
This little girl! She seemed to have a healing ability, making one involuntarily want to get close to her.

After Xiao Shi finished her tea, she smiled and handed the cup to a servant.
“Eldest Uncle, are you accompanying Mommy to pick Brother and me up?”

Xiao Shi drank Lu Zhu’s tea and reluctantly gave Lu Zhu some attention.

“Yes, your mommy came over to pick you up as soon as she got home!” As Lu Zhu spoke, he bent down and picked Xiao Shi up, lifting her into the sky.

Xiao Shi watched as she was lifted higher and higher.
She was not afraid at all.
She opened her arms happily, and laughter rang out in the courtyard.

“Wow, Xiao Shi has become a little bird.
She can fly!” Xiao Shi cheered happily.

Lu Zhu threw Xiao Shi into the air and caught her steadily.
About five or six times later, he looked at Xiao Shi in his arms with a smile.
“Was it fun?”

Xiao Shi nodded vigorously and said happily, “This is fun.
Xiao Shi can already fly high!”

Lu Zhu put Xiao Shi down and his gaze landed on Gu Qi, who was wearing a small suit.
He asked gently, “Xiao Qi, do you want to be lifted up?”

Gu Qi raised his head and puffed out his chest, looking like a little adult.
He said seriously, “I don’t want to play child’s games.”

Lu Zhu smiled at Gu Qi and reached out to rub his head.
He said with a smile, “You’re clearly still a child.
Why do you sound like an adult?”

Qiao Nian moved closer to Gu Qi’s face and kissed him.
Smiling, she said, “You’re still a child.
Experience more of the games children play.
Otherwise, you won’t have the chance to experience it in the future!”

Gu Qi raised his chin slightly, looking arrogant.
“I’m already a brother.
As a brother, I have to set an example for my sister.
I have to be mature and steady!”


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“Alright.” As Lu Zhu spoke, he lifted Gu Qi up high when Gu Qi wasn’t paying attention.
Seeing Gu Qi’s eyes light up in midair, he knew that this child was just embarrassed to play such a game.
“Don’t be afraid.
It’ll be fine.”

Xiao Shi stood beside Lu Zhu and applauded happily when she saw Gu Qi being thrown up.
“Wow, Brother is so amazing.
Brother has flown!”

Qiao Nian looked at the imperceptible smile on Gu Qi’s lips, and the smile in her eyes grew brighter.

When Bai Hui heard Gu Qi say so much, her pupils dilated in disbelief.

What was going on?

After she brought Gu Qi over, Gu Qi basically did not speak.
Only Xiao Shi spoke.

She had also heard from others that Gu Qi seemed to have autism.

At that time, she didn’t care much, but she had never expected Gu Qi to say such a series of words.
Was this really the silent Gu Qi?

Perhaps Gu Qi just felt that she was a stranger and was unwilling to talk to her.

At the thought of this, Bai Hui’s heart ached terribly.

Neither of the two sons she had raised were willing to interact with her.

She brought her grandchildren over, but when the two of them arrived, they also looked unwilling to speak much.

Now, it seemed that Gu Qi was just unwilling to talk to unfamiliar people.

Unfamiliar people.

Bai Hui’s breathing hitched.
She thought of her two children again.
Neither of them was willing to talk to her much.
When they looked at her, their gazes were as cold and heartless as Gu Qi’s.

However, the way Gu Qi looked at Qiao Nian was different.
There was light in his eyes as he looked at Qiao Nian, love and joy.

Bai Hui’s heart ached.


Why were her children unwilling to be so close to her?

Bai Hui didn’t understand what she had done wrong.

Qiao Nian looked at the two children dotingly and smiled.
“Mommy will bring you home.”

Gu Qi’s lips curved up slightly as he nodded.

“Yes!” Xiao Shi nodded vigorously and held Qiao Nian’s hand.
She seemed to have thought of something and looked up at Bai Hui, who was not far away.
She waved at Bai Hui and said sweetly, “Grandma, goodbye.
Brother and I are going home.
We’ll see you next weekend!”


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