1332 Heartache

“Grandma, I’ll go by myself.
Just wait for my good news at home.” A bright smile appeared on Qiao Nian’s face.
She glanced upstairs and said softly, “Xiao Bao is still sleeping upstairs.
He’ll definitely be very afraid when he wakes up.
When the time comes, he’ll still need you to take care of him.”

When Matriarch Gu heard this, she nodded.
Indeed, there could not be no one in charge of the family.


Qiao Nian’s phone rang.
She took out her phone and looked at the text message.
Smiling at Matriarch Gu, she said, “Grandma, I’ve already found out.
Bai Hui and the child are both in An City now.
She was in North Fragrance Garden an hour ago.”

Qiao Nian took out her phone and began to search for her address in North Fragrance Garden.


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“She bought a place in North Fragrance Garden in An City,” Matriarch Gu said.
“This neighborhood is in the Teacher’s Academy in An City.
Bai Hui was a teacher in the Teacher’s Academy.
After her divorce, she went to another branch to teach!”
Qiao Nian had already found the address.
She nodded and said sternly, “Grandma, I think Xiao Qi and Xiao Shi should be in the North Fragrance Garden.
I’ll pick them up now.”

Matriarch Gu looked at Qiao Nian, who was so thin that she was only skin and bones.
Her heart ached as she looked at Qiao Nian and said gently, “Why don’t you rest for a while and go later?”

Qiao Nian couldn’t wait to see the two children.
She couldn’t wait a moment longer.
“Grandma, I’m not tired.
I’ll go now.”

Lu Zhu also put down the teacup in his hand and said, “I’m free.
I’ll go with you.”


Qiao Nian gave Matriarch Gu a few more instructions before following Lu Zhu out.

Qiao Nian was sitting in Lu Zhu’s car.
Seeing Lu Zhu take out his phone, she inadvertently saw his phone screen saver.
A trace of surprise flashed in her eyes.
“Brother, when did you take this photo?”

Lu Zhu’s cell phone screen saver showed Qiao Nian standing under the plum blossom tree, smiling brightly.

Lu Zhu couldn’t react for a moment.
Seeing Qiao Nian point at his phone screen, he smiled and said, “When you came to the house previously, I thought the scene looked good, so I took a photo.”

As Lu Zhu spoke, he handed the phone to Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian looked at the photo in her hand and smiled brightly.
She seemed to have been infected by her positivity in the photo, and her lips curved up involuntarily.

Qiao Nian returned the phone to Lu Zhu and said guiltily, “I was too busy, so I didn’t go home.
How’s Grandma’s health? How are Mom and Dad?”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s question, Lu Zhu couldn’t help but laugh.
“Grandma is in good spirits because of happy events.
Her health is much better than before.
Every day, she urges Mom and Dad to investigate the kidnapping back then.
She’s also investigating the kidnapping herself.”

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and smiled.
“Go back and persuade Grandma more.
Don’t let her work so hard.”

Lu Zhu paused for a moment and continued, “Mom and Dad are so busy now that their feet don’t even touch the ground.
They’ve been investigating the kidnapping back then.
There’s some progress now.”

Qiao Nian’s eyes lit up.
She asked curiously, “What did you find?”

“There’s something wrong with a police officer who handled your case back then.”

“Could it be that he knew who the murderer was and deliberately hid it?” Qiao Nian asked curiously.

“He didn’t dare say much, but he mentioned the president of Europe.
Dad’s already investigating.”

“What?” Qiao Nian was stunned.
How did her kidnapping back then involve the President of Europe? She blinked in confusion and said in shock, “Is he really not spouting nonsense?”

“I don’t think so.
His memories seem to have been sealed by a hypnotist.
That’s all we can find.” Seeing Qiao Nian frown, Lu Zhu reached out and held her hand, comforting her softly.
“Don’t worry, Dad has already gone to Europe.
There should be clues soon.”

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and frowned.
She asked worriedly, “Will it be very dangerous for Dad to go there?”

When Lu Zhu heard Qiao Nian’s words, he comforted her.
“Don’t worry, your Second Brother and Third Brother have also gone over.
Moreover, our family has a say in Europe.
If the President of Europe lies, we can make him step down at any time.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.


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