1333 Rejected

Qiao Nian hadn’t expected the Lu family to be so powerful.
She didn’t have time to think too much about it now.
Her mind was filled with thoughts of her kidnapping twenty years ago.

She really couldn’t understand why those people had kidnapped him back then.

“We’re here.”

Before Qiao Nian could figure it out, Lu Zhu’s calm voice came from the side.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car with Lu Zhu.
The moment she got out of the car, she saw an ancient-style building.
Just by looking at the door, she could sense that this academy had a long history.

It was said that the Teacher Academy had a long history of more than a thousand years.
Many students were proud to be able to attend it.

Qiao Nian and Lu Zhu found North Fragrance Garden and Bai Hui’s villa.
Lu Zhu stepped forward and pressed the doorbell.
A bodyguard ran out.
He glanced at the two people outside and asked politely, “May I know who the two of you are…”

“Hello, I’m Gu Zhou’s wife, Qiao Nian.
I’m here to pick up my children.” Qiao Nian took a step forward.

When the security officer heard “Qiao Nian”, he frowned and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, Madam Qiao.
Please leave as soon as possible.
Madam Bai doesn’t want to see you!”

“Open the door.”

Qiao Nian’s expression instantly turned cold.
She looked at the security officer with a dark expression.

The reason why she was polite in the beginning was entirely because of Gu Zhou.

However, she felt that there was no need for her to be polite to Bai Hui in the future.
Since Bai Hui was already so unyielding, she had to start attacking.

When the security officer heard Qiao Nian’s words, his expression changed.
“Madam Qiao, we can’t make the decision on this matter.
Please go back!”

“Go in and tell her now that if she still wants to live well, return my son and daughter to me as soon as possible.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite to her!”

When the security officer heard Qiao Nian’s words, his eyes widened.
He looked at Qiao Nian in disbelief.
He hadn’t expected such a strong daughter-in-law.
This had already subverted his understanding of her.

However, he still spoke to Qiao Nian politely.
“Madam Qiao, you’re a daughter-in-law.
You should listen to your mother-in-law obediently.
Isn’t it inappropriate for you to say such tough words? But don’t worry, I won’t pass them on to her.”

“Go and pass on what I just said to her now.” Qiao Nian took a step forward and looked at the security officer coldly, speaking expressionlessly.

“How can you do this?” The security officer said with a frown.

“What’s wrong? What did I say wrong? Is secretly taking my children away what a mother-in-law should do?”

“No matter what, Madam Bai is the Grandma of the two children.
She will definitely treat the children well,” the security officer said helplessly.
“Madam Qiao, our Teacher Academy values filial piety the most.”

Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on the security officer.
She glanced at the watch on her wrist and said calmly, “Three minutes.
If you don’t come out in three minutes, I don’t mind blowing up the door!”

Qiao Nian stood there with her arms crossed, looking at the security officer coldly.


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As the saying went, he who is down needs fear no fall.
The security officer was afraid!

He had never expected Madam Bai’s daughter-in-law to be so unyielding.
He was just a worker, so he did not dare to speak again.

Lu Zhu, who was standing beside Qiao Nian, frowned slightly.

He remembered that when he went to the Gu family to play when he was young, Bai Hui looked displeased when she saw him.
Later on, he realized that Bai Hui didn’t like the Lu family.

Back then, the Gu and Lu families were close.
The elders of the two families were engaged when they were young.
At that time, everyone felt that the eldest son of the Gu family and the eldest daughter of the Lu family were a match made in heaven.

However, no one had expected Bai Hui to insist on breaking off the engagement in front of everyone, unwilling to let Qiao Nian marry Gu Yue.

Old Master Gu was so annoyed by Bai Hui that he had no choice but to change the Gu family’s engagement to Gu Zhou.

It was said that at that time, Bai Hui did not agree either, but she still could not dissuade Old Master Gu.

Sugar had given birth to three children for the Gu family.
Now that Bai Hui had snatched the children away, she did not take Sugar seriously at all.
She even wanted to keep her children.
She did not take the Lu family seriously at all.

Lu Zhu’s expression turned uglier and uglier.
Bai Hui did not respect the eldest daughter of the Lu family..

Bai Hui was too good at pretending.

The more Lu Zhu thought about it, the angrier he became.
His expression darkened as he said, “Since she’s shameless, the Lu family doesn’t have to give her face.
Not everyone can trample on the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
If she doesn’t open the door today, she won’t have to appear in the country in the future!”


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